Teen Anxiety: Is Your Child Overworked and Overstressed? How are you as a parent handling your teen anxiety?

Teen stress has always been a problem. The adolescent years are difficult, and no teen escapes them without enduring numerous heartbreaks and disappointments. This is an important phase of life that can prepare a young person for the adult world. However, these days, it seems like teens are more overloaded than ever, and many adults are beginning to question whether we’re taking the right approach with our kids.

Teen Anxiety and Endless Work

According to a study from the American Psychological Association, today’s teens experience stress levels higher than those reported by adults. Trying to stretch one’s time to cover homework, studying, and extracurricular activities often feels impossible. Many teens are missing the sleep they need to maintain a healthy body and mind. Even those who do manage to get enough sleep often lack time for relaxation and socializing.

Lightening the Homework Load

If you feel that a certain teacher is expecting too much, scheduling a meeting with the school to express your concerns is always possible. Another option is considering whether your teen would do better in a different class. Perhaps this teacher’s style simply doesn’t work well with your teen’s personality. Some people thrive under pressure. For others, it’s best to focus on a few simple tasks at a time. You can reduce teen stress by figuring out what works for your child on an individual level.

Another way you can lighten the load is by reducing any pressure that may be coming from you or your spouse. If your teen feels pressure to achieve great things, they may push themselves to take on too many activities at once. Let your teen know that they should choose extracurricular activities they truly enjoy rather than partaking simply to improve their college applications.

College is important, but learning how to balance one’s time and carve out space for self-care is a valuable life skill. A teen who pushes themselves to an unhealthy degree during high school will likely engage in similar habits at college. As parents, we must encourage our kids to avoid taking on too much.

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