Teenage Parenting Advice: How Your Relationship Affects Your Teen

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Is your relationship with your partner affecting your teen?  When you and your spouse are having a fight, your mind is likely focused on the current disagreement. Do you ever stop to think who might be listening? All couples get into arguments from time to time. Life is difficult, and no two people agree on everything. However, the way you fight says a lot about your health as a couple. It can also make a huge impact on the lives of your children. Teenage Self Esteem: How Does it Affect Future Relationships? Teenage self esteem is about a lot...

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Empowering Yourself To Empower Your Teen

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How can you empower yourself so you can empower your teen? What do you desire for your teen? Do you want them to be empowered, to be happy, caring, and respectful? Do you want them to be able to communicate well and to fulfill their dreams, to love themselves, to be confident, independent and self assured? How about hoping they will make good decisions, be productive in life, be kindhearted, and have really good values? If so, how can we help empower our teens? We can: listen to them step into their reality give them more praise and less...

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The Social Media Monster: The Internet and Self-esteem in Teens

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Lets look at the Internet and how it affects self-esteem in teens!  It’s natural to fear the unknown. Unfortunately, many of the fears about the internet and social media are turning out to be true. Experts believe that in the modern age, children are growing up with more anxiety and lower self-esteem than ever before, and social media might be to blame. Cyber Bullying and Isolation: Being Left Out Now Hurts More Than Ever There have always been people who have an easier time than others when it comes to finding acceptance and popularity...

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Mending a Strained Relationship with Your Daughter

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How to mend a strained relationship with your daughter. Maybe a Mother/Daughter Retreat is right for you!  Being moody and distant is a common teenage issue, but that doesn’t mean you should shrug it off and accept a dissolving relationship between you and your daughter. It might take a little work, but if you make an effort, you’ll be able to do a lot to maintain your connection. 1. Make Time for Each Other Your daughter might roll her eyes and beg to go with her friends instead, but deep down, she will benefit from spending time with you....

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Building Self-esteem in Teens: Three Helpful Tips

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Here are three helpful tips to build self-esteem in teens: Low self-esteem has become such a common teenage issue that it’s now rare to see a teenager who truly feels confident. It’s natural to feel confused, troubled and low during the teen years. However, that doesn’t mean that strong self-esteem shouldn’t be a goal. 1. Set Boundaries and Stick to Them Part of what builds self-esteem is seeing yourself do well. How can a teen know whether she has done well if there’s no structure to work within? If you’re the type of parent who isn’t into...

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Teenage Issues: Tips for Dealing with Jealousy

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Jealousy isn’t a teen issues only. Many adults feel jealous as well. Jealousy is common in teenage social circles. Not only do teens fight over shared romantic interests, but they also cut each other down and often cruelly reject those they feel threatened by. Immaturity makes these teenage issues quite common, but parents can do a lot to make the problem better. 1. Fuel Passion and Help Develop Interests There are people in this world who rarely feel jealous of others. They are simply too busy working on their passions. When people...

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Limiting the Internet: Protecting Teens in a Wild Frontier

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Limiting Internet to Teens: Protecting Teens in a Wild Frontier A few generations ago, the world of the average teen was relatively small. Kids rode bicycles around the neighborhood, visited each other at home, got together at the local diner or went to the movies together. Parents worried of course, just like they always did and always will, but it was much easier to keep track of what was going on. A Giant World is Difficult to Control Today’s teens have access to people, events and influences from all around the globe. It’s difficult for a...

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Three Common Teenage Issues in Relationships and How a Parent Can Help

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Here are three common teenage issues in relationships and how as parents, we can help. Facing teenage issues in relationships is hard, especially as a parent who is watching from the sidelines. You can’t protect your child from pain, but you can utilize the wisdom you’ve earned over your own lifetime to offer advice. 1. Emotional and Physical Abuse The fact that a horrifying one in three American teens is a victim of physical, verbal or sexual abuse in a relationship shows that this is sadly one on the most common teenage issues. Signs of...

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Three Unexpected Tips for Boosting Self-esteem and Giving Your Teen an Edge

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Three Unexpected Tips for Boosting Self-esteem and Giving Your Teen an Edge Mother-daughter retreats are popular these days. Many anxious moms are seeking out new ways to connect with their teens in a world where disconnecting is all too easy. If you’re a mom who feels distant from your daughter, you might be worried that her self-esteem is dropping. There’s also a good chance that your own self-esteem could use some work. 1. Taking a Few Minutes for Appreciation Choose three things that you and your daughter appreciate about each other and...

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Transgender Youth and the Risks

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Supporting Transgender Teens Being transgender can be very confusing, and parents who love a transgender teen are often just as confused about how to provide support. Transgender Teens: A Greater Risk According to a recent Harvard study, transgender teens are at a greater risk for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm than their cisgender peers. It’s hard to be different and even harder to be different in a way that the many people still don’t understand. Some transgender teens become victims of bullying. Others stay lost in...

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