Teen STD’s

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Teen Issues with Sex: Discussing the Dangers Most parents probably wish that teen issues with sex were uncommon, but that isn’t the case. Statistics show that people between the ages of 15 and 24 account for 50 percent of all new STD infections. Up to 46 percent of American high schoolers have had sexual intercourse. This means that if you’re not giving your teens the facts about sex, you should be. Decide Your Stance There’s no one right answer when it comes to educating your kids on sex. Your views, religious beliefs, and relationship...

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Teen Addiction

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Teen Addictions: Keeping a Watchful Eye Teenage drug use is a major concern for parents. Research has shown that the earlier someone begins using drugs, the greater the likelihood that they’ll develop long-term addiction. Teens are struggling with all varieties of drug use, from abusing cannabis to getting hooked on opioid drugs. However, drugs aren’t the only concern, and when you think about the above statement in reference to phones, the internet, and social media, it becomes even more frightening. Generation Z, which follows the...

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Teaching Teens to be Okay with Feeling

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How to Teach Teens it’s Okay to Feel As a society, one of our biggest issues is that we are cut off from our own emotions. We’re taught that sadness is bad, and happiness is good. The rising use of antidepressant medications says it all. While these medications do have legitimate uses, many doctors are far too quick to prescribe them to anyone who is going through a tough time. They’re too quick to offer pills instead of suggesting therapy, exercise, meditation, or other holistic options. We teach our kids not to use drugs to...

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Is Euphoria Doing Harm to Teens?

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Should You Let Your Teens Watch Euphoria? If you’re a parent who has seen HBO’s new show Euphoria, you might’ve felt a bit disturbed afterward. The show, which stars Zendaya and depicts the struggles of a group of teens as they explore drugs and sex, is said to be based off some of the creator’s real-life experiences as a teen. Is this show a realistic depiction of what life is like for teens today, or is it an exaggeration? Real Life versus Your Life: The Truth is Highly Subjective Some parents are upset that shows like Euphoria exist. After...

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10 Most Common Teen Issues

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The Most Common Teen Issues and How to Get Help Teen issues are perhaps one of the scariest aspects of raising kids. As parents, it’s wise to be aware of the common problems teens deal with and how to spot the signs that your child might be struggling. The Most Common Teen Issues are: Depression, anxiety, and other mental-health problems Bullying Body image and self-esteem Substance abuse and addiction Underage sex Stress from feeling pressured and overwhelmed Rebellious and defiant behavior Watching for Teen Anxiety and Other Issues You know...

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Teen Social Issues

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The Harsh Negatives of Teen Issues: Creating Positive Energy in Your Teen’s World As a parent, you want more than anything to promote teen self esteem. Parents have always wanted their kids to feel good about themselves and do well in life, but in the modern world, teens are dealing with more pressure than ever. This can be difficult for parents. Many of us grew up in different times, and we can’t relate to what it’s like to be a teen today. That’s why we need to work harder than ever to help our kids cultivate positivity. Fighting Teen...

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How to Get Your Teen to Eat Better

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Teen Diet: Promoting Healthy Eating without Being Too Extreme Teen diet can be a difficult thing to discuss. You want to promote healthy eating, but you also understand that teen issues with body image and self-esteem can be quite sensitive. You don’t want to come off like you’re criticizing your daughter or telling her that she needs to lose weight, but you want to promote teen health. What’s a parent to do? 1. Make Changes Slowly If your family has never had healthy eating habits, and you’re interested in changing that now, it’s wise to...

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Slang Words for Drugs for Teens

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Avoid Teen Issues by Watching for Drug-related Slang Words As parents, we’re often told to keep an eye on what our teens are doing with their phones. The choice to monitor all text messages and web activity is up to the individual parent. It makes sense to allow well-behaved older teens their privacy, but for younger teens, keeping an eye on social media can be a smart way to avoid teen issues. Monitoring Social Media to Check for Teen Issues: Slang Words to Watch For If you’ve made the decision to keep track of what your kids do online, you...

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Helping your Teen Think Positive

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How Positive Thinking Can Help with Teen Issues It’s difficult for most teens to practice positive thinking. They face a lot of pressures in school and in their social lives. They also might be around a lot of negative influences. Being an optimist is a life skill, and it’s highly underrated. Having a positive viewpoint can make life much easier. Teen Issues with Positivity: Helping Shift Your Teen’s Mindset 1. Preach the Importance of Positivity Society tends to lean toward the negative. We must fight against this by stressing the importance...

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Help our Teen Have a Healthy Body Image

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Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teen Girls A healthy body image sometimes feels like an elusive thing. We know it’s part of living our best lives, but have any of us achieved it? Perhaps the reason it’s so hard is that we were never taught to love ourselves as teens. Body image has always been difficult for young women, but in today’s era of Instagram perfection and high expectations, teaching our girls to cherish their bodies has become harder than ever. 1. Discussing the Variations of the Human Body It’s important to discuss body image with...

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