Limiting the Internet: Protecting Teens in a Wild Frontier

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  Limiting Internet to Teens: Protecting Teens in a Wild Frontier A few generations ago, the world of the average teen was relatively small. Kids rode bicycles around the neighborhood, visited each other at home, got together at the local diner or went to the movies together. Parents worried of course, just like they always did and always will, but it was much easier to keep track of what was going on. A Giant World is Difficult to Control Today’s teens have access to people, events and influences from all around the globe. It’s...

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Three Common Teenage Issues in Relationships and How a Parent Can Help

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Here are three common teenage issues in relationships and how as parents, we can help. Facing teenage issues in relationships is hard, especially as a parent who is watching from the sidelines. You can’t protect your child from pain, but you can utilize the wisdom you’ve earned over your own lifetime to offer advice. 1. Emotional and Physical Abuse The fact that a horrifying one in three American teens is a victim of physical, verbal or sexual abuse in a relationship shows that this is sadly one on the most common teenage issues. Signs of...

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Three Unexpected Tips for Boosting Self-esteem and Giving Your Teen an Edge

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Three Unexpected Tips for Boosting Self-esteem and Giving Your Teen an Edge Mother-daughter retreats are popular these days. Many anxious moms are seeking out new ways to connect with their teens in a world where disconnecting is all too easy. If you’re a mom who feels distant from your daughter, you might be worried that her self-esteem is dropping. There’s also a good chance that your own self-esteem could use some work. 1. Taking a Few Minutes for Appreciation Choose three things that you and your daughter appreciate about each other and...

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Transgender Youth and the Risks

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Supporting Transgender Teens Being transgender can be very confusing, and parents who love a transgender teen are often just as confused about how to provide support. Transgender Teens: A Greater Risk According to a recent Harvard study, transgender teens are at a greater risk for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm than their cisgender peers. It’s hard to be different and even harder to be different in a way that the many people still don’t understand. Some transgender teens become victims of bullying. Others stay lost in...

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The Choking Game: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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The Choking Game is a parent’s worst nightmare! When Brad Burgess found his 13-year-old son Memphis slumped in his closet, he thought the teen was playing a prank. After shaking his shoulders, he noticed that the boy wasn’t breathing. That was when he saw the rope on the ground. An Unexpected Horror: Choking for a High Authorities believe that Memphis Burgess is yet another victim of “the choking game,” a scary practice that has already claimed many lives. It’s estimated that as many as 1000 people have died this way since 1934. The...

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Boosting Self Esteem in Teens Through Volunteering

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Does volunteering help your teen develop self esteem?  Volunteer Ideas for Teens Along with being good for the local community, volunteer work also does wonders for a teen’s self-esteem. You want your teen to try volunteer work, but it isn’t the best idea to force it. The goal should be to inspire a deep passion for helping others. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to find volunteer jobs that will work with your teen’s interests. 1. Serving at St. Mary’s Food Bank St. Mary’s is one of Arizona’s most popular food banks. Thanks to the...

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How Are Your Communication Skills With Your Teen?

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“Listen to me, don’t talk back, what’s the matter with you? You’re grounded” Who is this Father talking to? It appears that he is talking to his daughter, but his daughter is clearly not there. His daughter is so shut down that she is no longer able to hear what her father is saying. I felt like my parents didn’t see me, couldn’t see me, because of their own wounds that they had not worked through. Now, I don’t blame them, I know they did the best they could. All I am saying is that because they were unable to do their inner work, they were...

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Is your Teen Pulling Away? If So Why?

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Why is your teen pulling away? It is a question many parents ask me.  I can totally understand their concerns because there are many reasons why your teen could be pulling away, one being the normal process of separation, the rest being possible drug use, depression or just working through their own stuff. If it is drugs, usually other things are going on in their lives as well.  Signs to look for are declining interest in activities your teen use to enjoy, declining school grades, and radical mood swings that seem to be about more than just...

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Help for Teens: Cultivating Good Mental Habits Through a Mentor

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Cultivating good mental habits through a mentor programs for girls Most of us have a negative inner voice and don’t even realize it. This isn’t exactly a teen issue, but if teens can get a handle on this problem from a young age, they will experience a vastly improved life. Cultivating self-awareness isn’t something we’re taught, but it should be. Self-awareness is the foundation for all forms of positive change. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for teens to tear each other down. They bully others because it makes them feel better about...

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Technology and Teens: Handling the Negative Effects

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As parents it’s hard to handling the negative effects of technology with our teens. It can’t be denied that technology offers us a lot of great things. We can have products delivered to our homes, speak with friends on the other side of the planet and find information about anything within a few seconds. It also can’t be denied that having constant access to nonstop information has changed us, and many will argue that it isn’t a good change. This is more than just a teen issue, but since children are the future, it’s something...

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