Navigate the Teen Years: Finding Balance at a Retreat

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How can you help your teen navigate these turbulent years: Finding balance at a retreat. Few parents are lucky enough to avoid all teen issues. These years can be rough on kids and adults alike. Mother daughter relationships will likely endure some strain, and we won’t even touch on the stress a wild teenage girl can cause her father. Surviving these years will take strength. It helps if you can adopt the right perspective. Be Prepared You can mentally prepare for teen issues by acknowledging that they will likely occur. This doesn’t mean you...

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Teen Anxiety: Is Your Child Overworked and Overstressed?

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 How are you as a parent handling your teen anxiety? Teen stress has always been a problem. The adolescent years are difficult, and no teen escapes them without enduring numerous heartbreaks and disappointments. This is an important phase of life that can prepare a young person for the adult world. However, these days, it seems like teens are more overloaded than ever, and many adults are beginning to question whether we’re taking the right approach with our kids. Teen Anxiety and Endless Work According to a study from the American...

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Teen Troubles with Divorce: Helping with a Rough Transition

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Teen Troubles with Divorce: Helping with a Rough Transition Divorce is common these days, but that doesn’t mean teens don’t still suffer when their parents choose to call it quits. If you’re facing the end of your marriage, it’s important to consider the effects this transition will have on every member of the family. A Huge Change: Dealing with Teen Guilt Over Divorce Teens often blame themselves for divorce. Even if they don’t experience guilt, they may wonder why they aren’t deserving of a stable family. They may take on the pain their...

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Mother Daughter Retreats in Sedona

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Sedona Retreats: Healing for Moms and Daughters of All Ages There are always going to be mother daughter issues to deal with. You may feel that after you work through one major disagreement, the next is always right around the corner. Maybe you’re the mom of an unruly teen, or perhaps you’re an adult daughter who is tired of fighting with your mother every time you see her. Either way, these issues have been going on for a long time, and you’re tired of the fighting. If you’re one half of a mom and daughter who clash, you might be wondering...

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Teen Meditation: A Life-changing Practice

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Meditation can have life-changing result! As teens grow, they’re always being told about the importance of avoiding teen issues and staying focused on preparing for college. They’re told how difficult life is going to be and how hard they’ll have to work to achieve their dreams. Parents often think they’re doing the right thing by preparing their children for the harsh realities of life. However, they often fail to equip them with the skills that would benefit them the most. Providing a Valuable Life Skill by Teaching Teen Meditation Everyone...

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4-Week One-on-One Parenting Course for Parents with Teens

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Do you want to start the new year creating a different relationship with your teen? Most parents I talk to are having difficulties with their teen around communication, motivation and of course social media. Every parent that calls me has the same complaint. My teen isn’t talking to me and they aren’t listening to me and they are on their phone constantly! When I mentor parents around their issues with their teens, the issues drastically turn around.     Are you having problems with your teen: On the phone constantly Not talking...

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Spotting Depression in your Teen

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Working on Teen Depression at a Mother Daughter Retreat Teen issues with moodiness are common, which makes it harder to spot the signs of depression. Statistics show that up to 20 percent of all teenagers experience depression at some point before reaching adulthood. If you’re worried, you have good reason to be. As parents, we must watch for signs of teen depression. By keeping a close eye on our kids, we can face any problems that arise head on. 1. Loss of Interest If your daughter seems to be losing interest in the sports, hobbies, or...

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Building an Adult Relationship with your 17-Year-Old

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The Step Before Adulthood: Cultivating a Great Connection with Your Older Teen A mother daughter relationship is complex, and it often becomes even more so during the transition between the teenage years and young adulthood. It’s natural that you’d both feel confused during these years! Adult Relationships Between Mom and Daughter: Cultivating Respect The shift begins around age 16. By this age, your daughter likely has some solid friendships that will remain throughout high school and possibly into adulthood. She may have dated or even...

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The Dangers of Social Media

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Protecting Teens from the Dangers of Social Media Navigating the turbulent waters of social media is difficult at any age. For a teen, it might be next to impossible. It can’t be denied that social media is here to stay. Not only is it a solid component of any teenager’s life, but it’s also used by everyone from scientists to world leaders. We are past the point where we can claim it’s unnecessary and ban our kids from participating. Like it or not, this is the world we now live in. The Ugly World of Instagram and Snapchat These apps...

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How to Love your Step Kids

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 Finding Happiness with Your Step Kids Becoming a stepparent is a beautiful thing. If you never had biological children, marrying into an existing family could provide the opportunity to guide your step kids through the early part of their lives. Even if you have your own kids, expanding your family is an exciting thing. However, settling into a blended family takes time. It’s natural to struggle with the transition. Cultivating Closeness: How to Promote Positivity in Your New Family   1. Discuss Boundaries with Your Spouse Long before you...

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