Teen Issues Around Raising Boys To Be Good Men

Teen Issues Around Raising Boys To Be Good MenRaising Boys to Be Good Men: How Parents Can Help the Next Generation

As a startling number of stories about sexual abuse come out of Hollywood, many parents are wondering how to explain things to their teenage boys. Uncomfortable as this situation might be, it’s an excellent teaching opportunity. When working on self esteem for teens, some parents forget to focus on the most basic behaviors that teenage boys will need to master if they want to be successful in their adult lives. The way they treat romantic partners is one such behavior.

The Changing Tides: A New Standard

Raising boys isn’t easy, especially in modern times. The old saying “boys will be boys” is no longer an acceptable excuse. Today’s men need to respect boundaries and learn to contain their sexual urges if they expect to get anywhere in society.

You might assume that your sons already understand this. You’ve been raising boys for years, and your kids are amazing people. This might be true, but what many parents fail to understand is the extreme negative influence peers can have on a young boy. Teen issues with rape are all too common, and often times, the boy doesn’t even realize he has done wrong. He might hear from his friends that all girls are asking for it.

Ending the Entitlement: Helping Teenage Boys Understand Boundaries

You can help your sons avoid teen issues by talking openly and honestly about these problems in society and what they mean for you as individuals. Along with discussing healthy boundaries and sexual abuse, it’s a good idea to get into the subject of entitlement.

Most sexual abuse occurs because the abuser feels entitled to a sexual act. It’s important for parents to teach teens that they are never entitled to anything in life, especially sex. Teach them to instead honor and respect their romantic partners, viewing them as human beings. When it’s time for them to begin dating, discuss how a gentleman behaves on a date. Above all else, always demonstrate respectful and appropriate actions so your kids have a good example to look up to.

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