Common Peer Issues for Teens

Here are a few common peer issues for teens Common Peer Issues for Teens

Teen self esteem begins developing during the formative years. As long as things go well, it will continue to develop from there. It’s staying on a healthy path that’s tough. Peer problems can easily lead an impressionable teen down the wrong road, and once negative consequences begin to arise, the damage to self-worth can worsen.

1. Comparing Physical Characteristics

One of the most common peer problems is physical comparison. Maybe your daughter is a bit heavier than some of her friends and therefore never feels good enough. Teen issues with this topic have always been common, but the age of social media has made things much worse.

According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, up to 2.7 percent of teens struggle with eating disorders. Parents can fight back against these awful teenage issues by working on self-care with their teens, providing a good example of a healthy body image and discussing why it’s unhelpful to compare ourselves to others. Teen self esteem can grow through positive examples and messages.

2. Comparing Lifestyles

A teen will likely encounter a variety of colorful folks with lifestyles very different from her own. If those lifestyles include drugs or alcohol, she might feel pressured to partake. You might think you raised your teen to say no to drugs, but pressure from peers can be incredibly powerful. It takes guts and a personal commitment to greatness to steer clear of such pressures and seek out friendships with those in a similar lifestyle.

3. Comparing Political Beliefs

In the past, a lot of teens left political worries to their parents, but in recent years, politics have become something everyone is talking about. The sharp divide that has separated people in the United States extends into the teen population as well. These days, friendships are ending over political beliefs, and this is something your teens might need support with.

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