Common Peer Issues for Teens

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Here are a few common peer issues for teens  Teen self esteem begins developing during the formative years. As long as things go well, it will continue to develop from there. It’s staying on a healthy path that’s tough. Peer problems can easily lead an impressionable teen down the wrong road, and once negative consequences begin to arise, the damage to self-worth can worsen. 1. Comparing Physical Characteristics One of the most common peer problems is physical comparison. Maybe your daughter is a bit heavier than some of her friends and...

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How To Help Your Teen Have Their Own Opinion

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Teenage Self Esteem: Encourage the Voicing of Opinions Teenage self esteem can be a struggle, and some teens don’t voice their opinions out of fear of ridicule from their parents or peers. You might also have a strong teen who has no problem sharing her views. Either way, it’s a smart idea to help teens express themselves in a respectful way. 1. Ask Questions Rather than drilling your own views into your teen’s head, why not ask what they think? You might be surprised or even impressed at their take on what’s happening in the world. If...

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Teens, How To Raise Your Self Esteem

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Teenage Self Esteem: It Takes Effort If you’re a teen who wants to learn how to raise your self esteem, you’re not alone. If self-worth developed on its own, so many adults would not be suffering from low confidence. If you want to develop your teen self esteem, you will need to take full responsibility for who you are. Understanding Teenage Self Esteem: What it Looks Like A person with strong self-worth: Knows who they are and what they would like to get from life. Has a solid moral code and treats others with kindness and respect. Maintains...

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Mental Illness With Teens

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Teen Mental Illness: Are Doctors too Quick to Medicate?  No parent is born knowing how to handle teen mental illness, and most don’t prepare themselves in advance. We don’t want to assume that our kids will end up with such problems, but with teen self esteem suffering in the modern age, it’s not surprising that so many parents are now facing the task of helping their kids through depression. A Heavily Medicated Culture: The Rising Epidemic of Drugging Our Children A recent Gallup survey showed that 9 percent of teens have been prescribed...

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Is Your Teen Over Committed?

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Teen Worries About the Future: Is Your Child Obsessed?  Teen issues can drive a parent nuts. Common problems include laziness and a lack of focus on schoolwork, but for some kids, it’s an overzealous attitude toward scholarly perfection that becomes a problem. Teen worries about college and future careers are natural, and seeing that your child cares about such things might make you proud. However, the line between being dedicated and being obsessed can be hard to define, so if you have an extremely scholarly child, you may need to help her...

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Does Junk Food Effect Teens Behavior

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Junk Food and Teen Issues: Are You Providing Healthy Nutrition?  Life can be tough for busy parents, especially while trying to hold down a career and take care of a family at once. When you’re exhausted at the end of a tough day, picking up fast food is easier than making a healthy dinner. A little junk food won’t hurt anyone once in a while, but if left unchecked, it’s easy for these occasional indulgences to become regular habits. If you’re not inspiring your teen to eat healthy, who will? Developing a Healthy Brain with Nutritious Food...

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Meditation For Teens

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How a Meditation Practice Can Help Teen Self Esteem  Much like getting regular exercise and quitting junk food, meditation is one of those things most people know would be good for them but rarely put into practice. Everyone could benefit from a little stress relief, but for most adults, it’s incredibly difficult to find time to sit and meditate in the middle of a busy day. This is why developing a meditation practice from a young age can be so beneficial. If your teen develops a taste for meditating now, it will both help her avoid negative...

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Healthy Teens

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Inspiring Healthy Teens and Creating Lifelong Self Esteem If there’s one thing that most teenagers have in common, it’s that they take their health for granted. There are teens who suffer from chronic health problems, but most youthful bodies are resilient enough to spare teens the health challenges faced by most older adults. For that reason, most teens don’t think about solidifying the healthy habits they will need when they’re older. Providing a positive influence will help teens stay healthy and have higher self esteem throughout their...

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How To Teach Teens How To Become Adults

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Preparing Teens for Adult Life: Important Skills to Nurture During the high-school years, there is a lot of focus on academics, extracurricular activities and other factors that can help a teen prepare for college. While these things are incredibly important, many parents get so caught up in typical teen issues and challenges that they forget to teach their kids some of the most basic skills they will need to become functional adults. 1. Self-care An understanding of the importance of self-care is hugely lacking in our society. In fact, many...

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Are Our Fears Affecting Our Teens?

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Creating Teen Fears: Are You Projecting Paranoia onto Your Kids? Have you ever considered whether your protective desires are also causing teen fears? Typical teen issues include things like talking back or being lazy about homework, but if you instill too much fear in your kids, they could end up with worse problems. 1. Stress, Depression and Other Teen Issues While it’s good for kids to be aware of the dangers in the world, they also need to have faith in the goodness of humanity. Being watchful and aware of your surroundings isn’t the same...

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