From Bystander to Take-A-Stander

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This is an article I did in the Imagine Magazine. Here is the link to the full digital magazine with other amazing articles in it. From Bystander to Take-A-Stander Bullying in America is on the rise, and social media has made it more accessible and anonymous. According to statistics from market research provider Mintel, 47 percent of girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied. It’s become painfully clear that this situation issue isn’t going to get better without a concerted effort, and many students, teachers and parents are ready...

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Improving Communication and Self-esteem with a Mother-Daughter Retreat

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It’s easy to improve Communication and Self-esteem with a Mother-Daughter Retreat Life for teens has always been tough, but today’s teens have it harder than ever in a number of ways. When older generations found themselves in a tough spot, they didn’t have to witness people gossiping about them on social media like teens do today. The Internet has made life harder for young people, which is why getting away, temporarily unplugging and escaping on a mother-daughter retreat can be so beneficial. Do You Need a Retreat? Any teen could...

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Parenting Teens: How to Influence Without Preaching

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How to parent Teens without being preaching! You have so much wisdom to pass down to your teens, but it often seems like it falls on deaf ears. How can you help your children if they won’t listen to you? This is an age-old problem that parents have been dealing with for centuries. Whether the subject matter is sex, dating, career, school or anything else, kids generally don’t want to hear preaching from their parents. However, there are ways to guide your teens without them knowing that’s your intention. 1. Lead by Example They’ll never admit...

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Mother Daughter Weekend Getaway in Sedona

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A mother-daughter retreat can be an exciting milestone in your relationship with your teen. Sedona, Arizona is a great place to do a retreat thanks to the beautiful scenery, fresh air and progressive energy. Some people even believe the area has a vortex, an energetic phenomenon that tends to attract people with awakening minds. What will You Learn on Your Mother-daughter Retreat? There is no simple answer to that question. On your retreat, you and your daughter will have the opportunity to work through a number of problems you might be...

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Boosting Self-esteem in Teens: Three Helpful Tips

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Here are a few great tips to boost your teens self-esteem! It’s crucial for teenagers to begin boosting self-esteem while they are still young. The adult world can be harsh, and the confidence that teens build during their younger years has the potential to shield them from some of life’s disappointments. When a person starts out their adult life with no sense of self-worth, they are more likely to be swayed by negative influences, lose track of their priorities and have difficulty maintaining their focus in life. Parents play a crucial role...

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Self-esteem Quiz for Teens From My Feet Aren’t Ugly, Self Esteem Work Book

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Self-esteem Quiz for Teens from My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out. Your daughter is thriving in school, has an active social life and seems to shine no matter what she does. She surely has great self-esteem, doesn’t she? Self-esteem can be tricky to understand. While it might seem like a teen who is doing great has equally great self-esteem, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the teens who are the most confident in the way they look have the lowest self-esteem. These teens might place an...

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Teen Mentoring Resources for Low-income Families

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You’ve heard a lot of advice over the years when it comes to teenage problems. The word “therapy” has likely been thrown around quite a bit. Unfortunately, therapy isn’t affordable for everyone. If you’re a low-income parent dealing with an out-of-control teen or one that simply needs a little help, you’re going to need to find cost-effective solutions. 1. Check Your Resources There’s a good chance that your local community offers free or low-cost counseling services to citizens in your area. If you can’t afford regular therapy, you...

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Child Sex Trafficking: The Harsh Reality

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Parents regularly stress out about teen issues, but most of us don’t realize how lucky we are to have our kids safe at home. You’ve likely heard about child trafficking, but like most parents, you’ve probably also assumed that it’s not something you have to worry about. This stuff only happens to kids with absent parents, right? Unfortunately, child trafficking is a very real problem, and children from all backgrounds and areas are abducted for the purposes of sex or organ trafficking regularly. This is a horrific subject to think about, but...

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When Teens Date Adults: Do You Know the Age of Consent in Your State?

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Minor teen issues are one thing. However, there are certain circumstances when we parents feel we must intervene. If your teen has begun dating a much-older person, you have a legitimate reason to be concerned. It’s likely that they’re being taken advantage of, but if your teen is in love, they probably won’t see it. Why Teenagers Choose Older Partners It’s not difficult to understand why a younger person would want to date an older, established adult. A person in their twenties or thirties is likely to have a job and therefore much more...

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Teen Jobs: Three Important Factors to Consider

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Parenting teenagers can be tricky, especially when you begin witnessing your child cross barriers into adulthood. One of those important milestones is the first part-time job. A job can cultivate a strong work ethic that will be valuable later in life. It can also help teach the importance of mindful spending. However, too much time and energy devoted to work can distract a teen from school. There are a few important things to keep in mind while making a decision about whether your teen is ready to work. 1. Child-labor Laws Without...

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