My Feet Aren’t Ugly: 
A Guide to Loving Yourself from the Inside Out

By Debra Beck (about the author)

My Feet Aren't Ugly by Debra Beck

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“So you want to be yourself and still be liked?"

Is this possible? What if you really liked yourself and if others liked you, great, and if they didn’t, that would be okay too? Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling not to care if everyone liked you?

Liking yourself means others can’t affect you

Having teen self esteem is very powerful. When you have confidence and satisfaction in yourself, you make decisions that are good for you, like leaving parties that make you feel uncomfortable, or telling boys, “No thanks, I just want to hang with my friends,” or wearing the clothes that you like. Having self-esteem and liking ourselves means others can’t affect you.

Awards for “My Feet Aren’t Ugly”

Best Parenting Books

Nautilus Silver Book Award: Winner Young Adult, Non-Fiction

Best Parenting Books for Teens

Mom’s Choice Award: Winner Juvenile Self-Improvement

Best Parenting Books for Teenagers

Moonbeam Award: Bronze Medal Winner for Best First Book

Best Books for Teenagers

USA Book Award: Winner in the Young Adult Non-Fiction Category

"This book is a vital guide for adolescents who are struggling in this wonderful but confusing world. I have given this book to several of my students and they have enjoyed it and learned how to be better."
Jane Green - Educator





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   • Do you want your teen to have self-esteem?
   • Do you want your teen to make better decisions?
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I have helped thousands of teenagers develop their self-esteem and start making better decisions for themselves, as well as guided parents through these turbulent teenage years.

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My Feet Aren’t Ugly:


A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself
from the Inside Out

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