Who Do You Want Guiding Your Teen During These Turbulent Years:
YOU… or Their Friends?

An invitation from teen mentor, Debra Beck

It's Time To Connect With Your Teenager!

This online course for parents provides the tools you need to...

Truly connect with your teenager.
Understand teenage behavior.
Build trust with your teenager.

Heal mother child resentment.
Open mother teen communication.
Establish healthy teen boundaries.

Parenting Teens Can Be Challenging.
Parents Need Help Too!

Hi Parents,

It's time to start asking yourself...

  • Do you want your teen to start making good decisions?
  •  Do you want to understand your teen so that you can communicate better?
  •  Do you want a harmonious relationship with your teen?
  •  Do you want to say “no” without a scene?

If you want this for your teen, you have to learn how to guide them without shutting them down.

The parents I mentor have been able to shift their behavior to create an open, harmonious relationship with their teens.

The better your relationship with your teen during these already scary years, the safer they will feel in the world and the bigger they will participate.

One of the biggest concerns that I hear most often from parents is:

“My teen is pulling away and no longer comes to me, and I am worried about the decisions she is making without my guidance.”

This Program Will Open Up Your Heart to Your Teen and Allow Her to Open Up Her Heart to You!

Introducing 4 Weeks to Connect with Your Teen
with Debra Beck

Get the tools you need to help your teenager develop better self-esteem,

therefore creating a harmonious relationship between yourself and your teen.

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About the Course

The idea of my 4 Weeks To Connect With Your Teen online program is for you, the parent, to have a better understanding of what life is like for your teen and how your interactions are critical to your connection with him/her.

So, if you could shift just a few things to keep the lines of communication open with your teen, wouldn’t it be worth a try?

In my 4 Weeks To Connect With Your Teen online program, in a short period of time you will learn to:


Week One:  Step Into Your Teen's Reality

Have a full understanding of how your teen feels so you can show up for them the best way possible.


Week Two: Teaching Your Teen to Manage Her Life

Through your behavior, teach your teen how to become accountable for their actions.


Week Three: Setting Boundaries

Set critical household rules with a clear understanding of consequences with their acceptance and without bucking the system.


Week Four: Dealing with Your Own Fears Around Your Teen's Behavior

Understand how your reactions shut your teen down, and start responding in a more loving way.

Through all the issues with your teen; you might be feeling like:

 “My teen has completely stopped listening to me. I feel like I can’t have any
boundaries at all.”

I really understand this issue. I think every parent I meet has this issue. Week 3 will have you setting boundaries with very little resistance. They actually want boundaries so that they can show you that they are capable of managing their own life.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll receive the course content and printable exercises delivered on a weekly basis over the next 4 weeks. Each module has been carefully created to improve your relationship with your teen one step at a time.

Introductory Videos from Debra

Every week receive an introduction video from Debra explaining the upcoming week's topic and giving you encouragement to get the most out of the content.

Practical Tools & Exercises

Print the exercises each week and use the practical parenting tools to practice them in the following 7 days. Refer back to them long after you've finished the course.

Other Parent's Experiences

You are NOT alone! Get examples of the struggles other parents have faced with their teen and use the same examples Debra gave them to overcome your own issues.

10 Tips of Huge Mistakes Parents Make

Download this helpful list of tips on where you might be making a mistake when parenting your teen.

What course is best for you?

4 Weeks to

4 Weekly Modules



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Practical Tools for Better Parenting
  • Printable Exercises
  • Delivered Weekly
4 Weeks to

4 Weekly Modules



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Practical Tools for Better Parenting
  • Printable Exercises
  • Delivered Weekly
Get both
4 week courses 

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  • Same Benefits for Both Courses
  • Increase Your Teen's Self-Esteem
  • Share This Experience with Your Teen
  • Achieve the Best Possible Relationship Working Together

About Empowered Teens and Parents Founder,
Debra Beck

Debra has been helping parents either develop a more connected relationship or mend a broken relationship with their teenager. She also mentors parents on ways to help their teens learn the skills of responsibility and the ability to make good decisions for themselves.

Debra gives parents the tools they need to help their teenager develop better self-esteem,
therefore creating a harmonious relationship between parent and teen.

Here’s what people are saying about Debra

Dina Eastwood

Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible.  I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.


Debra took me and my daughter through a weekend of exploration into why we think and respond to triggers. She provided practical tools to use in moments that challenge old thought patterns. This weekend drew us closer as I got to see into the heart of my daughter.


Debra was great to work with. She gave me a voice and showed my daughter the wounds I was working through from childhood, when I struggled to hold boundaries. With my daughter’s understanding of what is happening inside me I feel I can better transform my parenting.

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