Is Teen Self Esteem Directly Related To Making Good Decisions?

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How Positive Teen Self Esteem Relates to Smart Decision Making Every time you make a smart decision, your self-esteem gets a boost. This is true regardless of your age, but it’s especially important for young teens. When teen choices are made intelligently, and teens are able to see the results of those choices, positive self-esteem develops. It also works in the opposite sense. Higher teen self esteem leads to making more positive choices. Good Decisions in Teens: Developing Self-esteem Self-esteem is about more than just feeling like you’re...

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Teaching Your Teen How To Handle Emotions

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When a Teen Clings to Negative Emotion Teen emotions can be difficult to figure out, especially when it seems like your teen is upset about something you view as silly. If your teen clings to small disappointments, such as failing a test or getting into an argument with a friend, she might need some help getting into a better emotional place. When a Teen Clings to a Negative Situation: Helping them Move Forward Positive Focus If possible, try to help your teen see the good in every situation. If she’s just been dumped, remind her that she is...

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Is Your Teen Depressed?

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The Signs of Teen Depression You Should Never Ignore  The popularity of the hit Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” has brought a very important discussion about teen depression to dinner tables around the country. The show has been criticized for its graphic imagery and serious subject matter, but many parents are thankful. In a world where teen suicide is frighteningly common, parents want to know how they can help. All teens get moody now and again. Teen self esteem is always a struggle, and the high-school years tend to come with plenty of ups...

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Teaching Teens about Kindness

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Teaching Teens about Kindness  Teen kindness often seems fleeting. Compassion is a fundamental part of a healthy human mind, but good behavior must be taught. If you’re witnessing bullying or unflattering behavior from your daughter, it might be time to evaluate what you’re teaching her. Low teen self esteem often leads to the bad treatment of others. Encourage Leadership Try to teach your teens to stand up for what they believe is right. A lot of teens follow the crowd and fear making waves that could mess up their lives. If your daughter...

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How Parents Fighting Affects Teen Self Esteem

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Does parents fighting affect your teen self esteem? Arguments involve a loss of control, so it makes sense that many parents lose track of how badly their fights affect their teenagers. You might assume that they understand things about the nature of adult arguments that they really do not. When Teens Blame Themselves It goes without saying that relationship problems can’t be worked out overnight. If you and your spouse are going through something, you should aim for progress, not perfection. However, while working on your relationship, take...

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Animal Cruelty: Watching for the Signs of Teen Violence

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Animal Cruelty: Watching for the Signs of Teen Violence You know that you need to show your kids right from wrong, and a great way to do that is by teaching compassion toward animals. Most American households have a furry friend or two. Most parents assume that their children will be kind to those pets. Teen kindness is common, but it isn’t always a given. If you see behavior that worries you, such as animal cruelty, it’s important to pay attention. According to Psychology Today, any form of animal abuse could be a red flag for...

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Helping Your Daughter With Issues around Friends

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Teen Issues with Bullying: Helping Your Daughter Navigate Friendships  Bullying is a common teen issue, and whether your daughter is bullying someone else, witnessing bullying or being bullied herself, it can be a troubling topic to bring up. If you see your daughter’s friend group falling apart, it might be time to step in and see if you can do some damage control. 1. If Your Daughter is a Bystander Your daughter might be witnessing another girl in her group getting bullied or shunned. Maybe she doesn’t like it but isn’t sure what to do. If...

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Summertime Activities That Keep Teens Out of Trouble

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Summertime Fun: Avoiding Teen Issues in the Summer Months  Summertime is a dream for teens, but parents often dread the warm months. How can you relax and focus on your work day when you know your teen could be getting into trouble? It’s easy for problematic teenage issues to come up when the kids are sitting around the house feeling bored all day. That’s why scheduling summer activities can be so beneficial. 1. A Local Part-time Job Fast-food restaurants, malls, movie theaters and amusement parks all need extra workers during the busy summer...

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How a Mother Daughter Retreat Can Soothe a Difficult Relationship

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How a Mother Daughter Retreat can bring harmony into your relationship with your teen.  It’s great to have a wonderful relationship with your daughter, but it’s also normal for teenage issues to destroy that relationship at some point. If this happens, don’t beat yourself up. You could be the best of moms or the worst of them, and either way, teenagers will be teenagers. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty you can do to improve your relationship with your daughter. Struggling with Teenage Issues: Is a Mother Daughter Retreat...

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Handling Teen Issues with Homework

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How do you handle your teens issues with homework?  On the scale of all possible teen issues, the struggle to get your daughter to do her homework is a minor problem. At least she’s home and not out getting into trouble, right? Although it could certainly be worse, it is important that teens complete their homework, and parents often struggle figuring out how to motivate them to do so. 1. Set a Time Human beings thrive on routines, and teenagers are no different. You can help encourage healthy homework habits by designating a certain time of...

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