Did You know low self-Esteem is the leading cause of depression, self-Harm, aggression, poor school performance, and more in teens?

An invitation from teen mentor, Debra Beck

Enhance Teenage Self-Esteem with this Powerful Course for Teens!

This online course for teenagers provides the tools teens need to...

Build teen self esteem.
Enhance teen self image.
Make empowered life choices.

Grow teen self confidence.
Overcome teen self doubt.
Resist teen social pressures.

If Your Teen is Experiencing Any of These Issues, or You Want to Improve Their Self-Esteem...
Finally! A Course That Will Help.

Teens want to feel good about themselves and they want you to be proud!

Hi Parents, first let me ask you...

  • Do you think it’s important for your teen to make better decisions?
  • Do you want your teen to learn how to manage her life more effectively?
  • Do you want your teen to have a mind of her own and not be swayed by her peers?
  • Do you want your teen to be happy, secure, and confident?

I you want this for your teen, it is critical to help her develop her self-esteem

I can totally relate to teens. My life when I was a teen was excruciating!  I felt completely lost and didn’t have a good support system at home to help me find my way. I was insecure, had learning disabilities (ADD and dyslexia), and I hated the way I looked.

My self-esteem was non-existent. I can’t explain the pain inside me which I was hiding. I have spent my entire life developing my sense of self. I have been helping teens do the same for over 20 years so that they don’t ever have to feel like I did as a teen.

If you are like most parents, it’s important to see your kids thrive and be happy.

Teens’ coping mechanisms depend highly on a strong sense of self. The world we live in isn’t an easy place to navigate without feeling good about who we are.

"Self-esteem does not happen through osmosis;
just like learning math or history doesn’t."

If we, as parents, put as much effort into our teens’ development of self-esteem as we did their academic career or extra curricular activities, their self-esteem wouldn’t be an issue at all! But we don’t! We actually put very little effort into it and wonder why our kids are behaving the way they do.

If their self-esteem isn’t developed during their younger years, this lacking of self will continue to impact every aspect of their young adult lives.

The better our kids feel about themselves, the bigger they are in the world.  When they are confident and secure, they participate with greatness!

The concerns I hear from parents over and over are:

  • My teen spends way too much time on social media.
  • My teen spends a lot of tiime in her bedroom.
  • My teen is making bad decisions.
  • My teen doesn’t take her homework seriously.
  • My teen is hanging with a crowd I don’t approve of.
  • My teen isn’t honoring curfew.
  • My teen complains about her body.
  • My teen has a bad attitude.

All of these issues stem from low self-esteem!

If you can develop and strengthen your teen’s self-esteem, they are less apt to have destructive behaviors molding their future. The good news is it is possible to teach teens to like themselves and feel better about who they are so they can shift their negative behaviors.

Introducing 4 Weeks to Teen Self Esteem
with Debra Beck

Your teen will get to know themselves better, manage

their life with more maturity and treat you with more respect.

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About the Course

When you purchase the 4 Weeks to Teen Self-Esteem you are receiving 4 weeks of my personal self-esteem builders that I use with my personal clients everyday. You get access to:


Week One:  How to Have Self-Esteem

They actually develop the tools needed to feel better about themselves so they can start showing up differently in the world.


Week Two: How to combat That Negative Inner Voice

If that negative voice inside them is beating them up around every corner, it will be impossible for your teen to have a strong sense of sense. 


Week Three: How to Make Good Decisions

Here your teen will learn how to develop concrete tools to make good decisions that will effect her life forever.


Week Four: How to Manage Their Life

Most teens want to take control of their own life and have their parents back off: the problem is they don’t know how. In this segment your teen will learn what it means to hold themselves 100% accountable.

One Parent's Concern Was:

“My teen’s attitude is horrible and she is defiant, so why would she change?”

This program will empower your teens and will ensure that they will become more confident, secure and independent young adults.  Through owning their independence and becoming more accountable for their actions, their resistance is removed from you, the parent. This results in a shift in their attitude and creates a more harmonious relationship with you.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll receive the course content and printable exercises delivered on a weekly basis over the next 4 weeks. Each module has been carefully created to improve your teen's self-esteem one step at a time.

Introductory Videos from Debra

Every week receive an introduction video from Debra explaining the upcoming week's topic and giving you encouragement to get the most out of the content.

Practical Tools & Exercises

Print the exercises each week and encourage your teen to use the practical tools to practice self-esteem in the following 7 days. She can refer back to them long after she's finished the course.

Other Teen's Experiences

Your Teen is not alone! Get examples of the struggles other teens have faced and use the same examples Debra gave them to overcome your own teen's issues and build their self-esteem.

10 Tips of Huge Mistakes Parents Make

Download this helpful list of tips on where you might be making a mistake when parenting your teen.

What course is best for you?

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  • Practical Tools for Better Parenting
  • Printable Exercises
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4 Weekly Modules



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Practical Tools for Better Parenting
  • Printable Exercises
  • Delivered Weekly
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4 week courses 

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  • Same Benefits for Both Courses
  • Increase Your Teen's Self-Esteem
  • Share This Experience with Your Teen
  • Achieve the Best Possible Relationship Working Together

About Empowered Teens and Parents Founder,
Debra Beck

Debra has been helping parents either develop a more connected relationship or mend a broken relationship with their teenager. She also mentors parents on ways to help their teens learn the skills of responsibility and the ability to make good decisions for themselves.

Debra gives parents the tools they need to help their teenager develop better self-esteem,
therefore creating a harmonious relationship between parent and teen.

Here’s what people are saying about Debra

Dina Eastwood

Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible.  I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.


I learned a lot about my mom’s side of our issues and had a better understanding of how my behaviors take me out of alignment. I now have the tools to better communicate with others.


I believe the retreat went very well, I had a good experience with Debra and learning about my inner self and also learning about my mom and her and yourself. The retreat really spoke to me and help me and my mom both around our relationship.

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