A Fine Line to Being Involved Without Being Over Bearing

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Finding the Balance: Being Involved without Being Helicopter Parents  Dealing with teen issues can be tricky. You hear about helicopter parents ruining lives, and you don’t want to make the same mistake. You also don’t want to let your teens run wild and risk getting into trouble. What’s a struggling parent to do? How can you increase teen self esteem and help your kids to make smart decisions on their own? 1. Promote an Open Dialogue without Prying Teens are never going to be comfortable sharing everything with their parents, and most...

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What a Broken Mother Daughter Relationship Means

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It’s Never Too Late: Working on Your Relationship at an Adult Mother Daughter Retreat  It’s easy to give up on the difficult relationships in our lives. No one wants to deal with endless fighting and stress. If you’ve never had a good relationship with your adult daughter due to not getting along when she was a teen, it’s not too late to turn things around. Mother Daughter Retreats Provide Freedom from Distractions Before you can both honestly address the issues in your relationship, you need to be in an environment that’s free of...

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Happy Thanksgiving

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I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. It is such a beautiful time to be with family and share the love we have for each other. Of course it would be nice to be in a space of giving and receiving love everyday, but sometimes life gets so busy that we forget. How can we forget to give love? Seems like such an important thing to have in our life, right? So let’s see if we can live in a space of love everyday, not just around the holidays. I want to thank you all for being a part of my life. Whether you are a client or a viewer...

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Loving Relationship in their Youth Creates a Stable Adult Mother Daughter Relationship

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Build a Loving Bond for Better Adult Mother Daughter Relationships  Not only can resentment from youth spill over into the adult years, but it can also deepen, creating serious and lasting emotional consequences over time. If you cultivate a good relationship with your daughter while young, your time at adult mother-daughter retreats could be used for enjoyment and happiness rather than sorting out problems from the past. Adult Mother Daughter Relationships and Retreats: Why Putting in the Time with Your Young Daughter is Valuable Here are a...

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Is Your Teen Bored in School

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Three Common Reasons Teens Become Bored in School  School is supposed to be stimulating and challenging, and when classes become boring, performance often suffers. There are a variety of reasons that teens might become bored in school. As a parent, you need to first determine the source of the problem and then figure out how to handle it. 1. They’re Too Advanced It’s common for intelligent students to become bored in school if they’re dealing with a curriculum that isn’t challenging enough for them. If this is the case, you can discuss...

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Are You Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility?

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Teach Teen Financial Responsibility for a Better Tomorrow  One of the biggest problems with the American school systems is that they don’t teach teen financial responsibility. Subjects like math, science and literature are important, but schools are not educating children on basic life skills that they will need to thrive. If you want to improve teen self esteem and give your kids a fighting chance to make it in the adult world, you’re going to have to teach healthy financial practices yourself. Teen money issues could lead to...

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When You and Your Daughter are Too Much Alike

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When Mothers and Daughters are Too Similar: Work Through Issues at a Relaxing Sedona Retreat Do you have a daughter that you always seem to clash with? Are you a daughter whose mom drives you up the wall? Have you ever asked yourself if it’s because the two of you are so much alike? Dealing with a close relative who is much like yourself is frustrating for many reasons. Seeing yourself in others can be triggering. You might feel helpless when you see your daughter making the same mistakes you made at her age. If you’re a daughter, you might...

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Why are Parents Afraid to Take Away Their Teens Cell Phones?

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The Fear of Setting Limits: Cell Phones and Teens  It’s difficult to separate cell phones and teens these days, which isn’t surprising when you consider that it’s rare to see adults who aren’t glued to their screens as well. Many experts have devoted time to studying whether our addiction to the online world is harming our mental and physical health, and while further research is needed, it’s certain that phones create plenty of teen issues. Cell Phones and Teens: Distance Between Parent and Child It’s...

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How Important are Extracurricular Activities?

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Extracurricular Activities and a Teen’s Future Most parents want to see their children thrive in school, and part of that is doing well in extracurricular activités. Whether it’s football or math club, the opportunity to participate in extracurricular learning offers plenty of benefits and should not be missed. Teen School Activities: What Are the Benefits? 1. Improved Social Skills Teen self esteem develops partially through learning social skills, and sports and other activities offer the chance to interact with peers in ways...

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How Important is it for Your Teen to Give Back?

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I find myself posting this at least every other year because I really believe that it is important to teach your kids to give back.  Kids are very ME Centric and if you don’t have them giving back, they can get too wrapped up in themselves. It Makes sense because we act like the world revolves around them from the time they are born. So when they become teens they actually believe that the world revolves around them. It’s our job to teach them that it doesn’t. The best way I know to do this is to get them involved in...

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