Helping Your Daughter With Issues around Friends

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Teen Issues with Bullying: Helping Your Daughter Navigate Friendships  Bullying is a common teen issue, and whether your daughter is bullying someone else, witnessing bullying or being bullied herself, it can be a troubling topic to bring up. If you see your daughter’s friend group falling apart, it might be time to step in and see if you can do some damage control. 1. If Your Daughter is a Bystander Your daughter might be witnessing another girl in her group getting bullied or shunned. Maybe she doesn’t like it but isn’t sure what to do. If...

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Summertime Activities That Keep Teens Out of Trouble

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Summertime Fun: Avoiding Teen Issues in the Summer Months  Summertime is a dream for teens, but parents often dread the warm months. How can you relax and focus on your work day when you know your teen could be getting into trouble? It’s easy for problematic teenage issues to come up when the kids are sitting around the house feeling bored all day. That’s why scheduling summer activities can be so beneficial. 1. A Local Part-time Job Fast-food restaurants, malls, movie theaters and amusement parks all need extra workers during the busy summer...

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How a Mother Daughter Retreat Can Soothe a Difficult Relationship

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How a Mother Daughter Retreat can bring harmony into your relationship with your teen.  It’s great to have a wonderful relationship with your daughter, but it’s also normal for teenage issues to destroy that relationship at some point. If this happens, don’t beat yourself up. You could be the best of moms or the worst of them, and either way, teenagers will be teenagers. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty you can do to improve your relationship with your daughter. Struggling with Teenage Issues: Is a Mother Daughter Retreat...

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Handling Teen Issues with Homework

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How do you handle your teens issues with homework?  On the scale of all possible teen issues, the struggle to get your daughter to do her homework is a minor problem. At least she’s home and not out getting into trouble, right? Although it could certainly be worse, it is important that teens complete their homework, and parents often struggle figuring out how to motivate them to do so. 1. Set a Time Human beings thrive on routines, and teenagers are no different. You can help encourage healthy homework habits by designating a certain time of...

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Why Families Need a Participating Father

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The Importance of a Strong Relationship with Dad  In many households, the mom is the disciplinarian, and the father is the “fun” parent. Sometimes, the opposite is true. There are a variety of family structures these days, but no matter how your family is set up, it’s important for the adults who are raising the children to be a united front. If you’re not on the same team, how can you possibly work together to raise the kids? Staying Strong in a Difficult World: How Dads Can Help Influence Healthy Choices A 2012 study from Pediatrics found...

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How to Love a Difficult Teen

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Is it difficult to love your teen?  Parents always love their children, but actively feeling that love can be hard during the troublesome times. When your daughter is talking back, cursing at you or displaying other forms of disrespectful behavior, you might feel a little guilty for some of the thoughts that cross your mind. If you’re having trouble managing your anger and feeling love for your daughter during the worst of the teen issues, these tips may help. 1. Demonstrate Stay calm during fights, and if you do lose your cool, remember that...

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Reducing Teen Issues Through Positivity

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How can we as parents reduce are teen issues through positivity?  It goes without saying that parenting isn’t always positive. Things can get ugly when the teen issues begin. Parenting involves balancing on the fine line between staying positive and being overly accommodating. 1. Avoid Criticism You might be thinking that criticism and the ability to handle it are important parts of life, and that’s true. However, as a parent, it’s important to remember to criticize specific behaviors. There is a big difference between “I was disappointed...

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Strong Boundaries Create Happy Teens

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Setting Boundaries: How Limits Can Help You Avoid Teen Issues  Setting boundaries is one of the tough parts about being a parent. Being a parent is easy when you’re being silly with your kids, buying them presents or enjoying fun times together. It’s a lot harder when the teen issues start showing and it becomes time to lay down the law. The Importance of Limits: Why Teenagers Need Them Some teens mature faster than others. If you have a mature, well-spoken teen, she might start to convince you that she’s all grown up. However, all teens are...

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Positive Reinforcement as Opposed to Negative for Teen Issues 

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Looking at the Good: Are You Providing Your Teen with Enough Positive Reinforcement?  When you’re constantly dealing with teen issues, it’s easy to develop a short fuse. Your daughter gives you so many good reasons to scold her that you might miss some of the positive choices she makes. How to Reward Good Behavior and Calm Teen Issues 1. Look at Effort, Not Results You want to encourage your child to make an effort while also teaching that life isn’t fair. This is why it’s important to praise effort, not results. For example, if you witness...

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Why is Your Teen Pulling Away? Mother Daughter Retreats 

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Teen Pulling Away: Handle Teen Issues at a Mother Daughter Retreat  As your child matures, it’s natural that she will become more independent. Many moms and daughters are best friends until the typical teen issues that come along with adolescence drive a wedge between them. If you’re experiencing this for the first time, it can be a bit shocking. Not only is your baby not a baby anymore, but she also seems to suddenly think you’re far less cool than you used to be. Mother Daughter Retreats: Encouraging Communication You likely have a lot more...

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