Is Your Daughter in an Abusive Relationship?

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As parents, we do everything we can to protect our teens from the bad things in life. We teach them the importance of doing well in school and staying away from drugs. We teach about the dangers of casual or unprotected sex. We do our best to teach them to drive, manage money, eat healthfully and feel good about themselves.   Unfortunately, all that we teach often goes right out the window once they fall in love for the first time. Are Romantic Relationships Healthy for Teens? It’s been said that love blinds people. It creates...

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Instagram: A Dangerous Place for Teens?

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Instagram for Teens Chances are, you know about Instagram because your teen is already on it. If you aren’t aware, this social-media site allows users to upload and edit pictures directly from their phone or tablet, making it easy to share images from their lives in a flash. While sharing pictures isn’t always a bad thing, it reduces social-media interaction to its most damaging elements: posting pictures and hoping to receive likes. Studies have shown that the self-esteem of many young women is strongly based on receiving positive attention...

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Miss Teen USA Sextortion: Is Your Child Being Watched on Webcam?

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Parents often fear for the safety of their children when it comes to the Internet, and it seems like every day we learn of a new horror that we must try to protect them from. On top of the already existing danger presented by sexual predators, bullies and identity thieves, we now have to worry about hackers changing the settings on our computers and using our own webcams against us. This is something that Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf unfortunately learned about the hard way. A Terrifying Realization Life was going great for Cassidy until she...

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Kindness must be Taught: Why the Next Generation Needs our Help

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Teaching Kindness It’s a well-known fact that bullying is a major problem for teens, and the latest statistics show that things aren’t improving. A study by Ditch the Label, a British anti-bullying group, showed that up to 20 percent of young people are dealing with bullying every day. The same study found that most teens suffer extreme damage to their self-esteem, social activities and grades as a result of this harassment. We wouldn’t expect our children to know algebra or history without being taught, so how can we expect them to...

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone, what an amazing year it has been for growth for myself and for my clients.  When I look back on 2014 it seems as though everything has been in hyper-drive. We live in a world where stimulation runs rampant.  The day to day stuff can absorb us and leave us feeling disconnected and totally alone, if we let it. It is so important to take many moments throughout the day to pause, reflect and connect with ourself and our higher power.  It is very hard to be in the present moment in life and show up for ourselves and...

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How Your Kids Behave: Three Important Life Skills that Parents Must Teach

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Important Life Skills for Teens A recent study showed that a number of parents are taking classes to gain a better knowledge of math. Since math can be such a challenging skill, this is necessary for many parents to help their kids with their homework. Most people took math in school, and while it’s important, many of us don’t end up using it much in our everyday lives. On the other hand, many everyday life skills are not being taught. It’s our job as parents to fill in the gaps. 1. How to Manage Money Something many people are clearly...

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The Balance Between Providing Emotional Support and Providing Guidance

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Emotional Support and Guidance to Teens When raising a teen, it can be difficult to find the balance between emotional support and guidance. As much as we might want to support everything our kids do, there are times when we must step in. Many parents want to be best friends with their teens and have a hard time providing this sort of guidance. Others have a tendency to go too far in the other direction, constantly nagging and scolding their kids without ever providing a listening ear. The path to good parenting lies somewhere in the middle....

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Your Teen has an STD: Now What?

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Teen STD You talked with your teen about safe sex and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and you thought your advice would be listened to. Instead, your teen made a serious mistake and has now been diagnosed with an STD. Where do you go from here? 1. Provide Emotional Support Depending on the seriousness of the disease, your teen may be quite upset after the diagnosis. Anger and defensiveness is normal, especially if your teen was infected thanks to a cheating lover or some other situation that wasn’t his or her fault. No matter who...

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Picky Eating: Five Tips to Help Your Teen Follow a Healthier Diet

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Healthier Diet for Teens Healthy eating is crucial for a growing teen. When the body receives an adequate intake of nutrition, the mood stabilizes, the mind grows sharper and there is more energy available to handle daily responsibilities. Most parents already know this, but a problem arises when a child is too picky to follow a healthy diet plan. It’s common for teens to want nothing but junk food, which is likely due to peer pressure, television commercials and the tendency to take health for granted. Luckily, you can have a major influence...

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How to Prepare for Healthy Eating all Week Long For Your Teen

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Healthy Eating for Teens If you’re like most parents, you’re probably trying to balance work, raising kids and your personal life. This can be a challenge, and it often seems like there isn’t much time left at the end of the day. This can lead to stopping at the drive-thru instead of preparing a healthy meal. What’s the solution? First, it’s important to know what a week of healthy eating looks like to you. Every family has different needs, and the way you will plan your meals and snacks depends on your schedule, your budget and your...

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