Adult Mother Daughter Retreats

It's Time To Heal Your Mother Daughter Relationship Issues!

Offering remote online Mother Daughter Retreats for you to...

Reconnect with your grown daughter.
Heal your mother daughter issues.
Create healthy mother daughter bonds.

Overcome mother daughter resentment.
Open mother daughter communication.
Establish mutual adult respect.

I have been working with teens and parents for a while now and the mother daughter retreats have totally been amazing. I have seen huge shifts between the mother daughter relationships.

Mostly the teen will come into the retreat shut down and frustrated and the mother is usually just confused and hurt.  When I started to get calls from mothers with adult daughters, what I realized is that the issues are similar and if behaviors don't change at some point with both the mother and the daughter, the relationship doesn’t have the capacity to shifts into a deeper more adult relationship.

The mother daughter relationship is one of the most important relationships a woman will ever have in her life.  If it is a healthy relationship, it can be the safe haven for a woman throughout her journey through life. If other things are difficult for her, having a mother that can hold space and be a friend is invaluable.

The mother daughter relationship usually triggers the inner child wounding, allowing space for healing. If either the mother or the daughter isn’t aware of their hurts from the pasts, feelings will be projected unto each other.

This Adult Mother Daughter Retreat is a one-on-one setting, not a group environment. This creates the safety for you to start the process of developing a deeper more authentic relationship with each other.  The retreat can be anywhere from one to five days depending on the current state of the relationship.  During your retreat you will be given the tools you need to have a healthy, safe, adult relationship with one another.

Heal Your Mother Daughter Relationship Issues

Want to Know More About Adult Mother Daughter Retreats?

The Adult Mother Daughter Retreat is for you if:  

  • You would like to be closer and more connected.
  • Your communication is difficult or non-existent.
  • You feel misunderstood.
  • You are blaming each other for your hurt feelings.
  • You are feeling controlled by the other.
  • You are feeling angry, sad and hopeless about the current state of your relationship.
  • You aren’t talking anymore because you don’t feel heard or honored.

Having this inclusive time together will help you get to know yourself better, to enable you to show up for each other in more authentic, loving, and connected way. This process moves very quickly because you are investing all of your energy into the healing of yourself and your relationship.

Your old belief systems will be challenged and shifted, and therefore the changes are profound and sustainable. I noticed in most retreats I went to, there was a good feeling for about a week after, then old patterns started sneaking back in. The shifts in my retreat will continue to unfold and develop in all of your relationships.

“My daughter and I were having some ongoing issues so we scheduled a three day intensive retreat with Debra. Her mentoring skills and insights provided healing, strength and a way forward to my higher self.

This experience was a truly transforming event and I left feeling very clear, happier and lighter than I have felt in a long time. Going forward I now have the tools to grow my relationship with my daughter and others.”

Susan Todd, Mother

What You Can Expect From The Adult Mother Daughter Retreat.

You will learn how to move through your feelings of anger, fear, sadness and resentment instead of projecting them onto each other. You will start to rebuild trust, stop blaming, be more authentic with yourself and each other, feel more empowered and develop a more connected friendship.

A big focus in the retreat is to help you understand yourself and your behaviors so you can show up for yourselves and create a healthier mother daughter relationship.

I find that when exploring personal relationship issues, it is critical to have a safe, one-on-one environment to be able to move through your healing without the judgments of others as a concern. The retreat is for just the two of you, personal and private. This is not a group environment.

Completely Customized To Meet Your Personal Needs

I will customize your retreat after a phone consultation to find out where you both are in the relationship and what your needs are.

I also have an After Care Program in place to help facilitate deeper breakthroughs because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat.

During your Adult Mother Daughter Retreat we will meet 5-6 hours a day either individually or together. I also include other activities to help facilitate healing, such as, sacred time on the land, meditation ceremonies to clear and quiet the mind, massage, sound healing, cranial sacral, or physic readings.

There will also be time to relax and go exploring in beautiful Sedona. Sedona is known for its sacred healing powers. With this new way of being, you will be able to test the waters while in the safety of the retreat that will create a more open and safe relationship with each other. You will learn to have a relationship with more respect, understanding and caring.

I do not offer a set price for the retreats because each retreat is tailored based on your needs, how many days you decide are right for you, and what modalities will be incorporated. After our consultation we will together decide if Sedona Soul Retrieval is right for you and design the perfect retreat.

Want to Know More About Adult Mother Daughter Retreats?

Debra was calm and caring through the vigorous dynamics of the meetings and created an environment and aura where we felt comfortable discussing some difficult issues

dani - daughter

“Sedona Soul Retrieval is the place to be if you want to find a happier, lovelier way forward through your life and world. My mom and I arrived at our private retreat with doses of anger, skepticism and hope. We had found no other way out of our interpersonal and family challenges and we both wanted a better relationship. We got it! We have uncrossed our arms and minds and can hug and love again. Debra Beck is a phenomenal facilitator with well-earned wisdom. The intense meetings were followed by plenty of time to reflect and personalized tools necessary to absorb and practice the lessons. Debra was calm and caring through the vigorous dynamics of the meetings and created an environment and aura where we felt comfortable discussing some difficult issues. I am looking forward to the support offered afterwards, too.

We also got to enjoy Sound Healing and a Spiritual Journey Tour which were beneficial and surprising healing experiences.

The adjoining guest house is lovely. A perfectly cozy place with kitchen, lush yard, outdoor jacuzzi tub, lounge chairs, a swinging hammock and great places to hike nearby. And a 5 minute walk to town. Do get up early to take in the incredible sunrises from various overlooks.

I look forward to seeing my love bloom and to see my many relationships benefit.

Thank you, Debra. You are amazing!”