Being A Supportive Parent

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How to parent your teenager so she feels supported and not controlled Is this possible? This is such a fine line, isn’t it? As parents we want to help our teens make good decisions, by not making decisions for them. If they keep making bad decisions, we have to step in and talk to them about it.  If they want to manage their own lives, they have to step up to the plate and do it. I often hear from teens that they want their parent to stop controlling them. When I ask what this means or in what ways are they feel controlled,  usually...

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Teen Advice: For Your Lazy Teen This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner and some teens are starting to think about jobs that will suit them. Some are in deep contemplation while others are thinking about relaxing for the summer, playing video games and just having fun. As a parent you’re saying “have fun on who’s money”?  Maybe there is a happy medium. A part time job is a good balance because teens can still have fun, and have the money to have fun. When I look at the typical job for teens today like fast food restaurant, I think no wonder teens don’t want to...

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Teen Dating in the Digital Age: Are We Losing Communication Skills?

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Communication is an important factor in any healthy relationship, but these days, it seems that our ability to communicate has begun to fall by the wayside. Teen dating relationships were once built slowly, fueled by in-person conversations and naturally developing chemistry. In the modern age, communication has become a friend request, an abbreviated text, a “like” on a picture or a 10 second Snapchat. How can teens expect to find a healthy connection with so many barriers standing in their way? The Nuances of Communication: How Texting...

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Teen Sexuality

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Teen Sexuality Parents, this is one we will all face eventually sooner or later: Teen sexuality, what do we do about it?? I’ve written more on the topic before: Supporting Your Teen in Sexual Exploration. But I would like to talk about this: Letting the College Kids Sleep Together,  a particular topic for the moment. I must stress that this is a tough subject and both sides are easily understandable: Your teen is now an adult, she’s exploring her sexuality, she wants to assert herself and establish that she no longer wants to be...

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Stress in Teens

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“Stress in teens can do quite a bit of harm to your body and your emotional health. Work on keeping your stress levels low. One way of keeping your stress levels down is by taking care of business. Don’t let things pile up.” I was Mentoring a 14-year-old the other day and the main topic was the stress she had last year, due to her bad grades.  When we got to the root of the problem, it was because she would leave her homework to the last minute and then the anxiety was so bad at that point, that she couldn’t even complete...

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Teen Issues and Boundaries: How Parents can Help

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No matter how well behaved your child might be, it’s safe to say that he or she is suffering from some typical teen issues. We can’t expect our kids to understand appropriate behavior on their own. Their brains are still developing, and they haven’t yet had enough life experiences to demonstrate the importance of healthy boundaries. It’s up to us to teach our kids how to behave appropriately by praising positive behavior and putting a stop to negative behavior. What are Some Ways that Teens Test Their Boundaries? As you probably already know,...

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Strong Teen Self Esteem: What Does it Look Like?

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Teen self esteem is a hot topic in parenting circles, and much of the discussion usually revolves around teens having a low opinion of themselves. However, what about the teens who do have great self esteem? They may be rare, but they do exist, and they can provide a great example for other kids. What Does Great Teen Self Esteem Look Like? Teens with high self esteem are easy to recognize if you know what to look for. 1. They aren’t Afraid to Make Eye Contact The ability to maintain eye contact is a sign that a teen believes in his or...

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Teenage Pregnancy Facts: Start a Discussion Today

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Are you up to date on the latest teenage pregnancy facts? Actually looking at the statistics can be scary, but you’ll do a better job discussing safe sex with your teens if you’re aware of the truth. 1. How Many Teens are Actually Getting Pregnant? Statistics show that almost 750,000 teens get pregnant in America each year. That amounts to three out of every 10 girls, one of the highest rates out of any country in the western world. Between 1991 and 2005, the rate of teen pregnancies went down a bit, but according to a 2007 CDC report, it has...

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Understanding Teen Depression

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Understanding Teenage Depression Why is your teen pulling away? It is a question many parents ask me.  I can totally understand their concerns because there are many reasons why your teen could be pulling away, one being the normal process of separation, the rest being possible drug use, or teenage depression or just working through their own stuff. If it is drugs, usually other things are going on in their lives as well.  Signs to look for are declining interest in activities your teen use to enjoyed, declining school grades, and radical...

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Is Your Daughter in an Abusive Relationship?

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As parents, we do everything we can to protect our teens from the bad things in life. We teach them the importance of doing well in school and staying away from drugs. We teach about the dangers of casual or unprotected sex. We do our best to teach them to drive, manage money, eat healthfully and feel good about themselves.   Unfortunately, all that we teach often goes right out the window once they fall in love for the first time. Are Romantic Relationships Healthy for Teens? It’s been said that love blinds people. It creates...

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