Creating boundaries with your Teen

Creating boundaries with your TeenSetting and Sticking to Boundaries: How Clarity Can Prevent Teen Issues

The only thing more difficult than sticking to boundaries is setting them in the first place. These days, parents are exposed to more opinions than ever before in history. If you’re strict, people will say you’re suffocating your kids. If you don’t set enough rules, people will say you’re spoiling them. It can get pretty frustrating.

Boundaries and Teen Issues: Consistency is Key

The boundaries you set will come down to your own personal beliefs about what’s right. Some parents attempt to avoid teen issues by being extremely strict, and others choose to allow their teens to test the waters by giving them a little more freedom. Neither path is necessarily wrong. However, what’s most important is to stick to the boundaries you set.

Teens rely on their parents to give them guidance on how to navigate the world. Boundaries set up a structure upon which they can develop their own views about life. Therefore, when a parent sets a boundary and then doesn’t enforce it, the teen will begin to feel lost. Making a rule and then allowing that rule to be forgotten later on simply because it’s too difficult to enforce is one of the worst things a parent can do. It makes kids feel unsafe. They are trusting you to set up a structure for them, and if you don’t, who will?

Standing Firm: Teen Issues with Testing Boundaries

It’s normal for teens to push the limits. This is how they learn what is acceptable and what isn’t. It’s also how they discover the consequences of breaking the rules and decide for themselves whether it’s worth it for them to misbehave. Without this learning structure at a young age, these kids grow into adults who have no respect for others or themselves. Parents should therefore set boundaries and stick to them, providing a necessary structure for growth.

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