A Fine Line to Being Involved Without Being Over Bearing

Finding the Balance: Being Involved without Being Helicopter Parents A Fine Line to Being Involved Without Being Over Bearing

Dealing with teen issues can be tricky. You hear about helicopter parents ruining lives, and you don’t want to make the same mistake. You also don’t want to let your teens run wild and risk getting into trouble. What’s a struggling parent to do? How can you increase teen self esteem and help your kids to make smart decisions on their own?

1. Promote an Open Dialogue without Prying

Teens are never going to be comfortable sharing everything with their parents, and most parents don’t want that either. You do, however, want your kids to be able to come to you with important concerns. The key is to provide a non-judgmental listening ear when your kids feel ready. Helicopter parents hover around their kids, prodding them for information, which is counterproductive. Balanced parents let their kids know that the door is open when they’re ready to talk.

2. Check on Social Media without Spying

Teens are old enough to have earned a little privacy, but it’s still important for parents to keep an eye on what’s happening on social media. Smothering can harm teen self esteem, so rather than demanding to read every message between your daughter and her new boyfriend, offer to respect her privacy in exchange for a general social media check up every so often. Check the privacy settings to ensure their pages can only be viewed by chosen members of their network, and ask them to be honest about any messages or advances from outsiders that make them uncomfortable. You’ll be surprised what your daughter might choose to share when she doesn’t feel forced into it.

3. Give Them Some Freedom without Lying

Watching your child’s every move will harm teen self esteem, making them question why they’re being treated like they’re always doing something wrong. If you say you trust them and then spy on their private interactions, not only will they feel violated, but they’ll also lose trust in you. Have faith in your kids and their good behavior unless you see a reason not to.

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