I was a bully, but now I stopped

Bullying is a real problem, and it’s your responsibility as a parent to talk to your teens about it.  If they are being bullied, take it seriously. If they seem to be a bully talk to them about how treating people with respect and kindness affects the world.  If you are a bully, I’m talking to you parents, start looking at your behavior and how it’s affecting your kids,  friends, family, and the world.  Bullying can be something as simple as not letting others have an opinion and cutting them off.  Bullying comes in all sizes and packages…Are you one?

Broward County is no stranger to bullying.  Last school year Deerfield Beach Middle School held the spotlight in the most negative of circumstances.  Starting with Michael Brewer who was nearly burned to death, and several months later the brutal and savage beating of Josie Ratley.

As a community, a group of Broward County middle school students joined together with the help of State Farm, The Broward Sheriff’s Office and The Humanity Project to publish two books targeted at combating bullying.

The Miami Herald reported one of the bullying books is about a privileged and selfish character Lucina who has everything she wants but degrades everyone who doesn’t share her fortune. The other book is about Michael, who is dyslexic and of black and asian heritage. He’s influenced by his abusive father to bully others.

Students also worked on illustrations and cover art. The books will be used as part of The Humanity Project’s innovative Anti-bullying Through the Arts program in Broward during the school year.

Congratulations to all these students and a special thanks to State Farm, Broward County Sheriff’s Office and The Humanity Project for stepping up and reaching out to our kids – our future!

Learn more at the www.TheHumanityProject.com.

Watch the video below.

Sources: Miami Herald, The Humanity Project, Sue Scheff


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