Teen Anxiety on the Rise

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Teen Issues with Anxiety: Is Too Much Homework to Blame? It’s no secret that teen anxiety is becoming an epidemic. Every teen I mentor these days is dealing with anxiety. Although teen issues have always been common, kids from past generations did not suffer from such extreme mental health problems in such a widespread way. What has changed, and what can parents do to help their kids? Too Much Homework: Teen Anxiety and the Increasing Workload When it comes to teen issues with anxiety and depression, there are various theories on the cause of...

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Mentoring, Retreats and Online Courses for Teens

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If you are looking for a way to help your teen have a better sense of self, manage their life in a more mature way and open up to you the parent more, please check out all of the different options I have available. I have mentoring programs for both teens and parents that get to the core issues and work through them, allowing for a more authentic relationship between the parent and teen. The mentoring program takes a little longer than the retreat but is very effective in helping teens own their part in their own behaviors and the parents see...

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Mother Daughter Relationship Issues

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Working Through Relationship Issues at Mother Daughter Retreats Mother daughter relationship issues are common. Whether you’re a mom who worries that you and your daughter will never get along or a daughter who feels misunderstood by your mom, it might seem like your issues are insurmountable. That isn’t true. Your bond is one of the most powerful connections that exists, which means your problems can be healed if you’re both willing to work at it. Overcoming Mother Daughter Relationship Problems If you’re struggling to get along with...

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The Importance of a Father Figure

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Finding Strong Male Role Models for Teens It’s best for kids to have both male and female role models in their lives. Strong role models can help kids avoid facing serious teen issues that often occur because of low self-esteem. This includes things like drug problems, falling in with the wrong crowd, or getting into legal trouble. However, due to family issues and other problems, not every child ends up with a father in their lives. If you’re a single mother who is struggling with parenting teens on your own, you need a creative way to bring...

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Talk to Your Kids About Consent During Sexual Assault Awareness Month April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to discuss teen issues with consent, teen sexual assault and healthy boundaries with your kids. Using Sexual Assault Awareness Month to Launch a Healthy Discussion This campaign to create awareness about sexual assault was designed by the National Sexual Violence Research Center. It focuses on “I ask” as a phrase that everyone can live by and agree to. The campaign aims to promote and normalize the idea...

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The Seduction and Grooming of Sexual Abuse

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Teen Issues with Sexual Abuse: Scary New Accusations Against Michael Jackson  People who have never experienced childhood sexual abuse often have a false idea of how abuse occurs. They picture children being victimized by scary old men who hang out near parks and lure kids with candy. They picture frightening predators sneaking in their children’s windows at night or following them home after school. While these scenarios do sometimes occur, children are most often molested and seduced by someone they know and trust. This makes the problem...

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Relationship Abuse

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The Signs of Teen Relationship Abuse  Every parent expects to deal with some teen issues surrounding rejection and heartbreak as their kids go through their high school years. However, sometimes, getting dumped or rejected is the least of the problems a teen can endure. If you suspect your child is dealing with teen relationship abuse, it’s important to act now. Ignoring the signs of emotional or physical abuse could prove to be dangerous if not deadly. Teen Self Esteem and Abuse: Is Your Teen Suffering? If you’re aware that your teen is in a...

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Teen Issues

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Is sexually transmitted diseases a big teen issue?  Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. Between 2013 and 2017, the rates of syphilis have nearly doubled. Gonorrhea cases have increased by 67 percent. Cases of chlamydia remain high. Herpes, HPV and other scary diseases are also on the rise. One of the reasons that these diseases are spreading so quickly is that causal sex is such a common and accepted practice these days. Even many teens with good...

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Provocative Teen Dressing

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What to Do When Your Teen Begins Dressing Provocatively  Has your teen been dressing in a provocative manner? If you’re dealing with teen issues revolving around personal style, you might be confused about your next move. You know that clothing is a tool for personal expression, and you don’t want to stifle your daughter’s creativity. At the same time, you’re also aware that provocative dress can attract attention from the wrong boys, not to mention older men. How far should a parent go in limiting teen girls dress code? Teen Girls Self...

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Talking to your Daughter about Sex Tracfficking

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How to Talk to Your Teens About Sex Trafficking. Sex trafficking is a frightening concept. Many parents think of it as something that only happens to teens in far-off foreign countries, but it’s a reality that affects kids in the United States. According to data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at least 100,000 underage Americans are being exploited and forced into prostitution every day. Where are predators finding these children? They’re often masquerading as teens and luring the children via social media sites...

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