Stressful Mother Daughter Relationships

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How Devoted Time Can Help Your Mother Daughter Relationship  Stressful mother daughter relationships are common. You can’t expect to stay your daughter’s best friend forever, nor should you want to. However, that doesn’t mean you should just give up. If you want to support a thriving mother daughter relationship, you’ll need to commit to regularly sharing devoted time together. A retreat is an excellent way to do that. Dealing with Stressful Mother Daughter Relationships: The Power of Devoted Time You spend time with your daughter...

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The Importance of The Father Daughter Relationship

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The Importance of Father Figures in a Young Girl’s Life  If you’re a father raising a daughter, you likely have a lot of insecurity over teen issues. Not being able to protect your daughter from the potential pain and heartbreak of life is one of your greatest fears, yet sometimes, you’re not sure how much you’re helping her. Father figures have a powerful role in a young woman’s life. Even if you’re struggling to bond as she grows and matures, the way you view, treat and behave with your daughter will prove to be crucial in her...

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Teen Sibling Rivalries

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Helping Your Teens Survive Sibling Rivalries  At some point, most siblings will bicker. In most circumstances, they’ll bicker a lot. Many factors go into sibling rivalries, from the age difference between the kids to other aspects of the family dynamic. However, a lot of it simply can’t be avoided. Kids are growing and learning, and they develop a lot of their interpersonal relationship skills by managing relationships with their family members. 1. Discuss Respect and Healthy Boundaries Every time your kids get into a fight, it’s a learning...

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Talking About Sex with Your Daughter

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Having the Sex Talk: Focus on Boundaries for Healthy Teen Self Esteem  When it comes to having the sex talk with your teenage daughter, there aren’t a simple set of rules. If you’re close with your daughter, talking about teen sex and other teen issues might not be that big of a deal. If you’re less close, and the subject is awkward, the talk might be more difficult. Either way, it’s a part of parenting you can’t ignore. 1. Don’t Wait Long You need to have the sex talk long before you think teen pregnancy could be a concern. Although your...

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Is Your Teen Running the Show?

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What it’s like to have your teen running the show? Out of control teens are a major problem, but most parents don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. Being your teens friend sounds like a good idea in theory, but being a friend and being a disciplinary figure are mutually exclusive things. Teen issues arise when the kids begin to lose respect for their parents, and it’s easier to avoid that scenario than fix it once it’s already occurred. A Parent’s Role: Setting Appropriate Boundaries Teen issues can be hard to deal with, so it’s no...

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Teen and Parent Boundaries for Happy Families

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Boundaries make for happy families!  As a parent, you know you’re supposed to be setting boundaries for your teens. However, this is easier said than done. How are you supposed to know what boundaries to set, and when you do figure it out, how do you communicate it with your teens? Parent Boundaries: Letting Teen Issues Sort Themselves Out One of the best ways to begin defining boundaries is by taking a look at your own. What boundaries do you feel should exist between you and your teen? For example, a boundary that a parent could set is...

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How to Stay Sane on Social Media: A Guide for Parents and Teens

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How to Stay Sane on Social Media: A Guide for Parents and Teens  Social media is a huge part of daily life in the modern world, and with more studies showing the negative effects it can have on us, we all need a strategy to ensure we can set limits on the internet. This is especially true for impulsive teens who haven’t yet learned how to discipline themselves. Dealing with Over saturation Being online all day means constantly being bombarded with information. Often, much of this information is false, negative or otherwise upsetting. Even...

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Teen Issues with Makeup: How Much is Too Much?

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Teen Issues with Makeup: How Much is Too Much?  Even if you’re the type to spend half your bonus on expensive mascara, you still might cringe watching your daughter cake her face with far more product than she needs. Teen issues with makeup are common, but any criticisms about her appearance won’t go over well. If you want to help push her in the right direction, there are a few things you can do. Focus on Skincare to Cultivate Teen Esteem If your daughter is struggling with acne, she might feel tempted to layer on the foundation, which could...

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Do You Know Who Your Teen is Hanging Out With?

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It can be a huge teen issue if you don’t know who your teen is hanging out with? When your children are little and require constant supervision, it’s easy to keep tabs on who they’re spending time with. As they grow into independent teenagers, they might become more secretive about their social lives. If your teen doesn’t like to talk about what’s going on in her world, you’ll need to get a little creative to find out more about who she spends her time with. 1. Be the Host Growing up, most of us had a friend whose parents were always...

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School Gun Shootings: What Do We Tell Our Kids?

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What do we tell our kids about school shootings?  Another school shooting has occurred, leaving the world heartbroken yet again. On Valentine’s Day, a former student walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and murdered 17 teens and adults with an assault rifle. This tragic event has reignited a national conversation about gun control and gun responsibility, and it’s badly needed. Three of the worst mass shootings in the history of the United States have occurred in the past six months. The situation is getting worse. Can anything be...

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