The Many Important Aspects of Teen Health

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Teen health is a challenge for parents and teens alike. Maintaining health is difficult for everyone, but teens tend to live in the moment and not think much of the long-term consequences of lack of sleep, junk food, or worse, drugs and alcohol. To keep our teens on the right track, we have to help them develop healthy habits early on. An overall healthy life is multifaceted and includes: Strong nutritional habits and a positive relationship with food. A good lifestyle with plenty of physical activity and sleep. Good relationships with family...

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16 and Pregnant

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Do Shows Like 16 and Pregnant Affect Our Kids? When MTV first launched “16 and Pregnant,” a television show that documents teenage pregnancy, no one had any idea how popular the concept would become. It has since inspired multiple versions of the spinoff show “Teen Mom” and has a strong following across the country. Many believe that the show is good for young people. Others argue that it’s actually portraying an unrealistic view of teen parenting due to the large paycheck and celebrity status the mothers receive. What’s the truth? Are...

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Goal Setting! Advice For Teens

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So, I set a goal of getting back into my exercise routine more 3 weeks ago and one thing lead to another and I fell a bit short on that goal, well actually I only hiked once, so I fell really short of my goal.  How do I feel?  Personally, I feel a little disappointed with myself. Am I going to let that stop me from setting another goal? Nope, not a chance. I’m not even going to beat myself up about it. I’m going to look at the reality of the situation no matter what it is, meaning, I’m going to be real with myself about why...

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Teenage Problems: Parents Partying with Their Kids

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Decades ago, getting caught having a huge blowout while the parents are out of town was high on the list of common teenage problems. Teens drinking and using drugs in secret has always been a concern, but what’s even more disturbing is the increasing number of parents who now seem to have no problem allowing their kids to party in their presence. Why are Parents Partying with Their Kids? There are generally two reasons that parents allow their children to party, or worse, supply them with drugs and alcohol. Do you fall into one of these...

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Is Your Teen Being Bullied? Find A Mentor.

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Bullying, this seems to be a very hot topic in the school system today.  Who are these bullies?  Where are they? Why do they bully? Bullies can be anyone, any age, any size, and any color.  Bullying is in the school system, the adult work environment, it’s everywhere. Your teen being bullied is a serious problem. People bully because they don’t feel good about themselves, they have low self-esteem.  Someone threatens them some how and they go into reaction mode. How can someone become threaten, is it because of insecurities. Someone at...

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Parenting Teens: Strong Communication Skills Help Kids Open up

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Parenting teens isn’t easy. It will always be a challenge no matter how many blogs you look at, books you read or television shows that you watch on the subject. This is why parents have to view the job as a work in progress and always be learning new things. Of everything you can focus on, one of the most important aspects of teen parenting is to cultivate a relationship that leads your kids to feel comfortable talking to you. 1. Step Into Their Reality Depending on your age, it might have been quite a while since you were a teen. If so, try...

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Sexy Social-Media Photos: Not as Attractive as Our Young Women Think?

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Are you concerned that your teenage daughter is posting sexy pictures on social-media sites? You have a good reason to be. Not only is this practice exposing her to potentially dangerous predators, but it could also make her less attractive in the eyes of her peers. A study by Oregon State University has determined that young women who post sexy photos on social-media sites are viewed as less competent and attractive by their female peers. However, it’s also a well-known fact that our girls are under a lot of pressure to look sexy...

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Tips for Discussing Texting While Driving with Your Teens

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One of the teen issues that is most concerning for parents is distracted driving. Letting go enough to allow kids to get behind the wheel has always been a challenge for parents, but in the modern age, it’s more terrifying than ever. Thanks to the distraction of smart phones, more of our kids are getting hurt or hurting someone else on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that up to 71 percent of teens have admitted to texting while driving, and an even scarier 86 percent confess they have read text...

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Great Summer Jobs For Teens

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I post this blog each summer to help teens who may be looking for a job. Share this with your teen. Summer is here and the teens are out their actively looking for jobs that suit them. Or are they?  Some are while others are thinking about relaxing for the summer and just having fun. As a parent you’re saying “have fun on who’s money”?  Maybe there is a happy medium. A part time job is a good balance because teens can still have fun, and have the money to have fun. When I look at the typical job for teens today like fast food...

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Does Your Teen Know the Dangers of Butt Chugging?

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Parents of teens have always worried about the problems that alcohol abuse can cause, but now, it’s not only drinking that we need to stress over. If you haven’t yet heard of “butt chugging,” you might want to brace yourself. Butt chugging, also known as taking an “alcohol enema,” involves ingesting large amounts of alcohol through the anus instead of the mouth. The alcohol is sometimes poured into the anus using a funnel and tube, but a more recent development involves the use of alcohol-soaked tampons to produce a similar effect....

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