Do You Wish You Were Closer and More Connected as a Family?

Are You Looking for Better Ways of Communicating?

Is One Family Member Causing Issues within the Entire Family Dynamic?

Doing deep family work in a Family Retreat whether it be in Sedona or remote, will have life changing effects on how your family relates to each other. When one person is off in a family unit it sets the entire family into chaos. This retreat with Identify exactly where the core problems are and address them head on.

Want to Know More About Family Retreats?

Family Retreats Are Extremely Personalized to Meet Each Person’s Needs.

I will design your retreat after a personal phone consultation with each of you to analyze what is going on with the family and what is required to have the breakthroughs needed to shift the current state of the issues long term.

This retreat will include intensive time with the entire family and each family member individually, exercises, meditations, and modalities such as sound healing, or spiritual land tours. All of this combine in the retreat will aide in the family getting in touch with their feelings and taking ownership in their part.

Most Family Retreats are either 3 or 5-Day, depending on the size of the family.

I truly feel that this retreat has given us

a great foundation

to use to grow

3-Day Retreat with Grandmother, Mother and 2 Daughters

“I decided that I wanted to try a retreat for my mom, my two daughters and me. We learned valuable lessons that we will apply in our everyday lives to continue to strengthen our family unit. I truly feel that this retreat has given us a great foundation to use to grow.” –Mom

“Exceptional program, bonded with daughter and granddaughters as never before. Learned more about them, me and us. Can’t thank Debra enough for the awesome experience. Will definitely return.” –Grandma

Want to Know More About Family Retreats?