Five Benefits of Mentoring for Girls

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Studies have shown that when teens have positive role models and guidance, it can make a huge impact in their development. If your daughter has been having problems at school or making bad decisions in her personal life, mentoring for girls is an option that you should look into. 1. Better Awareness of Self As a teen becomes comfortable around a mentor, she will begin to open up. This will lead to many discussions and activities that can help her learn more about who she is. Once she begins to figure herself out, she will develop a set of...

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Accepting the Unacceptable: When Our Kids Have Kids

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There are plenty of articles about how to ensure your child doesn’t become one of the many teen parents currently struggling to get by. You’ve most likely already talked to your teen about abstinence and discussed safe sex. Yet despite doing everything right, your teen has just found out that he or she is going to have a baby. What do you do? The Upsetting News: How to Handle It It’s natural to feel angry or even completely devastated when you receive the news. The first step is taking a few minutes, hours or even days to breathe and...

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The Truth About Teenage Depression

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The term “teenage depression” is often misunderstood. Yes, teens can be moody, and the challenges of the young-adult world often take their toll. However, clinical depression is an entirely different monster. Most parents are not even prepared to spot the signs, let alone deal with the problem on their own. Is it Common for Teens to Become Depressed? Statistics show that about 20 percent of teens will deal with some form of depression. They will often experience more than one depressive episode, each of which can last anywhere between a few...

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Does Obesity in Teens Lead to a Higher Pregnancy Risk?

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Parents are rejoicing after a recent CDC report revealed that the teen pregnancy rate is dropping. Pregnancy has always been one of the scariest teen issues that parents could possibly face. While the drop in rates is a great thing, we aren’t out of the woods just yet. Teen pregnancy isn’t an issue that you should ever get apathetic about. The United States still has more teen pregnancies than most other developed countries. Teen Pregnancy: Is Your Daughter at Risk? Studies have found that both mental illness and obesity places teen girls at...

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The Many Important Aspects of Teen Health

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Teen health is a challenge for parents and teens alike. Maintaining health is difficult for everyone, but teens tend to live in the moment and not think much of the long-term consequences of lack of sleep, junk food, or worse, drugs and alcohol. To keep our teens on the right track, we have to help them develop healthy habits early on. An overall healthy life is multifaceted and includes: Strong nutritional habits and a positive relationship with food. A good lifestyle with plenty of physical activity and sleep. Good relationships with family...

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16 and Pregnant

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Do Shows Like 16 and Pregnant Affect Our Kids? When MTV first launched “16 and Pregnant,” a television show that documents teenage pregnancy, no one had any idea how popular the concept would become. It has since inspired multiple versions of the spinoff show “Teen Mom” and has a strong following across the country. Many believe that the show is good for young people. Others argue that it’s actually portraying an unrealistic view of teen parenting due to the large paycheck and celebrity status the mothers receive. What’s the truth? Are...

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Goal Setting! Advice For Teens

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So, I set a goal of getting back into my exercise routine more 3 weeks ago and one thing lead to another and I fell a bit short on that goal, well actually I only hiked once, so I fell really short of my goal.  How do I feel?  Personally, I feel a little disappointed with myself. Am I going to let that stop me from setting another goal? Nope, not a chance. I’m not even going to beat myself up about it. I’m going to look at the reality of the situation no matter what it is, meaning, I’m going to be real with myself about why...

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Teenage Problems: Parents Partying with Their Kids

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Decades ago, getting caught having a huge blowout while the parents are out of town was high on the list of common teenage problems. Teens drinking and using drugs in secret has always been a concern, but what’s even more disturbing is the increasing number of parents who now seem to have no problem allowing their kids to party in their presence. Why are Parents Partying with Their Kids? There are generally two reasons that parents allow their children to party, or worse, supply them with drugs and alcohol. Do you fall into one of these...

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Is Your Teen Being Bullied? Find A Mentor.

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Bullying, this seems to be a very hot topic in the school system today.  Who are these bullies?  Where are they? Why do they bully? Bullies can be anyone, any age, any size, and any color.  Bullying is in the school system, the adult work environment, it’s everywhere. Your teen being bullied is a serious problem. People bully because they don’t feel good about themselves, they have low self-esteem.  Someone threatens them some how and they go into reaction mode. How can someone become threaten, is it because of insecurities. Someone at...

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Parenting Teens: Strong Communication Skills Help Kids Open up

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Parenting teens isn’t easy. It will always be a challenge no matter how many blogs you look at, books you read or television shows that you watch on the subject. This is why parents have to view the job as a work in progress and always be learning new things. Of everything you can focus on, one of the most important aspects of teen parenting is to cultivate a relationship that leads your kids to feel comfortable talking to you. 1. Step Into Their Reality Depending on your age, it might have been quite a while since you were a teen. If so, try...

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