What is Helicopter Parenting?
I have been reading a lot of different articles about over-parenting or “helicopter parenting” and thought it might be a topic that warrants a discussion.  Discover why NOT to be a Helicopter Parent!

How to Help Your Teen with Stress
I’ve experienced both being an insecure teen, and being a worried parent, and I can honestly say it’s a toss up regarding who is the most stressed out.  Find out How to Help!

A Key To A Happier and Healthier You
The quest to wholeness is a journey that is more adventurous than climbing Mount Everest, swimming the English Channel or surfing the pipeline in Hawaii.

Pressure To Conform: Let Me Be Me; I’m Not You
So, how can we guide our teenagers while allowing them to be themselves?

FaceBook Is Not The Problem
You want a relationship with your teen that allows your teen to come to you with anything they need help with. You want to know that if they are having difficulties with an issue in life, that they will go to you.

How to Help Teens Cope With the Economic Crisis
You might be surprised how deeply troubled your teenager is. Without parental support, teens will turn to their friends.

Self Reliance and Independence: Giving Our Teens the Ultimate Gift
What every parent wants for their child is to give them the tools to become mature adults, that “know-how” to make good decisions for themselves.

Are we training our teens to be great deceivers?
There’s a fine line between trusting your teenage girls and staying attentive to their safety.