Does Junk Food Effect Teens Behavior

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Junk Food and Teen Issues: Are You Providing Healthy Nutrition?  Life can be tough for busy parents, especially while trying to hold down a career and take care of a family at once. When you’re exhausted at the end of a tough day, picking up fast food is easier than making a healthy dinner. A little junk food won’t hurt anyone once in a while, but if left unchecked, it’s easy for these occasional indulgences to become regular habits. If you’re not inspiring your teen to eat healthy, who will? Developing a Healthy Brain with Nutritious Food...

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Meditation For Teens

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How a Meditation Practice Can Help Teen Self Esteem  Much like getting regular exercise and quitting junk food, meditation is one of those things most people know would be good for them but rarely put into practice. Everyone could benefit from a little stress relief, but for most adults, it’s incredibly difficult to find time to sit and meditate in the middle of a busy day. This is why developing a meditation practice from a young age can be so beneficial. If your teen develops a taste for meditating now, it will both help her avoid negative...

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Healthy Teens

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Inspiring Healthy Teens and Creating Lifelong Self Esteem If there’s one thing that most teenagers have in common, it’s that they take their health for granted. There are teens who suffer from chronic health problems, but most youthful bodies are resilient enough to spare teens the health challenges faced by most older adults. For that reason, most teens don’t think about solidifying the healthy habits they will need when they’re older. Providing a positive influence will help teens stay healthy and have higher self esteem throughout their...

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How To Teach Teens How To Become Adults

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Preparing Teens for Adult Life: Important Skills to Nurture During the high-school years, there is a lot of focus on academics, extracurricular activities and other factors that can help a teen prepare for college. While these things are incredibly important, many parents get so caught up in typical teen issues and challenges that they forget to teach their kids some of the most basic skills they will need to become functional adults. 1. Self-care An understanding of the importance of self-care is hugely lacking in our society. In fact, many...

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Are Our Fears Affecting Our Teens?

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Creating Teen Fears: Are You Projecting Paranoia onto Your Kids? Have you ever considered whether your protective desires are also causing teen fears? Typical teen issues include things like talking back or being lazy about homework, but if you instill too much fear in your kids, they could end up with worse problems. 1. Stress, Depression and Other Teen Issues While it’s good for kids to be aware of the dangers in the world, they also need to have faith in the goodness of humanity. Being watchful and aware of your surroundings isn’t the same...

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Teaching Your Teens How to Care About Their Actions in the World

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Caring About Our World: Teaching Your Teens Compassion, Awareness and Balance We live in a society where bullying is all too common, and most of us are growing numb to the constant violence we regularly see on the evening news. If you’re worried about the way things are going, you’re not alone. It’s now more important than ever to teach our children compassion. Not only will it make the future better for everyone, but it will also cultivate teen self esteem. Teen Esteem: Teaching Love and Positivity in a Negative World Dealing with the dark...

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Does Your Daughter Like Her Body? Check Out The Mother Daughter Retreat!

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Raising a Daughter Who Loves Her Body: Teen Self Esteem and Body Issues Women hate their bodies more than ever, according to a 2016 international study from Dove, which featured more than 10,500 females between the ages of 10 and 60. The unfortunate results of the research found that 89 percent of Australian women had cancelled a job interview or other important event due to feeling badly about how they looked. Many of the women blamed unrealistic beauty standards and the media for contributing to the problem. This type of body-image problem...

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Teen Self-Esteem

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How important is it for you to nurture your teens self-esteem? The best way to help your teen develop a sense of self is to teach them how to make good decisions in their life. When teens make good decisions, managing their life, they feel better about who they are. I want to introduce you to two of my online programs to help teens with their esteem issues and to help parents to show up for their teens in a conscious way. When parents react to their teens making mistakes, teens will feel badly about their mistake and beat themselves up and...

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Summertime Blah for Teens

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Tips for Keeping Teens Happy and Active During Summer Summer is about rest, relaxation and having fun, but for a teen who is growing bored at home, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Boredom can lead teens into trouble, so parents who want to keep their households in order will want to schedule some activities to keep their kids mentally stimulated and physically active throughout the summer months. 1. Summer Camp Camp can be an amazing experience for teens. Whether your son or daughter is interested in a summer job as a camp counselor or...

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The Importance of Positive Thinking!

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Why Positive Thinking is Important for Teens You hear about positive thinking a lot these days, but what does it really mean? Everyone likes to be happy, but positive thinking goes far beyond what is in the forefront of our minds. Along with maintaining a good attitude, positive thinking is also about growing self-awareness and clearing negativity from the subconscious mind. For many adults who are working through this process, it becomes clear that much of their negativity was formed during the teen years, when many people begin comparing...

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