What it’s like to have your teen running the show?

Out of control teens are a major problem, but most parents don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. Being your teens friend sounds like a good idea in theory, but being a friend and being a disciplinary figure are mutually exclusive things. Teen issues arise when the kids begin to lose respect for their parents, and it’s easier to avoid that scenario than fix it once it’s already occurred.

A Parent’s Role: Setting Appropriate Boundaries

Teen issues can be hard to deal with, so it’s no surprise that many worried parents end up doing everything they can to keep their kids happy. While spoiling them might seem like the easiest option, it won’t work. Troubled teens need limits. On some deep level, most teens realize they have no clue what they’re doing in life, and without strong boundaries set by their parents, they could feel even more frightened and insecure. Boundaries help give teens a framework to operate within, and without them, they’re flying blind.

Being Friendly without Being Friends: Finding Balance with Out of Control Teens

A parent shouldn’t be worrying about whether their teen likes them. If that concern is at the forefront of your mind, your kid will be able to get away with just about anything. Before you know it, your authority will have been trampled upon, and your troubled teens will be running the show. That isn’t good for any household.

The key is to find the healthy balance point between being your teens friend and being perceived as an authoritarian enemy. Allow yourself to loosen the boundaries slowly over time, and offer rewards for good behavior. At the same time, if you notice disrespectful behavior, don’t let it go. Show your teen you mean business from the beginning, and they won’t question that fact when it matters most.

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