Parents Empower Your Teen, Gift Them Self Esteem

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My Feet Aren’t Ugly

“You already have the power within yourself. Use it! You are strong enough to take care of yourself. The more you care for yourself, the stronger you will become. Just take action, and do it! Become the person who is confident and satisfied with herself.”

I am always talking to parents about the control they think they have over their teenagers.  The bottom line is they have none. If a teen wants to do something, they will find a way to do it, whether their parents tell them not to or no. This is why I work with teens on empowering themselves because they have the control over what they are going to do, so we might as well start teaching them how to use the power they already have.

It’s an illusion parents, to think you have the control, so the sooner you start preparing your teen to use the power they have responsibility, the better off your teen will be.  If a teen thinks they have control over their life and they are responsible for their actions, they will make their decisions more carefully. Then when something goes wrong, the only one to blame is themselves.  Do you see how this approach might be more empowering then making all the decisions for our teens, with the illusion that their listening.

By giving the control to them, while teaching them how to make good decisions, we empower them with the tools they need to become responsible young adults. By making their decisions for them, we rob them of the life lessons they need to learn and it’s just not effective to getting them to not drink, have sex or even be committed to doing their homework.

If they are being held accountable for their own actions they behave differently, more responsibly. As parents our ultimate goal is to have independent, responsible, well adjusted, and happy kids. So, parents, test it out and see how it goes, and remember that I mentor both teens and parents to help with this process.

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    I have worked w/the Young Women Youth as a Leader for many years. However, I now have a teenage son…Help :).

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