A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.
- Oprah Winfrey

My Mentoring program is a great way to get outside guidance to help with issues both parents and teens are struggling with.

I have been working closely with teens and parents for over 20 years. It was through my own tormented teenage years and my experience as a parent of two teen daughters that I realized that parents and teens need help maneuvering these turbulent years.

Because of this I have a deep understanding of what teenage girls are experiencing, my compassion leads me to mentor through my heart, which is why teenage girls and parents resonate with me. Through this connection I am able to help teens see that they have all the answers they need inside themselves to be powerful and confident.

...you have honestly changed my life, and for the better.

“Dear Debra, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You may not know this, but you have honestly changed my life, and for the better. Ever since I started coming to you, I’ve felt like a whole new person: one that is more confident, more aware, and just more…me. So, thank you so, very much, love Eliah” (15-year-old)

Want to Know More About My Mentoring Packages?

My mentoring programs will help your teens learn that they have the power to make their life what they want it to be. That through being responsible for their own actions they can change their reality. I help teenagers develop stronger self-esteem so they can make better decisions in their life.

As parents, when our kids are younger, we have to manage their life for them, as they get older, we have to teach them how to manage their life if we want them to be confident, successful adults. 

I work with the teen to develop strong skills so they can develop a healthy sense of self and make good decisions that will affect their life in a positive way.

I work with the parent to help them look at their fears and behaviors that might be getting in the way of their teen being connected to them. If your teen isn’t connected to you, you can’t guide them, they won’t be open to you. You want your teen to be open to you so you can be guiding them not outside influence. 

My daughter is 15 years old and we have recently started the mentoring program with Debra.  We came to her in a mode of crisis.   There was no harmony in our home.  My husband and I were so desperate that we were searching for a therapeutic boarding school for our daughter.  We were failing at the job of parenting our daughter.   We had previously tried therapists with little results.  

We decided to try Debra’s mentoring program because of a referral from our daughter’s friend who had been mentored by Debra for the past year.  There was a big difference after just one visit!  Our daughter has been going for a little over a month now.  My husband and I also see Debra so that we can all work together for positive change.  We are doing much better and Debra has helped our family immensely.   She is very hands on and gives advice on how to handle specific situations.  

I’ve been working to change the way I interact with my daughter and some of the suggestions that Debra has offered have made a huge difference.   We love Debra and are very grateful for her presence in our lives.  We are still together as a family, so that says a lot.”

-Jane & Greg, two happy parents


Teens will:

  • Learn to love themselves and develop self-esteem.

  • Learn to quiet the negative voice within.

  • To manage their life more maturely.

  • Make better decisions.

Parents will:

  • Learn to step into their teens reality and listen to their teen.

  • Teach their teen to manage their life.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Look at your own fears around their behaviors.

I have custom Mentoring Packages that will fit your individual needs.

  • 50-minute weekly sessions in person, phone or Zoom.

  • Sessions with the teen and parents separately and/or together.

  • Mentoring packages with or without online program.

I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra's influence on my life.

dina eastwood

“Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck:  a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble or uncertainty. I, and several of my family and friends, have worked with Debra, regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911″, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence.

Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible.  I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.”

Want to Know More About My Mentoring Packages?

“I am so excited about the changes in maturity I have witness in my teen through Debra’s programs”

-Katie, Elated Mom