It's Time To Heal Your Mother Daughter Relationship Issues!

Offering remote online Mother Daughter Retreats for you to...

Truly connect with your teenager.
Overcome mother daughter issues.
Strengthen mother daughter bonds.

Heal mother daughter resentment.
Open mother daughter communication.
Establish mutual respect.

Do You Wish You Were Closer and More Connected with Your Teenage Daughter?

Are You Looking for Better Ways of Communicating with Her?

Is Your Heart Aching for There to be Loving Behavior Present in Your Relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions, then read on…

Whether you are trying to mend a damaged relationship or deepen an already connected relationship between you and your daughter, this Mother Daughter Breakthrough Retreat will be a powerful life changing experience for you both.

I Specialize in Designing 1, 2 & 3 Day Mother Daughter Retreats in Sedona, Arizona or Remotely via Zoom.

Each retreat is personalized for mother and daughters to create breakthroughs to help strengthen their relationship.

Is there anything more important than our relationship with our kids?

When my youngest daughter was heading into her teenage years, our relationship was stressed. The breakdown in communication and love made it impossible for me to guide her in a way that was supportive to her becoming an independent, self-assured young woman.  Both our hearts were aching with every harsh word spoken and negative action taken.  Through my own experience, I have created this amazing Mother Daughter Breakthrough Retreat.  I have so much compassion for mothers because I have felt the heartache of having a broken relationship with my own daughter.  I also have compassion for the daughters because I have also experience a disconnected relationship first hand with my own mother.

Our daughters need a connected, loving relationship with us, their mothers, to feel safe in the world and participate in their life on a level that promotes a healthy environment for them to succeed in.

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Mother Daughter Retreats Are Extremely Personalized To Meet Your Needs

I will design your retreat after a personal phone consultation with you both to analyze where the relationship is and what is required to have the breakthroughs to develop the bond required to nurture the relationship long term. The retreat includes one-on-one individual sessions with both the teen and the parent separately and combined sessions with both the mother and daughter together, exercises, journaling and outside activities to deepen the learning to help you get in touch with your feelings and move through them.

After the Mother Daughter Retreats

After the retreat there is an after-care session that is included in the retreat. If more sessions are needed, they are available at a discounted rate to retreat participants.

Rhonda, Mom

I so enjoyed the entire 3 day mother daughter experience. It was such a blessing not only to get to spend so much quality time with my daughter, but to have Debra mentoring us one-on-one, carefully planning out each session to specifically meet each of our needs. Deborah has a way of "digging deep" and having fun through the process. I would recommend this retreat to any mother wanting to "reconnect" with her daughter and be open to learning ways to stay connected for a lifetime! Thank you, Debra! You're the best!

This retreat was good because it allowed me to get more In touch with myself, and also bond with my mom. It taught me how to handle situations better and how not to let the negative overpower my life. To learn to just relax and become happy and at peace with myself.

Meg, Daughter

Carrie, Mom

The knowledge and tools that Debra has given my daughter and I is incredible! She is extremely compassionate and gave my 16 year old daughter and I a place where we felt safe to talk to her about anything and with no judgment. She came to us with facts and then provided us with the tools to be able to become stronger in our relationship and to understand each other on a level that was so deep. What Debra does in her Mother Daughter retreat is so special and so powerful! My wish is that she could somehow reach every mother and daughter out there, so that everyone of them could experience this beautiful gift she has given us! I will forever be so grateful for you Debra!

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