Mothers and Sons, Fathers and Daughters: The Importance of Both Parents Participation

Importance of Parents Participation

The single-most important thing that parents can provide their children is love, and children can receive love in many different types of families. However, studies have shown the importance of both a mother and a father being in a child’s life. As much as some people would like to think otherwise, men and women are different, and they can each offer different things to a growing child. In fact, having a strong role model of the opposite sex is a crucial building block for any child’s development.

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Research Suggests That Both Parents Are Important

Statistics from the Family Research Council suggest that at least one out of every three children that loses one parent will experience a decline in the way he or she performs at school. It has also been shown that women who lose contact with their fathers at a young age are more likely to become sexually active during their teenage years, pregnant during their teenage years or even divorced later in life. Teens of both sexes suffer a greater frequency of health and emotional problems when they come from single-parent homes.

Why Young Girls Need Their Fathers

Young girls essentially learn everything they need to know about love from their fathers. As a young girl grows, she watches how her father treats her mother, and as a result, her concept of love and romance begins to grow within her mind. If she sees her mother being abused by her father, or if she doesn’t see her father at all, she may have a difficult time understanding how romantic relationships are supposed to carry out. She also may suffer from damaged self-esteem, especially if her father left by choice. When a young women spends the entire first part of her life wondering why her father left her, it’s difficult for her to imagine why any other boy would want her either.

Why Young Boys Need Their Mothers

Much like fathers and daughters, sons learn many cues they will need later in life from their mothers. If a mother provides her son with a loving and secure home environment, he will be more likely to grow up with confidence. It’s important that a mother provide discipline and structure for her son, because if she lets him walk all over her, it teaches him that women don’t deserve a fair say. If a mother lets her husband walk all over her or even abuse her in front of her son, this message is ingrained even deeper. Men who grow up with strong women become men who are attracted to strong women, plain and simple. Therefore, if you want your son to have a happy marriage when he gets older, you should work on the relationship you have with him now.

If you’re a single parent, you’re going to have to try twice as hard to ensure that your children get the attention they need. It is so important for both parents to participate in your kids lives. The mom can’t be the dad and the dad can’t take the place of the mom.  If you’re single and dating, always keep in mind that the people you expose your children to can and will have a profound effect on them as well.

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