Mentoring, Retreats and Online Courses for Teens

If you are looking for a way to help your teen have a better sense of self, manage their life in a more mature way and open up to you the parent more, please check out all of the different options I have available.

I have mentoring programs for both teens and parents that get to the core issues and work through them, allowing for a more authentic relationship between the parent and teen. The mentoring program takes a little longer than the retreat but is very effective in helping teens own their part in their own behaviors and the parents see their own issues wrapped around the problems. The Mother Daughter Retreat also gets down to business in a very direct way that creates break throughs right a way with lasting shifts.

If neither of these work out for you, maybe my online programs can give you a good start.

My 4 Weeks to Teen Self esteem, is a simple 4 week online program that takes about 15 minutes a weeks to do, to help teenagers empower themselves, manage their lives and combat the negative voice inside their heads.

My 4 Weeks to Connect with Your Teen, is also a quick 15 minute program per week. It’s easy and so effective to help parents see the things they are doing that might be getting in the way of connecting with their teen. During these teenage years, you want your teen to be confiding in you, so that you can be the one guiding them. If they are getting advise from their friends, it would be like the blind leading the blind.

Both of these programs are being offered at $39.95 it’s a little investment of time and money to make a huge difference in your relationship with your teen.


Mentoring, Retreats and Online Courses for Teens


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My Feet Aren't Ugly book by Debra Beck.

If you want your teen to be more understanding, check out my award winning book, My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out.

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