Adult Mother Daughter Retreats in Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

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Is a adult Mother Daughter Retreats in Beautiful Sedona for you?  Most advice for moms and daughters is about avoiding teen issues, but what about adult moms and daughters? Plenty of those same teen issues spill over into adult life without ever being resolved, leading to adult mother daughter issues. If you’re experiencing that in your own relationship with your mom or daughter, it’s time to take action to resolve the problem. Adult Mother Daughter Retreats: Is This the Route for You? You should consider mother daughter retreats if: You’re...

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Talking to Your Teen About Sex

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Self Esteem for Healthy Teen Sex: Helping Your Daughter Make Smart Choices  A 2011 study found that the teenage brain is incapable of thinking through decisions the same way the adult brain can. The brain is still developing during these years, making it the prime time to make a poor decision regarding sex. Therefore, talking about making smart decisions isn’t necessarily the best way to get your teen to do the right thing. You want to help develop teen self esteem so your kids want to choose the best route for themselves. 1. Accept that Teen...

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Strict vs Passive: The Negatives of Parenting Extremes

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Taking a look at different parenting styles. Strict vs Passive:  Most parents fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between strict and passive, which is usually the healthiest possibility. However, there isn’t one set parenting method that’s right for every family. Your personal values and beliefs will partially determine how strict you choose to be with your children. Their personalities will also play a role. Some kids are relaxed and easy to handle, and others require stricter boundaries to keep them in line. Strict Parenting Styles...

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Teenage Self Esteem

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Teaching that Teen Self Esteem Shouldn’t Be Based on Looks  The confidence that a young woman develops as a teen could carry her through the rest of her life. As a parent, you might be wondering how you can encourage such confidence in a world of Instagram perfection. With so much focus on looks, how can you get your teen to understand that she’s more than just a pretty face? Find the Balance Between Acceptance and Improvement It’s natural for teens to want to improve themselves, but the motivation shouldn’t come from a place of...

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Curbing Internet Games

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Fortnite Obsession and Teen Self-esteem: Helping Your Kids Manage Time  Video games are a part of life for most kids, but many parents wonder what to do when their teen’s love for Fortnite starts to come across more like an addiction than a hobby. Obsessive crazes are not a new teenage issue. It’s in a child’s nature to explore the world, and finding things they love is an exciting part of the journey. Most parents don’t want to be the bad guy that takes that joy away. Whether it was over a video game, toy or activity, we...

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The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to Feel

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Processing Emotions to Avoid Teen Frustration: Does Your Child Know How to Feel? Does your teen know how to feel? This might seem like a strange question, but the ability to truly feel is less common than you might think. Most people only feel their emotions when they boil over, usually in the form of anger or frustration. As a parent, you already know that teen frustration isn’t fun to deal with, but the problem goes beyond the possibility of a momentary temper tantrum. Teens who never learn to connect to their emotions will struggle...

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The Huge Benefits of a Mother Daughter Retreat

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A Mother Daughter Retreat Offers Huge Benefits  Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t stopped to consider how to improve your mother daughter relationship lately. Raising teenagers can be exhausting, and you likely spend most of your own energy keeping track of what your kids are doing. A retreat gives you the opportunity to pause and reflect. Helping Your Daughter Open Up in a Retreat Setting The stresses of everyday life make it hard to find time to sit down and really talk. While immersed in the relaxed and supportive environment of a...

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Getting Your Teen To Listen

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Using love and consequences to get your teen to listen.  If you suspect your teen isn’t listening when you speak, you’re probably right. In hindsight, you realize you weren’t strict enough, and now, your son or daughter doesn’t respect you at all. What should you do? Stick to the Boundaries You Set It’s never too late to begin setting boundaries. Enforcing them, however, is a lot harder than it sounds. If you’re nervous about the backlash you might face when enforcing boundaries, your parenting efforts aren’t going to get very far. Always...

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Life Skills for Teen Self-Esteem

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Giving life skills to teens equal high self-esteem. Too many teens are entering adulthood without the life skills they need. Teen self-esteem is already fragile, but facing a scary and confusing future without being properly equipped can put pressure on a growing teen. If you’re raising teens or preteens, now is the time to begin teaching them the important stuff. If you start early, they’ll be ready by the time they become adults. 1. Financial Management Do your kids know how to keep track of finances and follow a balanced budget? They’ll...

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How Much Influence Parents Have in an Indirect way.

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Indirect Parental Influence: Is Your Behavior Harming Your Teen?  Too many parents expect their kids to be perfect without taking a moment to examine their own behavioral patterns. You might not realize it, but your kids are always paying attention to everything you say and do. Everything from the way you speak to others to the way you handle discipline is going to affect the way your child sees the world. You’ve always done your best to teach your child proper behavior. You knew you didn’t want to deal with teen issues later, so you taught...

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