4 Weeks to Connect with your Teen Summer Special

Who do you want guiding your teen
during these turbulent years:
YOU… or their friends?

This 4 Week Program Gets Results!
Take Advantage Of This Summer Program For Only $39.95!

Hi Parents, it’s time to start asking yourself:

  •  Do you want your teen to start making good decisions?
  •  Do you want to understand your teen so that you can communicate better?
  •  Do you want a harmonious relationship with your teen?
  •  Do you want to say “no” without a scene?

If you want this for your teen, you have to learn how to guide them without shutting them down.

The parents I mentor have been able to shift their behavior to create an open, harmonious relationship with their teens.

The better your relationship with your teen during these already scary years, the safer they will feel in the world and the bigger they will participate.

One of the biggest concerns that I hear most often from parents is:

“My teen is pulling away and no longer comes to me, and I am worried about the decisions she is making without my guidance.”

Listen to what they have to say after just a few sessions with me:

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“Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck, a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble and uncertainty. I and several of my family and friends have worked with Debra regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911″, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence.

Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible.  I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.”

~Dina Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s wife)

“After my first mentoring session with Debra, I became so clear on the issues at hand. It was so easy to express my concerns to Debra and then my daughter.

My daughter actually heard me for what seemed like the first time.  I also started listening to my daughter through different ears and was able to step into her reality and have an understanding for what she was feeling. My daughter said that she loved the retreat because she finally felt heard. Thank you, Debra, you have taught us a different way of relating with each other that will allow us to continue to develop and nurture a stronger relationship.”

~A Grateful heart

“Our family has been working with Debra for over 2 years. She has provided guidance and facilitated communication for me and my husband to ‘get on the same page’ about parenting a pre-teen/teen, which is no joke. She has also been a trusted confidante and friend to our 11-/13-year old daughter, who has opened up to Debra and enjoys talking to her now, especially when she is upset.

Debra has been a great resource for all three of us to navigate the waters of living in a home with a teenager.  She is very down-to-earth, direct, yet still approachable to teen girls and parents alike. We’ve been amazed at small ideas and techniques she has suggested, which have helped bring peace and fun back into our home lives.  It has been an absolute pleasure and miracle to have her in our lives, and I recommend her to anyone needing encouragement during these tough teenage years that can make or break a family.

Thanks, Debra. You are a lifesaver. We love you!”

~A Happy Family

The idea of my 4 Weeks To Connect With Your Teen online program is for you, the parent, to have a better understanding of what life is like for your teen and how your interactions are critical to your connection with him/her.

So, if you could shift just a few things to keep the lines of communication open with your teen, wouldn’t it be worth a try?

In my 4 Weeks To Connect With Your Teen online program, in a short period of time you will learn to:

WEEK 1- Step into your teen’s reality. 

Have a full understanding of how your teen feels so you can show up for them the best way possible.

WEEK 2- Teaching your teen to manage her life. 

Through your behavior, teach your teen how to become accountable for their actions.

WEEK 3- Setting boundaries.

Set critical household rules with a clear understanding of consequences with their acceptance and without bucking the system.

WEEK 4- Dealing with your own fears around your teen’s behavior. 

Understand how your reactions shut your teen down, and start responding in a more loving way.

Through all the mess you might be feeling like:

 “My teen has completely stopped listening to me. I feel like I can’t have any boundaries at all.”

I really understand this issue. I think every parent I meet has this issue.

Week 3 will have you setting boundaries with very little resistance.

They actually want boundaries so that they can show you that they are capable of managing their own life.

This program will open up your heart to your teen and allow her to open her heart to you! I have helped thousands of teenagers develop their self-esteem and start to make better decisions for themselves, as well as guided parents through these turbulent teenage years by giving them the tools they need to support their teens.


“Amazing! I’m shocked at the shifts in my relationship with my teen.”

~A Relieved Parent

WEEK 1-Stepping into your teen’s reality

 WEEK 2-Teaching your teen to manage her life

 WEEK 3-Setting boundaries

 WEEK 4-Dealing with your own fears around your teen’s behavior

 Including- A personal 30 Minute Discover Session with Me to discuss Issues regarding your Teen

This 4 Week Program Gets Results!
Take Advantage Of This Summer Program For Only $39.95!

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