Jealousy isn't a teen issues only. Many adults feel jealous as well.

Jealousy is common in teenage social circles. Not only do teens fight over shared romantic interests, but they also cut each other down and often cruelly reject those they feel threatened by. Immaturity makes these teenage issues quite common, but parents can do a lot to make the problem better.

1. Fuel Passion and Help Develop Interests

There are people in this world who rarely feel jealous of others. They are simply too busy working on their passions. When people take the time to follow their passions and develop their talents, they also develop a strong foundation of self-esteem. As a parent, it’s your job to help fuel your teen’s self-esteem by supporting her passions and interests.

2. Encourage Platonic Relationships

It’s important to support and encourage your daughter to have platonic relationships with friends. Romantic interests come and go, but platonic relationships can last a lifetime. Cultivating strong friendships throughout the high-school years can have a profound effect, helping teens develop good communication skills and promoting self-esteem that could continue to grow after they reach adulthood.

3. Teach Acceptance with Rejection

Your teen will get rejected by a romantic interest at some point. It’s also very likely that they will then have to watch that romantic interest pursue someone else. Teach your kids that it’s okay to get rejected. Not everyone is going to love them, and that's perfectly fine.

4. Be Aware of Your Influence

Teens will do anything to insist otherwise, but their parents are their biggest influencers. What you do will have a strong effect on your daughter in ways you can’t even imagine. Therefore, you should also apply all of the tips on this list to your own life. Are you displaying jealousy when you come home and rant about the new secretary you don’t like at the office? Are you teaching your daughter that it’s okay to talk badly about others?

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