by Debra Beck

Let’s see if you have good friends in your life. Sometimes it is hard to take a look at how our friends are treating us, because so many girls treat each other with so little respect. The following quiz will also help you evaluate what kind of friend you are.

Answer yes or no to the following questions:

Does your friend:

1.    Flirt with your boyfriend?
2.    Act like your feelings aren’t important?
3.    Criticize you?
4.    Switch off being your friend, to be someone else’s?
5.    Say she is coming over and not show up?
6.    Cut you down in front of other people?
7.    Only call you when she wants something?
8.    Not invite you places when she is hanging around certain people?

Do You:

1.    Flirt with your girlfriend’s boyfriend?
2.    Act like her feelings aren’t important?
3.    Criticize her?
4.    Switch off being her friend, to be someone else’s?
5.    Say you are coming over and not show up?
6.    Cut her down in front of other people?
7.    Only call her when you want something?
8.    Not invite her places when you are hanging around someone else?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to take a good look at your friendships. Either start setting boundaries and let your friend know that you don’t want her to treat you like this anymore, or it just may be time to let the friendship go. If you have answered yes to what type of a friend you are, you need to look at your actions to become a better friend. You can’t expect to have good friends if you are not a good friend yourself.


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