Testimonials, Debra Beck

Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck:  a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble or uncertainty. I, and several of my family and friends, have worked with Debra, regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911″, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence.

Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible.  I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.

-Dina Eastwood

Debra “Wow, all I can say is that you are simply amazing! I have been to many different therapists, throughout my life, but I have never walked out of anyone’s office with a greater understanding of who I am and what makes me tick, except yours. In just three short days, you did more for my well-being than the therapists have done in a year or cumulatively over a lifetime. I would like to thank you sincerely for helping me uncover and connect with my true self.

“Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child. Oh, by the way I did not even know that I had triggers no less an inner child until you showed them to me. I now enjoy the awareness and tools with which I can heal my wounds and change how I view my past, present and the future. I no longer carry around the shame, guilt and heavy burdens of being unworthy of love, hope and happiness. You have shed light into the deepest recesses of my mind and helped me understand how the patterns of wounding connect to each other and ultimately influence my codependent and self-limiting behaviors and by doing so you have set me on the path to thrive instead of survive.”

-Thank you, M

“My daughter and I have been mentoring with Debra for about 4 months.  Within a very short time, I have noticed many positive changes, especially with her self-esteem and confidence.  She has improved tremendously in the way she handles decisions relating to work and social relationships by planning ahead, budgeting finances, thinking independently and listening to her inner voice.  Most importantly she has moved on from a very dysfunctional relationship. During family get-togethers, our extended relatives have also commended on her overall upbeat and positive attitude.

I recommend Debra to any parent/young adult who can use coaching and guidance during these very challenging years.”


“After my first mentoring session with Debra, I became so clear on the issues at hand. It was so easy to express my concerns through Debra and then my daughter. My daughter actually heard me for, what seemed like the first time.  I also started listening to my daughter through different ears and was able to step into her reality and have an understanding for what she was feeling. My daughter said that she loved the retreat because she finally felt heard. Thank you Debra, you have taught us a different way of relating with each other that will allow us to continue to develop and nurture a stronger relationship with each other.”

-A Grateful heart

“Debra I want to Thank You! As you remember I was at the lowest time in my life, lost at how to get myself back on track. My wife had an affair that put me in a desperate situation, I needed tools to get myself straightened out.In the three day retreat you spent 8 hrs a day helping me re-connect with my spiritual side. In the months after this retreat I have used your method to reach an unbelievable connection to Source. I am no longer afraid of emotional pain that comes into my life, I now have the skills to take care of my self emotionally. Debra I am glad to say that my new Primary relationship is with Source and I will never go back to the old ways. Somethings have happened since the retreat that changed my life forever. I feel I’m guided by a higher Power and I surrendered myself to that Power. I’m a happy Man. I recommend any of you guys interested in getting on the right track, to give Debra a try. I Promise you will walk away with the tools you need to have a successful life. Thank You! Debra. I will always be Grateful for you.”


This Mom thought it would be a good idea to develop a stronger relationship with her daughter before she hit her teen years, see what they say.

“I have a huge appreciation for Debra and the work she is doing to help mothers and daughters connect with themselves through increased self-awareness and self-esteem and to connect with each other through communication, understanding, and FUN! I felt absolutely pampered throughout our three day retreat with Debra as she organized everything, provided us with a flexible schedule, and allowed for lots of free time to just BE. We made full use of the kitchen and enjoyed the walking proximity to shops and restaurants. The hiking and scenery in Sedona is stunning.”

Sheila, mum.

“Debra is nice and has a beautiful garden. She’s supportive and you get lots of time to be by yourself but also lots of time with her. I had a lot of fun there.”

Iris, daughter, age 9.

Our family has been working with Debra for over 2 years. She has provided guidance and facilitated communication for me and my husband to ‘get on the same page’ about parenting a pre-teen/teen, which is no joke. She has also been a trusted confidant and friend to our 11-/13-year old daughter, who has opened up to Debra and enjoys talking to her now – especially when we’ve upset her. Debra has been a great resource for all three of us to navigate the waters of living in a home with a pre-teen/teenager.  She is very down-to-earth, direct, yet still approachable to pre-teen/teen girls and their parents alike. We’ve been amazed at small ideas and techniques she suggested, which have helped bring peace and fun back into our home lives.  It has been an absolute pleasure and miracle to have her in our lives, and I recommend her to anyone needing encouragement during these tough teenage years that can make or break a family.

Thanks, Debra. You are a life-saver
and we love you!


My daughter is 15 years old and we have recently started the mentoring program with Debra.  We came to her in a mode of crisis.   There was no harmony in our home.  My husband and I were so desperate that we were searching for a therapeutic boarding school for our daughter.  We were failing at the job of parenting our daughter.   We had previously tried therapists with little results.  We decided to try Debra’s mentoring program because of a referral from our daughter’s friend who had been mentored by Debra for the past year.  There was a big difference after just one visit!  Our daughter has been going for a little over a month now.  My husband and I also see Debra so that we can all work together for positive change.  We are doing much better and Debra has helped our family immensely.   She is very hands on and gives advice on how to handle specific situations.  I’ve been working to change the way I interact with my daughter and some of the suggestions that Debra has offered have made a huge difference.   We love Debra and are very grateful for her presence in our lives.  We are still together as a family, so that says a lot.

-Two Happy Parents


“Working with Debra Beck in a concentrated time frame has been life changing for me. Debra has the ability to cut through the noise, and to immediately provide tools for change. Applying what I’ve learned through my work with her, she has helped me lead a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life. Debra balances her down-to-earth and honest approach with a loving and compassionate presence that feels safe and facilitates rapid progress. I highly recommend working with Debra on any issues, or just overall self-development.”

Marion Sedona, AZ


“Working with Debra is a pleasure. She is compassionate, clear and connected and her advice enabled me to move through a stubborn old relationship issue. Thank you, Debra!”

- Sunny S.


“A conversation with Debra about a career decision turned into a life-transforming insight! She brought to light an issue that I was unaware of and as soon as I heard her speak, it became so clear to me. I owe Debra many thanks for helping me understand what was causing my “block”. I now feel confident about making the changes I need to make.”

- Roy G.


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