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Teen Issues with Anxiety: Facing the New School Year Back to School

Going back to school is often an exciting time for teens. They get new clothes, new supplies, and a chance to approach the new year with a good attitude. They also might face teen issues they were free of over the summer vacation.

While high school can be an enjoyable time, it’s a source of anxiety for many kids. Maybe your teen will have to face the person who bullied them last year. There might be other worries about fitting in, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, or making the team. As a parent, you can ease their worries by taking an active approach to making this school year a great one.

1. Create a Safe Space to Talk

Before the year begins, make sure your teens know that they can always come to you to discuss any issues happening with their peers. Carve out some time each week just to sit and talk about things. Let them know that feeling anxiety about the start of the year is normal. Venting their worries and fears might be helpful.

2. Make a List of Goals

The beginning of the year is always a good time to set some goals. Have your teens write out a list of what they’d like to accomplish this year, and encourage them to aim high. The goals could be related to academics, socializing, or anything else. Make sure to respect your teen’s goals and not write them off as silly. Exercises such as this can help a parent figure out what’s important to their kids. When you know, it’ll be easier to support them.

3. Have an Action Plan

It’s always wise to have a plan in place in case teen issues begin to become a problem. If your teen deals with anxiety, the plan might include steps to take in the event that a panic attack occurs during class. Having a plan can help your teen feel supported and safe as they enter the new year. This is especially important if they’ve dealt with issues with mental health, bullying, or other problems the year before.

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