Teaching Kindness

It’s a well-known fact that bullying is a major problem for teens, and the latest statistics show that things aren’t improving. A study by Ditch the Label, a British anti-bullying group, showed that up to 20 percent of young people are dealing with bullying every day. The same study found that most teens suffer extreme damage to their self-esteem, social activities and grades as a result of this harassment.

Photo of a mother teaching kindness to young teen girl

We wouldn’t expect our children to know algebra or history without being taught, so how can we expect them to automatically know how to treat others? As a society, we are always evolving, and it’s important to be open minded when it comes to changing the way that our school systems operate. As the bullying problem runs rampant, it’s becoming clear that compassion, kindness and assertiveness need to be taught in our schools.

Compassion Makes Children Healthier

Kindness makes people feel good, and when it’s taught to children at a young age, it trains the brain to seek opportunities for kindness again and again. Not only do the endorphins that are released make kids feel happy, but they also strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, slash the chances of depression and reduce systematic inflammation that has been linked to many different diseases. Kids who learn to enjoy being kind at a young age will have healthier relationships and healthier bodies than kids who learn to thrive off bullying.

Assertiveness Helps Kids go for their Dreams

When we teach our kids how to be strong, confident and kind, we end up with more productive and responsible members of society. Studies have shown that people who practice assertive behavior are more likely to get what they want than those who are aggressive. The main motivation for most teens is to get what they want, and we can use this to our advantage by teaching them a behavior model that will increase their chances of success.

Teaching Kindness can make Schools a Safer Place

We need to start teaching our kids to be kind instead of simply scolding them for bullying. The violence in our schools has reached alarming rates, and it’s no longer enough to count on parents to teach their kids everything. Children come from all sorts of different upbringings, and schools, churches and youth organizations need to start doing everything they can to teach kindness as a way of life. The next generation depends on it!

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