Relationship Abuse

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The Signs of Teen Relationship Abuse  Every parent expects to deal with some teen issues surrounding rejection and heartbreak as their kids go through their high school years. However, sometimes, getting dumped or rejected is the least of the problems a teen can endure. If you suspect your child is dealing with teen relationship abuse, it’s important to act now. Ignoring the signs of emotional or physical abuse could prove to be dangerous if not deadly. Teen Self Esteem and Abuse: Is Your Teen Suffering? If you’re aware that your teen is in a...

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Teen Issues

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Is sexually transmitted diseases a big teen issue?  Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. Between 2013 and 2017, the rates of syphilis have nearly doubled. Gonorrhea cases have increased by 67 percent. Cases of chlamydia remain high. Herpes, HPV and other scary diseases are also on the rise. One of the reasons that these diseases are spreading so quickly is that causal sex is such a common and accepted practice these days. Even many teens with good...

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Provocative Teen Dressing

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What to Do When Your Teen Begins Dressing Provocatively  Has your teen been dressing in a provocative manner? If you’re dealing with teen issues revolving around personal style, you might be confused about your next move. You know that clothing is a tool for personal expression, and you don’t want to stifle your daughter’s creativity. At the same time, you’re also aware that provocative dress can attract attention from the wrong boys, not to mention older men. How far should a parent go in limiting teen girls dress code? Teen Girls Self...

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Talking to your Daughter about Sex Tracfficking

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How to Talk to Your Teens About Sex Trafficking. Sex trafficking is a frightening concept. Many parents think of it as something that only happens to teens in far-off foreign countries, but it’s a reality that affects kids in the United States. According to data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at least 100,000 underage Americans are being exploited and forced into prostitution every day. Where are predators finding these children? They’re often masquerading as teens and luring the children via social media sites...

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How to Stay Close to your Daughter, So she Shares

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Creating a Mother Daughter Bond that Will Last a Lifetime  When raising teenage girls, it can be tough to find the balance between providing them enough space to grow and maintaining a close relationship that will last throughout adulthood. Teen issues are one thing, but mother daughter relationships that fall apart during the teen years are often never repaired. Don’t miss out on the chance to be close to your daughter as adults. By attending mother daughter retreats and doing other therapeutic work to heal your relationship today,...

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Developing a Mother Daughter Relationship

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Getting Closer as Mother and Daughter  The mother-daughter relationship has the potential to be one of the strongest connections imaginable. It can also be one of the hardest relationships to manage, especially if a mother and daughter have a rough time during the daughter’s teen years. If you’re struggling to get along with your daughter, you’re not alone. Teens are learning to assert themselves and discover who they are as people, and that process often involves pushing mom’s boundaries. If your daughter is dealing with problems that go...

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What’s happening in the Dating World with Teens

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Discussing Teen Issues with Dating and Sex: Try a Mother-Daughter Retreat  Sex and romance have always been major teen issues, but many parents can no longer keep up with what’s happening in the world of modern teen dating. The terminology has changed, and many of the rules we grew up with no longer apply. Starting Young These days, it’s common for very young kids to seek relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends. Even kids as young as 10 or 11 may begin talking about the boys they’re seeing at school. If this is the case, don’t be...

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Moms Relating to their Daughters

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Improving Communication Between Moms and Daughters  Working on improving ourselves as individuals is a responsibility that never goes away. Whether you’re a teen struggling through high school or a mom dealing with the difficulties of raising a teenage girl, you can always benefit from learning more about yourself and improving your skills with communication. The Close Relationship Between Moms and Daughters: The Influence of Empowerment When there’s a healthy flow of communication between mom and daughter, both can benefit immensely. When a...

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Teaching Young Girls about Their Rights

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Avoiding Teenage Issues by Teaching Women’s Rights  An important aspect of mother daughter relationships is encouraging teen self-esteem. If your daughter doesn’t have a strong grasp on women’s rights before she reaches puberty and becomes interested in dating, how can you expect her to know how to protect herself? The Importance of Mother Daughter Relationships in Encouraging an Understanding of Women’s Rights 1. Preach Body Positivity Part of strong self-esteem is loving your body, not because it’s sexy or looks good to men, but...

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Free 30 Minute Consult to Help your Mother Daughter Relationship

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Are you having difficulties in your mother daughter relationship? This is for Both the mother and the daughter. If you would like to find a way to create a more loving relationship together, here is a gift for you! Schedule your free 30 minute consult here Also check out my video on Mother Daughter Retreats! Testimonial from a mother and a daughter “As soon as we began I knew this was the direction I was wanting to go I felt Debra was spot on with where the feelings are coming from and truly gifted me with the tools to care for those...

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