What Drugs are Kids Using Today

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Teen Issues with Today’s Drugs: Three Frightening Substances Parents Need to Watch For Teen issues with drugs have always been a big problem for parents to deal with. Although the problem remains, the substances today’s kids are dealing with are a bit more frightening than the beer, grass and other teenage drugs used in the past. Opiates A 2017 survey found that one out of seven teens admitted to taking a prescription painkiller that wasn’t prescribed to them. Another study found that up to 8 percent of high school seniors had...

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Adult Mother Daughter Retreats

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There is so much power in a mother daughter retreat. They are simply transformational! I am always in such awe when an adult mother daughter comes to me with a broken relationship and they leave here hugging each other with so much love. Watch this short video on my adult mother daughter retreats and if you or anyone you know would like to explore the possibilities of this powerful retreat, contact me. For more information about my Adult Mother Daughter Retreat please contact me today. I also offer mentoring services that can promote teen...

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Teaching Teens Responsibilty

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Teen Issues with Responsibility: What Should a Parent Teach?  There are some adults who can’t handle responsibility. Perhaps no one ever bothered to teach them how. If you’re a parent who wants to help your teen avoid becoming a careless adult, it’s wise to start working on responsibility today. These days, kids expect the latest toys, phones, computers and more, and many of them are not required to do chores, get good grades or maintain excellent behavior in order to receive these luxuries. Many parents don’t even discipline their...

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Helping Your Daughter Respect Herself

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Cultivating Teen Self-respect: It Starts with Loving Yourself  Women often struggle with self-love and respect due to the intense pressure that most of us feel to be perfect. On top of being expected to maintain perfect looks, most women feel pressure to be amazing mothers, ideal wives and strong career women. This pressure usually begins during the teenage years, but it doesn’t have to. If you work hard to teach your daughter to respect and love herself, not only will she avoid many difficult teen issues, but she’ll also be more comfortable...

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What Roll Do Dad’s Play in a Daughters Life

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A Father’s Role: Helping Your Daughter Bond with Her Dad  If you’d like your daughter’s father to be more involved in her life, science backs up your concerns. According to a study from the Journal of Family Psychology, young girls who have positive relationships with their dads are less likely to develop emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Along with promoting teen self-esteem, a strong relationship will also help your daughter maintain healthy boundaries as she explores friendships or relationships with men as an...

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A Mother Daughter Retreat is a Great New Years Gift!

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 Happy New Year! I can’t think of a better gift than a mother-daughter retreat. Not only does this retreat help you communicate better, it also will give your daughter critical tools she needs so that she can develop a better sense of self and make good decisions. My mother daughter retreat is transformational and life-changing. It’s important to know yourself deeply to be able to direct your path in life in a productive and healthy way. Unfortunately most people don’t know themselves well enough to steer their life in a way...

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How to Raise a Kind Child

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Encouraging Kindness in Your Teens  When it comes to raising kids, one of the most important things we can do is cultivate compassion and empathy. Whether it’s defending another kid from a bully at school, giving a leftover snack to a homeless person or simply smiling at a lonely stranger, being kind takes effort and energy. The sooner teens can begin developing compassion for others, the better. Raising Kids with Compassion: Encourage Reading Reading forces a teen into a state of mind where they are absorbed in another person’s world, and...

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Do you Want a good Mother Daughter Relationship

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Improving Adult Mother Daughter Relationships by Working on Healing Today  Many women assume that mother daughter relationships are supposed to be turbulent. While it might be natural to bicker with your daughter, especially during her teen years, there’s a difference between a little squabble here and there and an outright toxic relationship. If you worry that you’re headed for a dark future with your mom or daughter, the time to take action is now. Adult Mother Daughter Relationships Suffer Due to Problems During the Teen Years One of the...

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Happy Holiday from Empowered Teens and Parents

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Happy Holidays Parents!  The holiday season is upon us, and so is all of the joy and all of the craziness. The great part about the holidays is getting together with friends and family, shopping for special gifts, baking and just an all over warm and cozy feeling. The downfall of the holiday season is the triggers of friends and family, shopping in crowded malls, and all the baking. The same things that give us the joy also give us anxiety. How do we move through the holidays being able to experience the fun and excitement, without...

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Helping Your Teen to be Grateful

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Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude and Improving Teen Self Esteem  Gratitude is one of the most important qualities that a parent can instill in their children. When kids practice an attitude of gratitude, not only does it help avoid teen issues, but it also helps create even more positives in their lives. 1. Work on Gratitude as a Family Thanksgiving is an excellent time to cultivate teen gratitude, but rather than waiting for a single day each year, why not make the expression of gratitude a weekly ritual? Gather your family at the dinner...

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