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can help you help your teen!

A Message from Empowered Teens and Parents founder, Debra Beck

Online Courses

I have created 2 online courses to help parents connect with their teens, in a world where social media is all consuming and to help teens develop self-esteem and make better decisions.

Mentoring Packages

My mentoring programs are a great way to get the personal attention needed to help both parents and teens through these turbulent years. This is a powerful way to get back on track.

Mother Daughter Retreats

My mother daughter retreats are the most popular type of retreat I offer. Whether you choose to come in person to Sedona or you prefer a remote retreat, they both are transformative. 

About Debra Beck.

Debra Beck, Author of the award-winning book My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide to Loving herself from the inside out, is a devoted mentor for teenage girls and parents on issues facing teenagers and parents today.

Debra discovered her life’s work: helping young girls learn to truly love themselves from the inside out. She is also a parent of two daughters and understands the worries of parenting. She is devoted to guiding parents through these turbulent years to give them the tools they need to create a harmonious connection with their teens.

She has created and facilitated her own mother daughter retreats, workshops, girl’s groups, parenting groups and individual mentoring through Empowered Teens & Parents. Because she has experienced both being a tormented teen and a worried parent, she mentors through her heart with compassion.

She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

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My Online Courses for Teens and Parents


This online course will help you step into your teen’s reality and learn how to listen better, create boundaries without a huge reaction and provide your teen with tools to create and successfully manage their life, and control your own fears around their behaviors. If you want to be connected to your teen and help guide them through these turbulent years, instead of outside influence, this course is a must. 


This online course will help your teen develop a stronger sense of self, recognize and manage the negative voice within, make better decisions and learn how to manage their life and gain maturity. Learning these tools does not happen organically, they need to be taught. Parents this is a wonderful opportunity to give your teen the tools they need to be as empowered as they would like to be in the world.

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As a therapists and counselor, I learned so much from this retreat with my daughter. We love the peaceful serenity of the Sedona historic and, more than that Debra’s knowledge, passion, and compassion. We arrived a little bit apprehensive and left completely calm and at ease. Debra radiates love and light. If you are thinking about doing this retreat. Don’t hesitate, do it.

Amy, mom & Mia, daughter

Arriving to the retreat, my relationship with my daughter was headed toward “The End” I was desperate for answers, understanding, tools and a calm, neutral place for it. Debra is amazing, her retreat in Sedona is breathtaking! Love our casita and spending time in Sedona with my daughter. I left with a new sense of me, a new sense of love, kindness and peace. Thank you for showing me all I am and all I deserve.

Andrea, mom


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