A Mother Daughter Retreat is a Great New Years Gift!

A Mother Daughter Retreat is a Great New Years Gift Happy New Year!

I can’t think of a better gift than a mother-daughter retreat. Not only does this retreat help you communicate better, it also will give your daughter critical tools she needs so that she can develop a better sense of self and make good decisions. My mother daughter retreat is transformational and life-changing.

It’s important to know yourself deeply to be able to direct your path in life in a productive and healthy way. Unfortunately most people don’t know themselves well enough to steer their life in a way that makes them happy. When you know yourself really well, you will have a confidence that will help you maneuver your life in a more joyous way. Instead of bouncing off of walls and wondering why negative things are happening to you, you will be able to figure out quickly why you made certain decisions and make corrections right away.

I have  facilitated intentions  workshops and I have noticedKeeping the teens that are more clear minded and have a better understanding of themselves have clear paths to their future. I think that goes without saying for all of us. The more clear I am about my behaviors the better decisions I will make.

Giving the gift of love. When your daughter knows herself well she will love herself deeply and make good decisions. What better gift to give to your daughter than this.  I offer one day, two and three day mother-daughter retreats in Sedona Arizona. During the retreat you both will get to know yourself and each other really well, have fun and make critical shifts.

For more information about my mother daughter retreats, please contact me today. I also offer mentoring services that can promote teen self esteem and awareness.

Mother Daughter Retreats: Bonding for Moms and Daughters of All Ages

Whether you’re the mom of a teen girl or an adult woman, chances are that you could benefit from working on your relationship. I offer mother daughter retreats. for women of any age. When you come together with the intention of growing and sharing, amazing things can happen. If you’re interested,

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