A Struggling Teen: What is Normal?

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Teen Struggles As you brace yourself for your child’s teen years, you might expect some eye rolling, cursing and the slamming of a door or two. What you probably aren’t prepared for are the problems that plague many young people today. In 2012, it was estimated that up to 2.2 million American teens were struggling with depression. As a parent, you might be wondering how to tell normal teen angst from a serious problem. Your Teen is Experiencing Mood Swings Normal: As your teen experiences the hormonal changes of adolescence, you...

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Teenage Brain Development: Why Parents Should Expect Some Anxiety During the Adolescent Years

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Understanding Teen Anxiety Adolescence is a hard time for parents and kids alike. As our sons and daughters move through the challenges of teenage life, we often feel confused over how to prepare them for a healthy and happy future. Teens will face many different obstacles as they grow up. It’s always been that way, but recently, many parents are questioning whether things are growing worse. These days, up to 20 percent of teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder. Teenagers experience more fear and anxiety than adults, and now, we are...

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Rebellion versus Self-Destruction: Is Your Teen Out of Control?

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Understanding Teen Behavior Even for the best kids, adolescence can be a very difficult stage of life. If you were lucky enough to avoid any behavioral issues when your child was younger, you should be prepared to deal with them during the teen years. This is natural, but when it comes to seriously out-of-control teens, it’s important to know where to draw the line. Is Your Teen is out of Control? Kids make mistakes. Sometimes, good kids will miss curfew, forget an important assignment or even talk back to their parents. We’ve all...

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Dating with Dignity and Class: How to Teach Young Men not to Objectify Women

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Teen Impression of Dating I once had a dinner date with a 65-year-old man, and I went into it expecting him to be a gentleman. Instead, I was told I had a “sweet ass.” When I let him know that his comment made me feel objectified, he said that I was being petty and dramatic. He had meant the statement to be a compliment. Why was I being so uptight? This man probably did genuinely feel that I was being uptight. That is how normal this sort of objectification has become in our society. When young boys are taught that romantic...

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Is Your Teenager Taking on Too Much?

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Full Schedules for Teens Having a child that thrives in many different areas is probably one of your dreams as a parent. Activities are great for kids. They help teach discipline, responsibility, teamwork and conflict resolution. School sports help kids get exercise, and all after-school activities and clubs look great on college applications. Plus, when you consider the trouble that kids can get into these days, you might be relieved to see that your child’s jam-packed schedule doesn’t leave him or her a lot of free time to get...

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School Dress Codes: Do They Really Help Kids?

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School Dress Codes for Teens Do you know the length of your daughter’s inseams? What about the width of her tank-top shoulders? Did you just buy her a cute new pair of leggings? If so, you might want to double check her school’s dress code. School dress codes are growing stricter, and it’s easy to understand why. Styles are getting edgier by the minute, and we simply can’t allow our kids to go to school in their underwear. However, in many schools, popular apparel items such as denim shorts, tank tops and sandals have...

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Teens and Cell Phones: Are You a Bad Parent if You Say No?

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Teens Cell Phones In the past, most parents would have scoffed at the idea of buying their children phones, but times have changed. Recent statistics from the Pew Internet and American Life Project show that about 75 percent of American children between the ages of 12 and 17 have their own phone, which is a 45 percent increase from where the numbers stood in 2004. Children and Phones: Good Points on Both Sides of the Debate The issue over whether or not children should have phones is commonly debated in parenting circles, and there is no...

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The Facts About Teenage Depression

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Teenage Depression Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people in the United States. This is disturbing, especially when you consider how many of us have a teenage son or daughter that is suffering from depression. Depression is common, but there is a surprising amount of stigma surrounding it. Many young people attempt to hide their dark feelings or cover them up with drugs and alcohol. Some schools are beginning to put together depression support groups, but the progress is slow. If we want to help our children with...

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Reality Television: Is it Getting too “Real” for Your Kids?

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Influence of Reality Television Shows   Do you have a child that watches reality television? Have you ever asked yourself how much it could be affecting his or her reality? A recent study by the Girl Scouts Research Institute found that the majority of young girls who watch shows like MTV’s “Jersey Shore” believe the content is based on real life. You already know that a lot of these shows depict young people drinking and getting into fights. What sort of influence is this having on our kids? Differing Views on Reality...

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Is Vegetarianism Safe for Teens?

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About Teen Vegetarianism If you raised a meat-and-potatoes family and now have a teen that wants to be a vegetarian, you’re probably a bit shocked. If you’re vegetarian yourself or you otherwise support your child’s decision, you should be aware that the nutritional requirements of a growing teen might differ from your own. Education and open communication are the keys to making a successful transition. The Benefits of Teen Vegetarianism If you take an educated approach to your teen’s vegetarian diet, he or she will:...

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