Your Teen has an STD: Now What?

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Teen STD You talked with your teen about safe sex and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and you thought your advice would be listened to. Instead, your teen made a serious mistake and has now been diagnosed with an STD. Where do you go from here? 1. Provide Emotional Support Depending on the seriousness of the disease, your teen may be quite upset after the diagnosis. Anger and defensiveness is normal, especially if your teen was infected thanks to a cheating lover or some other situation that wasn’t his or her fault. No matter who...

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Picky Eating: Five Tips to Help Your Teen Follow a Healthier Diet

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Healthier Diet for Teens Healthy eating is crucial for a growing teen. When the body receives an adequate intake of nutrition, the mood stabilizes, the mind grows sharper and there is more energy available to handle daily responsibilities. Most parents already know this, but a problem arises when a child is too picky to follow a healthy diet plan. It’s common for teens to want nothing but junk food, which is likely due to peer pressure, television commercials and the tendency to take health for granted. Luckily, you can have a major influence...

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How to Prepare for Healthy Eating all Week Long For Your Teen

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Healthy Eating for Teens If you’re like most parents, you’re probably trying to balance work, raising kids and your personal life. This can be a challenge, and it often seems like there isn’t much time left at the end of the day. This can lead to stopping at the drive-thru instead of preparing a healthy meal. What’s the solution? First, it’s important to know what a week of healthy eating looks like to you. Every family has different needs, and the way you will plan your meals and snacks depends on your schedule, your budget and your...

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Dealing With Your Teens’ Anger

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Understanding Teen Anger Keeping Calm in Tough Situations When Your Teen Isn’t. Managing your emotions is an important skill when it comes to parenting, but it’s a lot easier said than done. All humans are emotionally interconnected, and it’s difficult to stay calm when we are talking with anyone who is very upset. Our children have the natural ability to take difficult situation and multiply it by thousands. Seeing your kids upset is hard enough without having to deal with them taking their emotions out on you. Becoming frustrated is...

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Two Helpful Tips to Improve Teen Body Image

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Maintaining Positive Body Image As a parent, you already know that there is nothing worse than watching your children suffer. From the day they were born, you’ve watched over them while they slept, soothed them when they were sick and tried your very best to offer them advice whenever they’ve had a problem. Unfortunately, kids face many intense challenges in today’s society, and parents don’t always have the power to make things right. One of the biggest challenges faced by kids today is the struggle to maintain a positive body image. Chances...

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The Ups and Downs of Being a Teen: How to Survive the Stress

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Stress in Teenage Years The teenage years are going to be stressful. That may be a bold statement, but it’s almost always true. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in as you go through your teen years, there will be many emotional ups and downs. The unfortunate part of this is that it can cause a lot of upset feelings. The good news is that it’s completely normal. Knowing this won’t necessarily make the problems you face easier, but it can help you have a better attitude as you face them. What are the Reasons that Teens Face so...

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A Guide for Troubleshooting Teen Problems

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Troubleshooting Teen Problems During the difficult teen years, it’s more important than ever for parents to be supportive. However, sometimes parents need a little support too. If you’re struggling with a difficult teen, you’re not alone. There are many common problems that parents face while raising teens, and luckily, there are also some good solutions. The Problem: You Don’t Like Your Teen’s Friends The Solution: First, you need to examine exactly why these particular kids rub you the wrong way. Is it the way...

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A Struggling Teen: What is Normal?

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Teen Struggles As you brace yourself for your child’s teen years, you might expect some eye rolling, cursing and the slamming of a door or two. What you probably aren’t prepared for are the problems that plague many young people today. In 2012, it was estimated that up to 2.2 million American teens were struggling with depression. As a parent, you might be wondering how to tell normal teen angst from a serious problem. Your Teen is Experiencing Mood Swings Normal: As your teen experiences the hormonal changes of adolescence, you...

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Teenage Brain Development: Why Parents Should Expect Some Anxiety During the Adolescent Years

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Understanding Teen Anxiety Adolescence is a hard time for parents and kids alike. As our sons and daughters move through the challenges of teenage life, we often feel confused over how to prepare them for a healthy and happy future. Teens will face many different obstacles as they grow up. It’s always been that way, but recently, many parents are questioning whether things are growing worse. These days, up to 20 percent of teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder. Teenagers experience more fear and anxiety than adults, and now, we are...

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Rebellion versus Self-Destruction: Is Your Teen Out of Control?

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Understanding Teen Behavior Even for the best kids, adolescence can be a very difficult stage of life. If you were lucky enough to avoid any behavioral issues when your child was younger, you should be prepared to deal with them during the teen years. This is natural, but when it comes to seriously out-of-control teens, it’s important to know where to draw the line. Is Your Teen is out of Control? Kids make mistakes. Sometimes, good kids will miss curfew, forget an important assignment or even talk back to their parents. We’ve all...

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