Creativity Is A Good Way To Build Self Esteem

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My Feet Aren’t Ugly

“I believe creativity is very important and that everyone is creative. When I hear people say, “Oh, I’m not creative,” that just tells me that they have never explored this side of their personality. Exploring various hobbies is one way to stimulate our creativity.”

As a teen, I tried a lot of hobbies but I never stayed with them long enough to figure out if I was going to be good at them.  Sometimes people are naturals at certain things, like I had a friend that never took a piano lesson and she rocked on the piano. If this happens, good for you, if it doesn’t, it just means you might have to practice a bit to become good. That’s the way it usually is.  I started taking photograpy classes in high school and kept with it and I became a great photographer.

Have some patience with yourself and stay with things to get a feel for them and to see if it’s something you want to stay with and enjoy.  When we are creative and we are good at our crafts, it empowers us and makes us feel good. When we try different hobbies and don’t stay with them, it makes us feel like we aren’t good at things. If we always view ourselves as talentless, it hurts our self esteem.

So, go create and have fun and stay with it long enough to develop the talent. Take a class and practice and see if you resonate with it. Even if you’re not what you view as “good” at it, it might just be something fun to do. I paint with water colors and it’s not gallery quality, but I enjoy it and even make cards for my friends that has my art on it. I just enjoy it and as long as I’m not judging my art it stays fun.  So, go create and don’t look at it as good or bad, just have fun.

Keep Loving Yourself,

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