The Clash between Parents and Grandparents: Three Ways Grandparents Can Sabotage

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A strong connection to your parents or in-laws can benefit both you and your children in many ways, but the parent-grandparent relationship often brings its own challenges. This is especially true if your child’s grandparents don’t see eye to eye with you on parenting. 1. They Spoil the Kids Most parents realize that they are going to have to give in and allow the grandparents to spoil their kids once in a while. However, a doting grandparent can easily go too far. Not only do you not want your teen receiving a constant onslaught of gifts,...

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Helping Teens be Thankful on Thanksgiving

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Teens are selfish by nature. Their brains haven’t yet fully developed, which means that it will take them time to grow into the caring individuals they have the potential to become. We can help them become the best possible versions of themselves by teaching proper values from a young age. One of those values is realizing the importance of gratitude. What better time of year to do that than the Thanksgiving holiday? 1. Start Young If you start teaching your children about gratitude and kindness when they are young, it will stay with them....

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Three Important Signs that Your Teen’s Relationship Isn’t Right For Her

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Physical and emotional abuse can both be extremely damaging, often causing the victim to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional problems long after escaping the situation. However, not all unhealthy relationships involve blatant abuse. There are many forms of dysfunctional relationships, and over time, any unhealthy connection can cause damage. If you’re a teen, and you’re worried that your relationship may be unhealthy, pay attention to how you feel. A good relationship shouldn’t make you feel stressed out or upset, at...

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Accutane, Acne and Teen Depression: Is the Treatment Worth it?

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Acne is one of the things that teens worry about most. Many unfortunate adults also suffer from the unpleasant skin condition, but adults are usually somewhat more confident and can handle the problem easier. For insecure teens, who already spend a great deal of time worrying about their weight, acne can be emotionally devastating. Cystic Acne: A Serious Health Condition? No form of acne is easy to deal with, but severe cystic acne can sometimes trigger depression and other mental health conditions. Not only does it disfigure the face while...

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Does Your Teen Need a Mentor?

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If your teen is having problems in school, you might be feeling very frustrated. Figuring out how to help our kids can be difficult, which is why many parents are seeking mentors to be a positive role model to their children. A teen mentor will regularly engage with a teen to help him or her work through life problems and feel more confident. While psychotherapy certainly has its place, many teens do just as well in a mentoring program. This doesn’t mean mentoring is a replacement for therapy overall, but it can help guide a teen in the right...

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Teen Issues: The Signs of Compulsive Exercise

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When it comes to teen issues, body-image problems are among the most common. While you might be aware of bulimia and anorexia, there’s another body-image disorder that can be just as dangerous: compulsive exercising. Instead of purging or restricting food, the compulsive exerciser will overdo workouts. While exercising is a very healthy practice that offers many benefits, abusing it can lead to serious consequences, including a weakened immune system and dangerous weight loss. It’s important for teens and their parents to watch out for...

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How to Discuss Menstruation with Your Daughter

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Many parents struggle with how to bring up menstruation to their daughters, but if you approach the subject carefully, it will remove a lot of the associated fears and possibly even help your daughter through the difficult aspects of puberty in the future. Discuss Menstruation Early and Often You might be waiting to talk to your daughter until she begins to bleed, but this isn’t a good idea. Experts feel that it’s best to talk to children about their bodies and the ways they will grow and change from a very early age. The more relaxed you are...

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Body Image and Eating Disorders: The Individual Approach

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Most of us look back on the first ten years of life and recall happy memories. We played outside, we enjoyed our hobbies, and for those few precious years, we experienced the freedom from worrying about the way that we looked. When did young kids become plagued with the same worries over body image as adults?   Body Image: How Worried are Our Kids? According to research from the University College London Institute of Child Health, kids are more worried about body image than ever. The study followed 6,000 kids from the age of eight...

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Sexting Is Such A Teen Issue

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Sexting, sending nude photos of yourself to someone through your cell phone.  What are teens thinking…or are they? It seems with all of this great new technology comes a big responsibility to the parents to educate their teens on what the dangers might be.  It’s not all fun and games. These are photos that you can’t take back, once they leave your phone and go to another persons phone, they can do what they want with them. Here is another video from the Today Show regarding this topic. It seems so harmless and fun for teens,...

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Parenting Teens When They Are Distant!

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Usually around 12-15 years old depending on the teen, he or she will start pulling away from parents, this is a normal, healthy stage in adolescent development. The teen will pull away from parents as he or she attempts to develop their own identity. It is a natural process for the preparation of leaving the nest.   I remember my oldest daughter and I were very close, we spent a lot of time together, and we talked about everything. When she was 13 years old, she started spending more time in her bedroom on the phone, more time with friends...

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