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Speaking to schools and groups about empowering teensDebra Beck offers workshops and speaking engagements for schools and groups of any kind where building teenage girls’ self esteem is an important issue.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements on issues teenage girls are facing today:

Teen pregnancy, what you need to know

Why are more and more teenagers participating in casual sex? How can you help your teen understand the ramifications of being sexual before they are ready? How can we help educate our teens to make better decisions for themselves? The answers to these questions will give you the tools you need to better serve our youth.


What is technology doing to our teens?

Have teens stopped communicating face to face? What long term effects are cell phones, computer games, and Ipods having on our youth today? Is it too much stimulation?


Building confident teens in a world with little confidence

Whose responsibility is it to guide our teens and make sure they feel good about themselves? What do we as adults need to do to teach them to like themselves and feel confident? Are our teens being affected by other teens through bullying?


Peer Pressure, too much pressure for our teens

How do we encourage our teens to make their own decisions based on what’s right for them, not what’s right for their friends. Self-esteem plays a big part in avoiding peer pressure. How do we give our teens the tools to say NO!?


Media Bombardment, how does it affect our teens?

Movies, TV, Magazines, Computers: our teens are being bombarded with the media. Who is raising our kids, us or the media? Learn what you can do to lessen the effects of the media.


Diet and Body Image

Why is so much emphasis being put on dieting and having a thin body with our teen girls today?  What triggers eating disorders, and how can we teach our teens about healthy eating habits?


The Bullied and the Bully

How is being bullied affecting our teens and what are the dangers of not dealing with it.  Why are some kids bullies and what can we do about it.

“Debra is a great expert for mother daughter workshops and programming. We have had her teach her brilliance at our Mother Daughter Annual Summit for 2 years and in fact, are creating a parents workshop soon and will be asking her to participate. She is a great addition to your programming!”

Dena Patton, Cofounder, The Girls Rule Foundation – Helping girls build a bright future


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self esteem issues.


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