Building Self-esteem: How to Help Your Daughter Avoid Teenage Problems Post-divorce

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High self-esteem is a big factor in avoiding teenage problems. Not only does a nasty divorce cause a young girl a lot of emotional distress, but it also distorts her view of relationships. How will she ever find a loving, supportive relationship based on mutual trust if her own parents are acting cruel and spiteful toward each other? Whenever possible, a girl’s father should remain active in her life during and after the divorce. A girl’s relationship with her father is incredibly important for avoiding teenage problems. This isn’t to say...

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Internet Gaming Addiction: A Serious Teen Issue

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In this day and age, it’s common for people young and old to do the majority of their socializing online. This isn’t only a teen issue. What used to be discussed over a phone call is now handled over text, and the majority of people under the age of 40 are doing all of their major communications through Facebook. For parents, this means helping our kids find balance in their lives. The Dangers of Online Gaming Addiction There is no doubt about it: Too much gaming is a serious teen issue. Experts agree that spending countless hours a day...

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Repairing the Mother and Daughter Relationship: A Retreat Can Help

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Even the healthiest mother and daughter pairings can use some help to improve their relationship once in a while. In a lot of ways, your relationship with your daughter is like a belief system. It’s very likely filled with guilt, misconceptions, resentment and hurt feelings, even if you don’t realize it. By going on a mother and daughter retreat, you’ll be able to completely rework your belief system and create a renewed respect for each other. Choosing a Retreat: The Different Options A mother and daughter retreat can be anything you like....

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Teaching Your Teen About Saying No

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It can be very difficult for young people to say no. Teens have a strong desire to fit in, and saying no often means rejecting the things their peers find acceptable, such as drugs, drinking and sex. Taking a stand and going against societal expectations takes high self-esteem and plenty of strength, and if you begin working with your son or daughter now, you can help ensure that they have that strength tomorrow. Putting Everyone Else First: A Sign of Low Self-worth It’s obvious why saying no isn’t easy for most young men and women. “No” is...

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Hooking Up: A Teen Issue

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A few generations ago, the term that parents of teens had to worry about was “going steady.” It usually meant that two teens were in a committed relationship that consisted of sharing lunches and going on movie dates over the weekend. The longing for a boyfriend or girlfriend is a big teen issue, and while most parents certainly want to see their kids happy, new dating terminology is throwing a lot of them off. These days, kids don’t go steady. They “hook up.” Confusing Terms: What Does Hooking up Really Mean? When you hear the term “hooking...

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Dealing with Chronically Late Teens: How to Teach Punctuality

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Procrastination is a common trait among teens, and it’s your job of a parent to help correct this behavior. If it seems like your teen is constantly late for school, work or appointments, then it might be a sign that he or she is lacking personal responsibility. 1. Start Using an Alarm Clock It’s a good idea to have kids start using an alarm clock from an early age versus being woken up by their parents. Once your kids grow up, go away to college or enter the workforce, they won’t have Mommy or Daddy around to ensure they get up in the...

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Happy Holidays from Sedona Soul Retrieval in Sedona Arizona

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The holidays are upon us again and being with family can be quite challenging. How do we stay in a place of love and have a good time during the holiday season? Is it even possible? It is so funny how excited we get to spend time with family only to come unglued when we are together because they do such annoying things. So, our families are going to trigger us, they’re our family! If we can just realize that their behavior has nothing to do with us. If you get triggered just know that it is for your learning. If we don’t take our families...

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The True Struggles of Teen Parenting, A Tough Teen Issue!

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If you felt that nervous energy begin to rise when your son or daughter started dating, you’re not alone. The thought of the stigma is enough to make most parents tremble, and that’s without considering the financial costs, life changes and stresses that come with an inexperienced young parent attempting to raise a child. 1. No Teenager is Ready to Raise a Baby Your teen might be smart, motivated and wise beyond his or her years, but the simple fact is that no young person can possibly be prepared for parenting. This isn’t to say that it...

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Discussing Dating with Your Teen: Everything You Need to Know

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Most parents don’t look forward to talking to their teens about dating. The conversation has the potential to make many awkward turns, from discussing the importance of condoms to attempting to explain the ins and outs of dating when you might not even understand them yourself. However, if you wait too long to start discussing these things, you might wake up one morning and realize your teen is already dating. Sometimes having a teen mentor to help you through these tough times helps. 1. Don’t Try to Protect Them Some parents will avoid the...

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Allowing Yourself and Your Children to Feel Is Important to Emotional Health

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Through a Mother/Daughter Retreat you can learn how to allow your kids to have feelings and not let it upset you as well. How often do we really allow ourselves and our children to feel what we are feeling? A client of mine was expressing how nervous she gets when her 7-year-old son tells her he is worried. When she asks him what he is worried about, he says he doesn’t know. Then she really gets worried and tries to fix the situation by telling him there is nothing for him to be worried about. She tries to distract him from his worry with ice...

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