Fortnite Obsession and Teen Self-esteem: Helping Your Kids Manage Time Curbing Internet Games

Video games are a part of life for most kids, but many parents wonder what to do when their teen’s love for Fortnite starts to come across more like an addiction than a hobby.

Obsessive crazes are not a new teenage issue. It’s in a child’s nature to explore the world, and finding things they love is an exciting part of the journey. Most parents don’t want to be the bad guy that takes that joy away. Whether it was over a video game, toy or activity, we still remember what it was like to feel such excitement as children. It’s enjoyable to watch our kids experience that, especially if it helps them bond with others.

Keeping it In Balance: Avoiding a Toxic Obsession that Could Damage Teen Self-esteem

1. Give Them a Budget for Entertainment Time

Time management is an important life skill. By giving your kids a certain number of hours to spend on digital entertainment each week, you’ll help them learn to prioritize the things that matter most.

2. Help Them Stick to a Schedule

Staying up all night playing video games isn’t good for anyone’s health. Having a set limit is great, but it should be clear that a healthy schedule must be followed. When Fortnite begins to interfere with sleep, studying, exercise or maintaining a healthy social life, then the budgeted hours should be restricted.

3. Get in On the Fun

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get in on the fun yourself. You may not be a natural gamer, but experiencing the excitement along with your kids can be a bonding activity. It also shows that you’re paying attention to the things they care about, which is a good foundation to set.

Developing strong life skills at a young age can grow teen self-esteem.

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