Mentoring Teens Both Boys and Girls

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Methods of Play for Boys and Girls: Raising Our Kids with Balance Before you can worry about mentoring teens, you have to get your children through their younger years. It’s no longer considered strange for a young boy to play with dolls, nor is it odd for a girl to play with trucks. Many children with siblings of the opposite sex end up playing with the shared collection of toys together, which is a wonderful thing. However, you might have a boy who only wants to play with trucks and violent video games. If you’re worried about how that...

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Is Porn a Teenage Issue

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Teen Self Esteem: Is Porn a Teenage Issue?  Pornographic materials are widely available on the internet. I recently went online to find a picture for a blog about casual sex, and I was appalled at the amount of pornographic material that instantly popped up. Viewing porn requires no money, purchases, credit cards or even a confirmation of age. If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable as a parent, something is wrong. Porn can have a negative impact on teen self esteem. Not only does it promote false ideas about sexual relationships, but it can...

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Social Media Effect on Teenagers

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Teen Technology: Is Your Teen Learning Healthy Communication?  Part of teen self esteem is being capable of positive interaction with peers. When a teen feels that her presence is pleasing to the people around her, confidence will grow. No matter what teen issues or personalities are present, there is almost always someone willing to be a friend. On social media, it’s easy to lose sight of that truth. Social Media and Teens: A Distanced Interaction Teen technology allows young people to connect with peers all over the planet. This is a...

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Mediamonster: Is it Contributing to Teen Issues?  Years ago, there was some separation between politics, current events and the lives of teenagers. This isn’t to say that teens taking an active interest in the world is a bad thing. Some kids have always done that, finding their voices by running for office within their own schools or preparing to go into careers in politics after finishing college. These proactive young folks will be the voice of a new generation, which is beautiful. However, in the age of social media, these societal issues...

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Casual Sex Between Teens

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Casual Sex and Teen Issues: The Threat to Self-esteem  No parent wants to think about their teen having sex, but it’s usually something that must be faced after a certain point. Whether you maintain a “just say no” approach or offer a more liberal stance, you likely have some confusion about how to talk to your kids about this uncomfortable and serious issue. You already know that casual sex can lead to major teen issues, such as sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Either of these problems can be devastating to a developing...

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Mother Daughter Weekends

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Ideas for Fun Mother Daughter Weekends It’s common for moms and daughters to fight, so a mother daughter retreat can provide a breath of fresh air. Maybe you do fight with your daughter, but you also can’t deny that she’s your best friend. Not only can spending a few days together do wonders for your relationship, but it can also bring up important issues that the two of you can work out. Mother Daughter Weekends: Ideas for Fun Times Together 1. A Jeep Ride in the Countryside Sometimes, it’s nice to go out and get some fresh air. If you have...

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Technology and Teens: What Parents Should Look Out For?

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What should parents look for with issues around technology and their teens? These days, there’s no separation between technology and teens. Up to 92 percent of teens report getting online at least once a day. The majority use the internet more often than that, visiting social sites like Instagram and Facebook every few minutes as they go throughout their daily activities. Teens Issues and Social Media: The Problems that Can Arise with Technology and Teens 1. Comparison Research has shown that teen boys tend to use Facebook the most, but teen...

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Common Peer Issues for Teens

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Here are a few common peer issues for teens  Teen self esteem begins developing during the formative years. As long as things go well, it will continue to develop from there. It’s staying on a healthy path that’s tough. Peer problems can easily lead an impressionable teen down the wrong road, and once negative consequences begin to arise, the damage to self-worth can worsen. 1. Comparing Physical Characteristics One of the most common peer problems is physical comparison. Maybe your daughter is a bit heavier than some of her friends and...

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How To Help Your Teen Have Their Own Opinion

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Teenage Self Esteem: Encourage the Voicing of Opinions Teenage self esteem can be a struggle, and some teens don’t voice their opinions out of fear of ridicule from their parents or peers. You might also have a strong teen who has no problem sharing her views. Either way, it’s a smart idea to help teens express themselves in a respectful way. 1. Ask Questions Rather than drilling your own views into your teen’s head, why not ask what they think? You might be surprised or even impressed at their take on what’s happening in the world. If...

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Teens, How To Raise Your Self Esteem

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Teenage Self Esteem: It Takes Effort If you’re a teen who wants to learn how to raise your self esteem, you’re not alone. If self-worth developed on its own, so many adults would not be suffering from low confidence. If you want to develop your teen self esteem, you will need to take full responsibility for who you are. Understanding Teenage Self Esteem: What it Looks Like A person with strong self-worth: Knows who they are and what they would like to get from life. Has a solid moral code and treats others with kindness and respect. Maintains...

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