A Guidance of a Mother

Connect with Your Daughter to Encourage Her to Open Up A Guidance of a Mother

Mother daughter relationships are never easy. Getting your teen to open up often feels impossible. If her mother isn’t guiding her, who will? When a teen is guided by her peers, it’s like the blind leading the blind. How can you cultivate closeness with your daughter while also providing her with an appropriate amount of space?

1. Find Creative Ways to Discuss Hard Topics

Most teens don’t want their parents confronting them about uncomfortable topics. If you can get on the same wavelength by watching some shows or movies together, it might be easier to start conversations. Look for programs with content about teen girls, and discuss the issues that come up. By making the conversation about the character’s choices and experiences rather than her own, it can make tough subjects easier to discuss.

2. Show that You Value Her Opinion

During these years, teens are coming to their own conclusions about the way life works. Their opinions will likely shift and change as they continue to grow. Rather than telling your daughter how she should think or feel, try asking for her opinion on things.

Ask how she feels about current events that are relevant to the younger generation. Ask about her views on controversial topics. If she gives answers you don’t agree with, take a deep breath, ask why she feels that way, and then genuinely listen to her answers. When she learns that you really do respect and value her opinion, she will be more likely to share her thoughts in the future.

3. Share What You’ve Learned

It can’t be denied that today’s teens live in a different world. That doesn’t mean the lessons you learned as a teen don’t have any value. If you want to get your daughter to open up, consider sharing some stories from your own past. Your daughter might be fascinated to hear about the things her mom went through when she was young.

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