Giving Our Teens The Freedom Not To Lie!

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Is Your Strict Household Driving You and Your Teen Apart?  No parent wants to deal with teen issues, and some feel that the best way to avoid them is to maintain a strict household. If you fill your child’s schedule with studious pursuits and extracurricular activities, they won’t have time to get into trouble, right? Unfortunately, we can’t control our teens forever. Trying to force them to behave the way we want will only lead to rebellion. Instead, we must guide them by creating a culture and environment where they feel comfortable talking...

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Making Today’s Kids into Tomorrow’s Leaders

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How do we help make kids into leaders?  To create the future leaders of tomorrow, we need to raise our children to be compassionate human beings with strong self-esteem. If you’re a parent who is struggling with teen issues, you know that’s easier said than done. Teenagers with strong self-esteem are rare. That’s why most young people tend to submit to peer pressure versus taking a leading role. Helping your kids build strong self-esteem from a young age can pave the path forward toward major leadership roles during the teen years and in the...

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How to Teach Your Kids How to Breath Properly for Good Health

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Deep Breathing: Helpful for Stressful Teen Issues During the teen years, a young adult begins taking on adult responsibilities for the first time. This usually includes an increased workload of school assignments, extracurricular activities and sometimes part-time jobs. Many teens also experiment with their first romantic relationships during these years. All of these experiences can be wonderful for a growing teen, but they can also bring stress. When dealing with typical teen issues, it can be helpful to remember to stop and breathe. Deep...

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How Meditation Can Help with Teen Issues

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Getting Teens to Meditate: Mindfulness for Learning Disabilities  Peace of mind is important for anyone who desires a happy and healthy life, but for many kids with learning disabilities, a calm mind seems like a far-off dream. Along with most typical teen issues like rebellion and moodiness, teens with learning disabilities often suffer additional stresses. Worries about failing in school or being unable to join the workforce can be frightening and depressing for a developing teen. With so many pressures on teens with learning disabilities,...

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Teen Suicide on the Rise, it’s a Serious Teen Issue!

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Rising Suicide Rates in Teens: A Parent’s Greatest Fear Even in the kindest of worlds, parents would still worry for the safety and happiness of their children. In the modern world, it’s difficult for most parents to keep from worrying themselves to death. Unfortunately, the worry isn’t irrational. According to the CDC, teen suicide rates are on the rise. From 2007 to 2015, the suicide rate for teen girls has doubled. For teen boys, it has risen by more than 30 percent. These frightening statistics have many parents questioning how they...

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Learn How to Show Up for Your Teen in a Mother Daughter Retreats

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Show Up and Face Your Emotions: Growing Together Through Mother Daughter Retreats The lack of self-awareness is a huge problem in society, and it can especially have a negative effect on family life. When people are disconnected from their own emotions, they are flying blind. Their emotions drive every response, but without awareness, they often blame others for their reactions. Many parents suffer intense emotions because of their kids, sometimes overly attaching to their children’s lives to supplement their own happiness. This is usually an...

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Teen Issues Around Raising Boys To Be Good Men

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Raising Boys to Be Good Men: How Parents Can Help the Next Generation As a startling number of stories about sexual abuse come out of Hollywood, many parents are wondering how to explain things to their teenage boys. Uncomfortable as this situation might be, it’s an excellent teaching opportunity. When working on self esteem for teens, some parents forget to focus on the most basic behaviors that teenage boys will need to master if they want to be successful in their adult lives. The way they treat romantic partners is one such behavior. The...

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Mentoring Teens Both Boys and Girls

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Methods of Play for Boys and Girls: Raising Our Kids with Balance Before you can worry about mentoring teens, you have to get your children through their younger years. It’s no longer considered strange for a young boy to play with dolls, nor is it odd for a girl to play with trucks. Many children with siblings of the opposite sex end up playing with the shared collection of toys together, which is a wonderful thing. However, you might have a boy who only wants to play with trucks and violent video games. If you’re worried about how that...

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Is Porn a Teenage Issue

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Teen Self Esteem: Is Porn a Teenage Issue?  Pornographic materials are widely available on the internet. I recently went online to find a picture for a blog about casual sex, and I was appalled at the amount of pornographic material that instantly popped up. Viewing porn requires no money, purchases, credit cards or even a confirmation of age. If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable as a parent, something is wrong. Porn can have a negative impact on teen self esteem. Not only does it promote false ideas about sexual relationships, but it can...

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Social Media Effect on Teenagers

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Teen Technology: Is Your Teen Learning Healthy Communication?  Part of teen self esteem is being capable of positive interaction with peers. When a teen feels that her presence is pleasing to the people around her, confidence will grow. No matter what teen issues or personalities are present, there is almost always someone willing to be a friend. On social media, it’s easy to lose sight of that truth. Social Media and Teens: A Distanced Interaction Teen technology allows young people to connect with peers all over the planet. This is a...

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