Casual Sex Between Teens

Casual Sex and Teen Issues: The Threat to Self-esteem Casual Sex Between Teens

No parent wants to think about their teen having sex, but it’s usually something that must be faced after a certain point. Whether you maintain a “just say no” approach or offer a more liberal stance, you likely have some confusion about how to talk to your kids about this uncomfortable and serious issue.

You already know that casual sex can lead to major teen issues, such as sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Either of these problems can be devastating to a developing teen, but they aren’t the only dangers.

A teen who either uses others or allows herself to be repeatedly used for sex is at risk of:

  • Suffering from the continual erosion of her self-esteem.
  • Dealing with shaming from others in her peer group.
  • Missing out on committed, loving relationships that could teach lessons and help shape the future.

The Dangers of Casual Sex: Beyond the Obvious Risks

A study from Ohio State University has found a relationship between casual sex and teenage issues. Researchers surveyed over 10,000 people about their experiences with sex, romance and mental health, first when they were still in their school years and then again when they were in their late teens or early twenties.

Of these participants, 29 percent reported engaging in casual sex. There was a strong relationship between those in this group and those who had also experienced symptoms of depression and other disorders. Those who reported casual sex in their late teens and early twenties were more likely to experience suicidal thoughts. With every new casual partner, it was found that suicidal thoughts increased by 18 percent.

Facing the Reality of Teen Issues: Discussing Casual Sex

If you need help discussing casual sex with your teens, consider signing up for one of my online retreats. Our discussions will focus on maintaining family values while also being realistic about the realities that teenagers face today. Some teen issues might be inevitable, but with empathy and strong communication skills, you and your teens will be able to come together and find common ground in a way you never have before.

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