Teenage Problems

“Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck: a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble or uncertainty. I, and several of my family and friends, have worked with Debra, regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911”, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence. Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more than you ever imagined possible! I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life! Dina Eastwood on E! Entertainment TV

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Parenting Skills

Please use my blog and check out the many articles I have posted for parents and teens that will help you with issues like Girls Standing In Their Power, Self Reliance and Independence, and Are We Training Our Teens to be Great Deceivers. Then stay in touch by signing up for my Empowered Teens and Parents Newsletter. You’ll get a free gift when you sign up. So, this is for you, girls! My first book, “My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself From the Inside Out”, has helped thousands of girls. It offers encouragement, fresh ideas, and insight to become satisfied and confident with who you are on this journey. Check out what people are saying about the book or purchase it online now at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Parenting Blogs

Parents if you are looking for more tools to help your teenage daughters strengthen their sense of self you’ve landed in the right spot. For you I have articles, blog posts, mentoring, workshops, parenting groups, and guided Mother-Daughter Retreats, all of which will help you in your relationship with your teenage daughter..

If you are educator or your organization is concerned with the well being of teenagers, I am available to speak at your school or to your organization.

Parenting Advice

If you are looking for personal development, I offer life and relationship coaching to help you stay connected to yourself and overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness. Check out “Empowered Teens and Parents”, my organization for teenagers and the parents who want to support their teen through these difficult times. Its mission is to produce self esteem for teenagers, by helping them have a better sense of who they are and make better decisions in all areas of life by learning how to love themselves and becoming empowered with self-esteem.

It’s all about you…

Helping teenagers and parents has become my life’s work. It is my passion to help teens learn to love themselves and to help parents strengthen their relationship with their teen.

Check this short video out that shows parents how to step into their teens reality so they can show up for their teen in a more connected way.


If you would like to purchase my online program 4-Weeks To Connect With Your Teen, now is the time to do it. It’s at a great price of $39.95. Once you download it, it’s your forever. It has helped many parents support their teen so their teen can learn how to become independent, secure, young adults. Isn’t that what all parents want?



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