Reality Television: Is it Getting too “Real” for Your Kids?

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Influence of Reality Television Shows   Do you have a child that watches reality television? Have you ever asked yourself how much it could be affecting his or her reality? A recent study by the Girl Scouts Research Institute found that the majority of young girls who watch shows like MTV’s “Jersey Shore” believe the content is based on real life. You already know that a lot of these shows depict young people drinking and getting into fights. What sort of influence is this having on our kids? Differing Views on Reality...

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Is Vegetarianism Safe for Teens?

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About Teen Vegetarianism If you raised a meat-and-potatoes family and now have a teen that wants to be a vegetarian, you’re probably a bit shocked. If you’re vegetarian yourself or you otherwise support your child’s decision, you should be aware that the nutritional requirements of a growing teen might differ from your own. Education and open communication are the keys to making a successful transition. The Benefits of Teen Vegetarianism If you take an educated approach to your teen’s vegetarian diet, he or she will:...

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Three Reasons Schools Should Teach Teens to Have Higher Self-Esteem

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Teaching Self-Esteem Your children learn a lot in school, from mathematics to the history of their homeland. Academics are very valuable, but there is one important issue that seems to go completely ignored in our schools: teaching kids how to develop their self-esteem. Self-esteem is cultivated in a number of ways. It comes from having a strong, loving family and a healthy network of friends. It comes from doing well in school and accomplishing all of the required classwork. It comes from being taught healthy boundaries and maintaining a...

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Charity Work and Teens: Four Wonderful Benefits

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Charity Work for Teens It’s normal for teenagers to be selfish. Teens use this phase to discover their independence, test their boundaries and begin getting an idea of who they really are. It’s a sensitive and important time in a person’s life, and by introducing their teens to volunteer work during these years, parents can bring out the compassionate side of their kids. One way to do this is to introduce your teens to charity work. Regardless of your age, charity work can benefit you. It exposes you to people and cultures...

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Selfies: Popular and Possibly Unhealthy

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Teen Obsession on Selfies The term “selfie” has become so popular that it was recently added to the Oxford English dictionary and even deemed “Word of the Year” in 2013. If your teenagers are like most others, you probably see them taking selfies every day, and you might be wondering what sort of effect this is having on their self-esteem. Why Are Teens so Obsessed With Selfies? There are many factors that make selfies popular in the teen world. For one, teens naturally crave attention, and the reaction they receive from others goes far in...

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Six Fun and Affordable Bonding Activities for You and Your Teenage Daughter

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Affordable Teen Bonding Ideas Having a teenage daughter can sometimes be trying, so it’s best to take advantage of every opportunity for fun that you can. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are still plenty of affordable ways to enjoy some mother and daughter bonding. 1. Throw a Slumber Party If it has been a while since you and your daughter shared any time alone, consider kicking your husband and son out of the living room and having a mother and daughter slumber party. Put on your favorite romantic movies, do your...

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A Vacation With Your Teens: Tips for a Memorable and Fun Time

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Planning a Vacation with Teens Most teens enjoy complaining whenever they get the opportunity, so it makes sense if the idea of attempting a vacation with your kids in tow makes you cringe a little. However, a family vacation can also provide some serious bonding time. At the end of your life, you will look back and smile as you remember the funny memories you made vacationing with your kids, especially if you follow a few simple tips to keep things going smoothly. 1. Make Frequent Stops If you’ll be driving to your destination, allow some...

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Dating Violence in America

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About Dating Violence These stats providing by Crime Wire written by Jessica Ruane regarding dating violence is staggering. I mentor a few girls in their 20′s who have been or are in abusive relationships.  The core issues these girls are having to overcome are huge. For these girls to get out or stay out of these relationships means they have to become empowered through shifting old limiting beliefs like: I have no power around men No one will ever love me as much as him I’m not good enough Being alone is terrible I have no...

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Tips on Setting Boundaries With Your Teen

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Setting Teen Boundaries Children are not born knowing how to live a healthy and happy life. All of the required life skills must be taught to them by their parents. For this reason, it’s important that you start setting boundaries for your children from a young age. If you start young, it will be easier to discipline your children once they reach their teenage years. Why Boundaries are Necessary Teens are capable of getting themselves into a lot of trouble, so firm boundaries and consequences are more crucial at this age than ever. Most...

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Private, Public or Home Schooling: Which is Best For Your Kids?

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Choosing the Best Schooling for Teens Making decisions about your children’s education is one of the more difficult aspects of being a parent. You have three basic choices: public school, private school and home school. Each has positives and negatives, and you will need to evaluate your family’s needs and resources on an individual level in order to make the right decision. Public School Versus Private School Most parents choose public school for their children because it’s affordable, socially acceptable and generally the easiest option of...

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