Teen Mentoring Resources for Low-income Families

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You’ve heard a lot of advice over the years when it comes to teenage problems. The word “therapy” has likely been thrown around quite a bit. Unfortunately, therapy isn’t affordable for everyone. If you’re a low-income parent dealing with an out-of-control teen or one that simply needs a little help, you’re going to need to find cost-effective solutions. 1. Check Your Resources There’s a good chance that your local community offers free or low-cost counseling services to citizens in your area. If you can’t afford regular therapy, you...

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Child Sex Trafficking: The Harsh Reality

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Parents regularly stress out about teen issues, but most of us don’t realize how lucky we are to have our kids safe at home. You’ve likely heard about child trafficking, but like most parents, you’ve probably also assumed that it’s not something you have to worry about. This stuff only happens to kids with absent parents, right? Unfortunately, child trafficking is a very real problem, and children from all backgrounds and areas are abducted for the purposes of sex or organ trafficking regularly. This is a horrific subject to think about, but...

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Teen Jobs: Three Important Factors to Consider

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Parenting teenagers can be tricky, especially when you begin witnessing your child cross barriers into adulthood. One of those important milestones is the first part-time job. A job can cultivate a strong work ethic that will be valuable later in life. It can also help teach the importance of mindful spending. However, too much time and energy devoted to work can distract a teen from school. There are a few important things to keep in mind while making a decision about whether your teen is ready to work. 1. Child-labor Laws Without...

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Teenage Issues With Drugs: Major Warning Signs

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When it comes to teenage issues, drug abuse is one of the biggest concerns for parents. Drug abuse and addiction are very real problems for a number of teens, and unless you know what you’re looking for, you could easy shrug off the warning signs. 1. Major Changes in Appetite If you’ve noticed a big change in the way your teen eats, something could be going on. Most parents are familiar with marijuana-induced munchies, but certain drugs, such as the amphetamines, can also cause a startling decrease in appetite. Binging, skipping meals or...

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Mother-Daughter Retreats: Can They Help Your Relationship?

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Can a Mother-Daughter Retreat help your relationship? Can a mother-daughter retreat help you and your teenage girl? It’s safe to say the answer is yes. No matter who you are or what state your relationship with your daughter is currently in, a retreat can help you reconnect, grow closer and have the opportunity to discuss the important things that are going on in both of your worlds. Smooth Sailing Until the Teens: The Typical Pattern Mothers of young daughters often cringe as they brace themselves for the teen years. It’s common for...

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Teen Relationships: The Upside and Downside

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The upside and downside of relationships Teen relationships are a worry for many parents. Some are supportive or even excited about seeing their kids experiencing their first romances. Others resist with everything they’ve got, forbidding dating until the teen is an adult. Whatever your stance on the issue, it’s important to face the very likely possibility that your teen will be dating soon enough. The Benefits of Young Love It isn’t only parents who are concerned with teen relationships. The topic has struck the interest of a number of...

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How a Mother Daughter Retreat Can Help with Any Teen Issue

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Is a Mother Daughter Retreat right for you and your teen? Will it help you with those difficult teen issues? Whether you have a great relationship with your daughter or a rough one, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with some teen issue on a regular basis. If so, a mother daughter retreat can help. Going on a retreat will give you and your daughter some precious alone time. Self-esteem: A Serious Teen Issue One important factor that you will be able to address at a mother daughter retreat is self-esteem. Chances are that your daughter’s is...

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The Dangers of Teen Smoking…Teen Issues!

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These days, everyone is well aware of how terrible it is to smoke tobacco. However, despite the dangers of teen smoking, many teens are still lighting up. Some parents assume their kids are smarter than that and never bother to sit down and discuss cigarettes. Even if your teens know smoking is against the rules, they still might feel tempted when alone with their friends. For that reason, the discussion on teen smoking needs to be ongoing. When was the last time you talked to your teen about cigarettes? 1. Tobacco is the Top Cause of...

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How to Stay Open Hearted Through a Mother Daughter Retreat

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How do we keep our hearts open, after we have been hurt? This is where knowing who you are and having self confidence comes in handy.  We seem to shut down after someone treats us badly or shuns us in someway.  If we are shut down, it is impossible to have an open heart. If our hearts are shut down, we can not feel love or give love. In our journey through life it’s important to know that when people do things to us, it’s not always about us.  For a fact…It’s usually never about us.  This is where self-esteem and self...

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The Importance of Listening to Your Teen. Learn How in a Mother Daughter Retreat.

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Teen Self-Expression These days, it’s all too common for teenagers to suffer from emotional problems. It seems like every time you turn around, you hear about another of your child’s friends being medicated for these disorders, and it makes sense that you might fear your own teen going down a similar path. While these problems can arise because of a variety of reasons, there is one common issue that can be found among anyone who suffers this way: A lack of the ability to express emotions. Our bodies are built with a “fight...

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