Building an Adult Relationship with your 17-Year-Old

The Step Before Adulthood: Cultivating a Great Connection with Your Older Teen Building an Adult Relationship with your 17-Year-Old

A mother daughter relationship is complex, and it often becomes even more so during the transition between the teenage years and young adulthood. It’s natural that you’d both feel confused during these years!

Adult Relationships Between Mom and Daughter: Cultivating Respect

The shift begins around age 16. By this age, your daughter likely has some solid friendships that will remain throughout high school and possibly into adulthood. She may have dated or even experienced what it’s like to fall in love. Since she’s beginning to have adult experiences, you’ll need to work on respecting her as an adult.

1. Let Go

Letting go is easier for some moms than others. It starts with accepting that your daughter is a different person than you. At this age, she shouldn’t need your approval for every decision she makes, and you shouldn’t make her feel like she does. Instead, support her in her attempts to define herself. You’re two very different people, but that doesn’t have to hurt your mother daughter relationship.

2. Discuss Adult Topics

Part of defining oneself is developing an opinion on a variety of topics. Your daughter is now old enough to discuss serious topics with her parents and other adults. This includes current events, politics, the economy, the arts, and anything else you can think of. By discussing adult topics and listening to what your daughter has to say, you’ll demonstrate that you respect her.

3. Start a Tradition Together

Once your daughter moves out on her own, you’ll need to schedule days to spend together. Now is a great time to start forming some traditions. Going to a retreat together each year is a wonderful tradition you can share with your daughter.

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