Have You Shamed Your Teen around Sex

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Have You Been Shaming Teen Sex? It’s no surprise that teen sex is an uncomfortable subject for parents. A parent’s mind is full of statistics about STDs and teen pregnancies. For some, the subject is so frightening that all they can do is attempt to shame their kids into thinking sex is a terrible thing.   Teen Issues with Sex: The Downfalls of Shame While shaming your daughter into avoiding sex until she’s 30 might seem like a great idea, it won’t work. Here’s why. It Makes Sex Seem Even More Enticing We all know that teen issues...

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Healing Difficult Mother Daughter Relationships

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Are you in need of healing a difficult mother daughter relationships? It’s natural for moms and daughters to have a tough time getting along. Being a teen is hard, and raising a teen is even harder. An argument here and there is nothing to get upset about, but if you and your daughter are really struggling to get along, it might be time to put more work into your relationship.   The Danger of Mother Daughter Issues: Healing Before it’s Too Late Mother daughter relationships are always challenging. It’s difficult being a woman in this...

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What Does Social Distancing Look Like for our Teens?

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Teen Issues with Social Distancing: How Can We Help Our Kids Through This? Socializing with peers is an important part of a teen’s life. As the world comes together to deal with corona virus, parents are stuck at home with frustrated kids. If you’re wondering how to help your child cope with the situation, you’re not alone. Locked Down: Controlling Rebellious Teenagers Teens aren’t the easiest people to control. If you’ve ever had your son or daughter sneak out while grounded, you already know that. Corona virus creates a unique and...

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Teens and Healthy Boundaries: The Importance of Saying No

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Does your teen have healthy boundaries? Can she say no? Teens need to understand the value and importance of saying no. Schools focus on teaching academics, but they often neglect some of the most crucial lessons kids should learn about life. One of those lessons is how to set boundaries. The Dangers of Poor Boundaries: Difficulty Navigating Life People who don’t understand how to set healthy boundaries often suffer in life. Boundaries are important for our work lives, our sexual and romantic lives, and our interactions with friends and...

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Teens and Guns: The Importance of Staying Safe

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 Is your home gun safe? The rise in mass shootings over the last few years has started a national dialogue about guns. People are frightened, but the possibility of being killed by a terrorist gunman is relatively low. The far greater threat is being injured or killed by a gun that belongs to you. Parent Responsibility: Do You Know Where Your Guns Are? Every day, eight children or teens are accidentally killed or hurt due to an unsupervised gun. Most of these tragedies are entirely preventable. Parent responsibility and gun ownership go hand...

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Encouraging Sibling Love: What to Do When Your Teens Don’t Get Along

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What to do when your kids don’t get along? You dream of family harmony, but your teen kids are constantly at each other’s throats. Is there anything a parent can do to promote sibling love? Teen fighting can be hard on parents. You all live in the same household, and keeping the peace between your kids can feel like a full-time job. It’s natural for teens to fight with their siblings, but if the fights are getting extreme, there might be a deeper issue at hand. A Lack of Sibling Love: Is It a Real Problem? The first step is to determine...

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A Parent’s Approach to Teen Sex

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What is your approach to talking to your teen about sex? Parents have always shuddered at the thought of their teenagers starting to date and become sexually active. These days, kids are getting into dating and romance younger than ever. What’s a parent to do? Teen Issues with Sex: The Dangers Teen sexually transmitted diseases are a real concern. Statistics show that people between the ages of 15 and 24 account for 50 percent of all new cases. This is on top of the concern of an unwanted pregnancy. Parents are clearly right to be worried....

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Making Progress Together: Consider a Family Retreat

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How to make progress together in a family retreat! Family dynamics can be hard to figure out. There is no perfect family, which means all family relationships involve conflict of some sort. For the parents of teenagers, conflict may become a part of everyday life. This can begin to have a serious effect on the family. Life is stressful for adults, but it’s important to remember how difficult it can be for your kids as well. If your teen son or daughter has been acting out more than usual, planning a getaway for the entire family can be a...

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Navigate the Teen Years: Finding Balance at a Retreat

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How can you help your teen navigate these turbulent years: Finding balance at a retreat. Few parents are lucky enough to avoid all teen issues. These years can be rough on kids and adults alike. Mother daughter relationships will likely endure some strain, and we won’t even touch on the stress a wild teenage girl can cause her father. Surviving these years will take strength. It helps if you can adopt the right perspective. Be Prepared You can mentally prepare for teen issues by acknowledging that they will likely occur. This doesn’t mean you...

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Teen Anxiety: Is Your Child Overworked and Overstressed?

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 How are you as a parent handling your teen anxiety? Teen stress has always been a problem. The adolescent years are difficult, and no teen escapes them without enduring numerous heartbreaks and disappointments. This is an important phase of life that can prepare a young person for the adult world. However, these days, it seems like teens are more overloaded than ever, and many adults are beginning to question whether we’re taking the right approach with our kids. Teen Anxiety and Endless Work According to a study from the American...

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