Are You Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility?

Teach Teen Financial Responsibility for a Better Tomorrow Are You Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility

One of the biggest problems with the American school systems is that they don’t teach teen financial responsibility. Subjects like math, science and literature are important, but schools are not educating children on basic life skills that they will need to thrive. If you want to improve teen self esteem and give your kids a fighting chance to make it in the adult world, you’re going to have to teach healthy financial practices yourself. Teen money issues could lead to major adult problems, and you don’t want that for your kids.

1. Demonstrate Proper Habits

One of the best ways you can teach a teen to be financially responsible is to have those skills yourself. If you’re always maxing out your credit cards to go shopping, complaining about the stress of being in debt and taking expensive vacations your family can’t afford, what are you teaching your teen?

It’s important to stick to a budget and demonstrate this to your teen. You might not think your kids are paying attention to things like this, but on a deeper level, they are always paying attention. Make subjects like budgeting, prioritizing, saving a decided amount from each paycheck, using coupons and seeking out the best deals a regular discussion in the home.

2. Help Them Earn

You can help your kids learn financial responsibility from a young age by providing them an allowance in exchange for doing chores. This teaches them the value of a dollar and helps them begin learning to budget and save for the things they want. If you simply buy them everything they ask for, they’ll never learn, and by the time they get older, they’ll be facing teen money issues.

3. Teach the Basics

Another method for improving teen financial responsibility is teaching the basics. As your teens reach an appropriate age, you can begin discussing things like taxes, credit scores, savings accounts and interest rates. Your teen likely won’t show much interest in these subjects, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be discussed. A teen’s brain is absorbing more than you think.

Learning healthy financial habits can increase teen self esteem and improve the future for us all. For more information, please contact me today. I offer mother daughter retreats and mentoring that can help parents help their teens and maintain a close relationship with them. 

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