Sedona Women’s Retreat

Sedona Women’s Retreat

Women's retreat in Sedona Arizona
“A Women’s Journey To Her Heart”

Sedona women's retreat

Are you looking to connect with yourself in a deeper way and wake up your spirit?

To see and love yourself for everything that you are and can be. In my mentoring, I find that women of all ages find me.  While mentoring for parents, I often find the women asking for individual mentoring aside from the issues they are dealing with, regarding their teens.  They want to learn more about who they are.  I offer a Sedona women’s retreat.


“Working with Debra Beck in a concentrated time frame has been life changing for me. Debra has the ability to cut through the noise, and to immediately provide tools for change. Applying what I’ve learned through my work with her, she has helped me lead a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life. Debra balances her down-to-earth and honest approach with a loving and compassionate presence that feels safe and facilitates rapid progress. I highly recommend working with Debra on any issues, or just overall self-development.”
Marion  Sedona, AZ

I have always had mentors throughout my entire life and feel it has been a critical component to my evolution and growth.   I have participated in many group workshops and a lifetime of one-on-one mentoring.  I have created this one-on-one breakthrough retreat because I feel that it creates the safety and results for the women looking for a more personal retreat. Sometimes you’re not up processing critical life issues in a group session, I get it.

Your personal retreat gives you individual attention with the immediate breakthroughs of a group workshop.            

This is why I have created  “A Women’s Journey to her Heart”.  You get the individual mentoring, to help initiate life shifting breakthroughs, and a nurturing space on your own to connect with yourself in a much deeper way.

Extremely Personalized To Meet Your Needs

I will design your personal Sedona women’s retreat after a personal phone consultation to find out where you are and what your intentions are.

Nurturing Space “Sedona Zen Cottage”

Located in Sedona AZ, My historical home has a cottage attached with complete privacy.  It has a Kitchenette, completing stocked, Queen-size bed, private Jacuzzi, healing flower garden, organic sheet and towels, and a library of spiritual books and meditation CD’s.
Relaxing cottage and garden

Sedona Retreat Cottage

After Care

4-30 minute follow up consultations either face-to-face or over the phone to help you integrate into your world with a new way of being.

Call or E-Mail for your free consult or if you have questions
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