Developing a Mother Daughter Relationship

Getting Closer as Mother and Daughter Developing a Mother Daughter Relationship

The mother-daughter relationship has the potential to be one of the strongest connections imaginable. It can also be one of the hardest relationships to manage, especially if a mother and daughter have a rough time during the daughter’s teen years.

If you’re struggling to get along with your daughter, you’re not alone. Teens are learning to assert themselves and discover who they are as people, and that process often involves pushing mom’s boundaries. If your daughter is dealing with problems that go beyond the typical teen issues, it could begin to damage your relationship.

Teen Issues and the Mother-daughter Relationship

Today’s kids have a lot to deal with. Along with the typical struggles with teen self-esteem and peer pressure, teens are thrown into a wild world where the standards for behavior and expectations for success are higher than ever before. It makes sense that they’re struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.

Working on Things Together in Sedona, Arizona

No matter what your teen is going through, she could benefit from a break to regroup, find her center and practice some self-care. The same could be said for yourself. A mother-daughter retreat will not only provide you time to talk about important teen issues with your daughter, but it will also give you a chance to heal wounds from the past so you can live with more passion and happiness in the future.

At the retreat, you’ll work on getting to know yourselves and each other more thoroughly, communicating with each other more effectively, and recognizing your triggers so that you can better understand your reactions to each other. You’ll be able to embrace forgiveness and stop blaming each other for your problems. By the end of the retreat, you’ll have learned tools that can help you navigate problems in the future.

For more information or to sign up for a mother-daughter retreat, please contact me today. Along with retreats for teens and moms, we also offer adult retreats. It’s never to late to work on your relationship as mom and daughter.

Mother Daughter Retreats: Bonding for Moms and Daughters of All Ages

Whether you’re the mom of a teen girl or an adult woman, chances are that you could benefit from working on your relationship. I offer mother daughter retreats. for women of any age. When you come together with the intention of growing and sharing, amazing things can happen. If you’re interested,

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  1. Nina maldonado

    Hi, I have a 16 yr old sphomore daughter.
    I am interested in spending a few days with her at a mother daughter retreat before dropping her off at summer camp in california.
    can you tell me what type of retreats you offer? are the personalized or is there a group we can joing. We have off June 13 to 22

    • Hi Nina, I am so sorry for just seeing this. Please call me at 928-300-0447 and we can talk about aa mother daughter retreat. I look forward to hearing from you, Debra

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