Reducing Teen Issues Through Positivity

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How can we as parents reduce are teen issues through positivity?  It goes without saying that parenting isn’t always positive. Things can get ugly when the teen issues begin. Parenting involves balancing on the fine line between staying positive and being overly accommodating. 1. Avoid Criticism You might be thinking that criticism and the ability to handle it are important parts of life, and that’s true. However, as a parent, it’s important to remember to criticize specific behaviors. There is a big difference between “I was disappointed...

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Strong Boundaries Create Happy Teens

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Setting Boundaries: How Limits Can Help You Avoid Teen Issues  Setting boundaries is one of the tough parts about being a parent. Being a parent is easy when you’re being silly with your kids, buying them presents or enjoying fun times together. It’s a lot harder when the teen issues start showing and it becomes time to lay down the law. The Importance of Limits: Why Teenagers Need Them Some teens mature faster than others. If you have a mature, well-spoken teen, she might start to convince you that she’s all grown up. However, all teens are...

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Positive Reinforcement as Opposed to Negative for Teen Issues 

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Looking at the Good: Are You Providing Your Teen with Enough Positive Reinforcement?  When you’re constantly dealing with teen issues, it’s easy to develop a short fuse. Your daughter gives you so many good reasons to scold her that you might miss some of the positive choices she makes. How to Reward Good Behavior and Calm Teen Issues 1. Look at Effort, Not Results You want to encourage your child to make an effort while also teaching that life isn’t fair. This is why it’s important to praise effort, not results. For example, if you witness...

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Why is Your Teen Pulling Away? Mother Daughter Retreats 

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Teen Pulling Away: Handle Teen Issues at a Mother Daughter Retreat  As your child matures, it’s natural that she will become more independent. Many moms and daughters are best friends until the typical teen issues that come along with adolescence drive a wedge between them. If you’re experiencing this for the first time, it can be a bit shocking. Not only is your baby not a baby anymore, but she also seems to suddenly think you’re far less cool than you used to be. Mother Daughter Retreats: Encouraging Communication You likely have a lot more...

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How Does Fear Drive Teens?

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Teen Issues with Fear: Looking Toward the Future  Like any typical adult, teens have a strong desire to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Unlike most adults, teens aren’t equipped with a solid foundation of wisdom and self-esteem to guide them through social situations. Teen issues with low self-esteem are common, and when you combine them with the fear of rejection and other fears about the future, it’s a recipe for worry. The Fear of Rejection: It’s Not Just About Romance No one wants to get rejected by their crush, but for a teen, the...

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Is This Political Environment Effecting Teens? 

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Politics and Teen Issues: Is Tension Over Trump Harming Your Teen?  Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Donald Trump has been a hot topic for a while now. Typical teen issues involve things like dating and keeping up with studies, but lately, more teens have been paying attention to the news. Many are even joining in the activism, participating in marches with their parents or organizing walkouts to show that they do not support the 45th president. Teens Issues with Politics: Is Your Teen Stressed? It’s wonderful when teens...

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Lost in Space? Social Media and Technology Addiction is a Huge Teen Issue!

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This is an article I wrote in the last Imagine Magazine by The Sedona International City of Peace. Please parents read it. It is critical for your teens happiness. Here is the digital link if you want to check out the entire magazine. It’s amazing. IMAGINE MAGAZINE In my 20-plus years of mentoring teens and parents, I have never seen a greater disconnection between teens and their natural environment than I do now. When I was young, I got up in the morning, walked to my friend’s house or called her on a phone that was attached to a...

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Tackling Teen Issues: The Pressure for Sex

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Tackling Teen Issues: The Pressure for Sex With hookup culture becoming a prevalent teen issue, many parents are wondering if anything can be done. Teens have always had sex, and it’s always scared their parents, but never in history has casual sex been so celebrated. Then again, it’s not always the casual encounters that are the most dangerous. It’s the casual encounters that are dressed up as something more. The Dangers of Rushing Sex: Regret and Embarrassment A study of more than 1400 undergraduate students found that both men and women...

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Mentoring Programs for Teen Girls: Could Your Daughter Use a Mentor?

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Mentoring programs for teen girls have proven to be extremely beneficial!  You might think that mentorships are only for troubled teens who don’t have parents, but that isn’t the case. There are many powerful stories about teens who experienced life-changing benefits from having a mentor. Ask yourself these questions to see if a mentor might be a good idea for your teen. 1. Did You Tell Your Mom Everything? Think back on your teen years. Were you keeping secrets from your mom? In most cases, the answer is probably yes. Even if you and your...

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How Adults Can Help Raise Self-Esteem in Teens

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How Adults Can Help Raise Self-Esteem in Teens Low self-esteem is a common teen issue. As parents, we desperately hope to find a way to preserve the innocence our kids had during youth while also helping them become thriving adults. We watch them go through the trials of adolescence, and we see the way negative experiences with bullying and heartbreak chip away at their self-esteem. What’s a struggling parent to do? Building Self-esteem in Teens: A Parent’s Role 1. Think About Your Words You’re probably used to your teens ignoring the sound...

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