The Importance of Human Connection: Helping Teens Recover Socially

Teen esteem has suffered since the beginning of the pandemic. These years are challenging for kids even in the best of times. Now, our kids are facing difficulties no one ever prepared them for. Recent times have shown us why health and well being must be priority for teens and adults alike.

The Importance of Togetherness: Why We Need Human Connection

The value of social connection is clear. Studies have shown that when older folks endure long periods of social isolation, they end up with an increased risk of health problems. Examples of possible problems include depression, heart disease, and even early death.

If too much alone time causes harm to older adults, it stands to reason it would hurt teens even more. A healthy social life is good for anyone, but teens in particular need the valuable life lessons that come from interacting with their peers. From friendships to young romances, many big “firsts” happen during this phase of life.

Improving Teen Health and Well Being After Lockdown

You might be wondering how to help get your teens back on track now that lockdowns have ended in your area. During the pandemic, many parents reported seeing negative changes in their kids. Teens who were usually quite happy became withdrawn and depressed.

Things are returning to normal in many areas, but that doesn’t simply erase the problem. Getting back out there can cause anxiety even for teens who were socially active before the pandemic. Teens may worry about contracting or spreading COVID-19, or they may experience new levels of anxiety when interacting with others.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, encourage your teens to spend time with their friends. If you aren’t already, be sure to keep an eye out for any major behavioral changes.

If offering encouragement doesn’t seem to be helping, it’s time to reach out for extra support. Many people could benefit from therapy after the last couple years. Parents struggle as well, and when they worry, they can pass that stress along to the kids. Family therapy, church groups, and specialized courses for parents and kids can all provide support.

My courses for teen esteem can help your kids get to the heart of what’s bothering them. Whether it’s fears about the state of the world or worries about social struggles, I’m here to help.

Please contact me for more information about the importance of feeling connected and my online courses for teens and parents.

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