Technology and Teens: Handling the Negative Effects

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As parents it’s hard to handling the negative effects of technology with our teens. It can’t be denied that technology offers us a lot of great things. We can have products delivered to our homes, speak with friends on the other side of the planet and find information about anything within a few seconds. It also can’t be denied that having constant access to nonstop information has changed us, and many will argue that it isn’t a good change. This is more than just a teen issue, but since children are the future, it’s something...

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Boosting Self-esteem Through Meditation: Teaching Your Teen

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Teaching your teen how to meditate may help her self-esteem.  Boosting self-esteem in a chaotic world can be difficult. Even the most mature souls struggle with insecurities, but for a confused teen with an immature mind, it can be almost impossible to keep a good sense of self-esteem. Bullying is rampant in our society, which means it’s more important than ever to develop anti-stress techniques that actually work. One such technique is meditation. 1. Stress Reduction Even those with great self-esteem could benefit from stress reduction....

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Advice for Teen Moms

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No parent wants their daughter to be a mom when she is in her teens, but when she is, here is some advice for Teen Moms. It can’t be denied that teen moms have a burden that most people can’t understand. Not only do they face all of the typical challenges of motherhood, but they also have to tackle them with an immature mind. Becoming a mother before you have the chance to be an adult yourself is certainly far from ideal, but many teen moms do rise to the occasion. 1. Be Strong and Face the Challenge Head On When you first discover you are...

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Got Empathy?

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This is another article I did in the Imagine magazine about having empathy. To view the rest of the magazine, see the link below. Got Empathy?  Is empathy something that some people are naturally born with and others aren’t? Is it a learned trait or an inherent quality to be brought forward? How can we help our youth deepen in empathy? There is a significant amount of neurological research today that indicates the prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain to mature. In fact, it doesn’t become fully formed until a person reaches his or...

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Body Issue with Teen Girls

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This issue about body image is always up for teens I talk to and for myself.  It seems like it is one of the toughest issues to overcome.  Even when I am talking with grown women, it comes up.  I just wanted to post this video for you to watch and the stats regarding body image, it’s amazing. The more secure we become with who we are, the more comfortable we will be with our bodies.  The more we will appreciate ourselves for who we are.  Here are 10 tips for loving your body: 1.  Appreciate your body for what it does for you. Just your...

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The Dating Scene with Teens!

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Teens are dating at a much earlier age than even 10 years ago, but I realized that dating is an outdated word and action.  Teens don’t date anymore, they hook up! They hang out and hook up and never become boyfriend and girlfriend.  Even though the times have changed in how teens get together, there are still important issues to be aware of with being in a relationship with a boy, if it’s healthy or not. My first suggestion is to write a list of important qualities that you want in a relationship or partner.  I have all the girls...

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Summer Teen Jobs

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I post this blog each summer to help teens who may be looking for a job. Share this with your teen. Summer is here and the teens are out their actively looking for jobs that suit them. Or are they?  Some are while others are thinking about relaxing for the summer and just having fun. As a parent you’re saying “have fun on who’s money”?  Maybe there is a happy medium. A part time job is a good balance because teens can still have fun, and have the money to have fun. When I look at the typical job for teens today like fast food...

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How to Prevent Teen Suicide

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It’s important to know the signs of teen suicide! It’s estimated that for every teen suicide you hear about, there’s an average of 25 attempts that were not successful. Up to 12 teens a day sadly do succeed in ending their lives. These statistics are terrifying to parents, many of whom have no idea how to talk to their kids in general, let alone discuss something as serious as suicide. Parents can, however, learn how to keep a watchful eye on their kids and educate themselves on the signs of suicide. Watching for the Quiet Danger...

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From Bystander to Take-A-Stander

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This is an article I did in the Imagine Magazine. Here is the link to the full digital magazine with other amazing articles in it. From Bystander to Take-A-Stander Bullying in America is on the rise, and social media has made it more accessible and anonymous. According to statistics from market research provider Mintel, 47 percent of girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied. It’s become painfully clear that this situation issue isn’t going to get better without a concerted effort, and many students, teachers and parents are ready...

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Improving Communication and Self-esteem with a Mother-Daughter Retreat

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It’s easy to improve Communication and Self-esteem with a Mother-Daughter Retreat Life for teens has always been tough, but today’s teens have it harder than ever in a number of ways. When older generations found themselves in a tough spot, they didn’t have to witness people gossiping about them on social media like teens do today. The Internet has made life harder for young people, which is why getting away, temporarily unplugging and escaping on a mother-daughter retreat can be so beneficial. Do You Need a Retreat? Any teen could...

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