Healthy Teen Relationships

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Signs of Healthy Teen Relationships Is your relationship with your teenage daughter strained? Is your everyday life a host of teen issues and dramas? Do you sometimes get so frustrated that you want to pull your own hair out? If you’re struggling to raise a teenager, you’re not alone. Things were tense before, but now, your daughter has a boyfriend, and things have gotten even worse. You know you need to give your daughter space to enjoy her dating life, but you have so many concerns. From substance abuse to unsafe sex, many teen issues can...

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Being a Bystander is Bullying

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What to Do if You Witness Teen Bullying If your kid has been lucky enough to avoid teen issues with bullying, you’re probably counting your blessings. However, what if your kid isn’t the one being bullied? Taking Action to Stop Teen Bullying: What to Do if You Witness Abuse If you or your teen is aware that a child is being bullied by another student or adult, it’s important to take action. There are a wide variety of bullying situations, and it might be safer to intervene in some situations versus others. If the Bullying is Violent If a kid...

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Teens Ability to Handle Emotions

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Becoming Self-aware: How to Help Teens Handle Their Emotions A teens emotions can be difficult for a parent to deal with, but the reality is that most people could benefit from emotional healing. If you want to promote self-esteem and avoid teen issues, you’ll need to address your own emotional health as well as your teen’s. There are some things you can do as a family to promote emotional self-awareness. Teen issues don’t happen out of nowhere. While all teens will suffer some emotional turmoil due to the natural changes of adolescence and...

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The Importance of an Animal in a Kids Life

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The Importance of Pets in a Teen’s Life If your kids have been bugging you about getting a family pet, it might be time to consider giving in. While pets can be a lot of work, they offer benefits that go far beyond how adorable they are. Animals bring out the best in us. They teach responsibility and compassion. Studies have shown they can even reduce anxiety. Learning to Care for Others Many teen issues involve selfishness. A teen’s brain isn’t fully developed yet, which can sometimes make it hard for them to focus on anyone other than...

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Are Girls Maturing Faster?

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Mindset and Maturity: Young Girls are Growing Up Too Fast In many ways, the physical world is a reflection of our minds. When we believe we can do something, we will have a much easier time accomplishing it. Studies have shown that mindset outweighs socioeconomic background and other factors when it comes to career success. A growing body of research supports the idea that we can help heal our bodies by maintaining a positive perspective. Since our bodies respond to the way we think, it’s possible that kids can mature faster simply by...

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Mother Daughter Communication

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Step into Your Daughter’s World to Improve Communication Reality can be subjective. We all share the same physical world, but we see it through the filter of our own perspectives. After a crime or natural disaster, witnesses will describe the sequence of events differently. It’s not that any one person is lying. People just experience things in their own way. This phenomenon is yet another factor that can harm a mother daughter relationship. Everything you’ve learned about life comes from your own perspective. When you try to explain...

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Back to School

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Teen Issues with Anxiety: Facing the New School Year Going back to school is often an exciting time for teens. They get new clothes, new supplies, and a chance to approach the new year with a good attitude. They also might face teen issues they were free of over the summer vacation. While high school can be an enjoyable time, it’s a source of anxiety for many kids. Maybe your teen will have to face the person who bullied them last year. There might be other worries about fitting in, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, or making the team. As a...

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Ways to Develop Healthy Habits in your Teen

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Healthy Habits Teens Should Learn Teens are always going to rebel against their parents, but that doesn’t mean the ideas and habits you pass down won’t continue to influence them throughout their lives. Three Healthy Habits Teens Should Learn 1. Nutritious Eating Your kids only get to be young once. It makes sense that they’d want to enjoy the ability to snack on junk foods without worry. Preaching to them about healthy eating will only make them rebel more, but practicing healthy eating yourself is another story. When you make a nutritious...

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Teen Sexting

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The Dangers of Teen Sexting Teenage cell phone use is often a big challenge for parents. The last thing you want to do is encourage teen sexting, but you also know your teen needs the freedom to communicate with peers and begin making adult choices.   Scary Teen Issues: When Flirtatious Texts Go Too Far 1. Violated Privacy What your teen thought of an innocent night of flirty texting with a romantic interest could end up a source of embarrassment. People aren’t always trustworthy. Teen issues with cheating and heartbreak are common, and some...

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Teen STD’s

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Teen Issues with Sex: Discussing the Dangers Most parents probably wish that teen issues with sex were uncommon, but that isn’t the case. Statistics show that people between the ages of 15 and 24 account for 50 percent of all new STD infections. Up to 46 percent of American high schoolers have had sexual intercourse. This means that if you’re not giving your teens the facts about sex, you should be. Decide Your Stance There’s no one right answer when it comes to educating your kids on sex. Your views, religious beliefs, and relationship...

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