This issue about body image is always up for teens I talk to and for myself.  It seems like it is one of the toughest issues to overcome.  Even when I am talking with grown women, it comes up.  I just wanted to post this video for you to watch and the stats regarding body image, it’s amazing.

The more secure we become with who we are, the more comfortable we will be with our bodies.  The more we will appreciate ourselves for who we are.  Here are 10 tips for loving your body:

1.  Appreciate your body for what it does for you. Just your feet alone, they have a tough job.
2. Write down what you like about yourself and view it often.
3.  Catch yourself when saying negative things about your body and say “Cancel” and back it up with something positive.
4.  Don’t buy into the media, its not realistic.
5.  Make sure you see the things in you, you want others to see in you….”That you are a good person”
6.  Catch your judgments of others, realizing that if you are judging others, you are judging yourself.
7.  Dress in clothing that you like, and that looks good on your body, don’t be to hung up on what is in style.
8.  Do nice things that make your body feel good: give yourself a pedicure, take a bubble bath, hug the parts that bother you
and tell them you love them.
9.  Hang around people that respect you and have good things to say about you.
10. Know that beauty comes from the inside out, and what makes you Shine is who you are, not what you look like.

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