Developing Life Skills in your Teen

How to Help Your Teen Develop Good Life Skills Developing Life Skills in your Teen

Too many teen issues are caused by a lack of life skills. Generations ago, kids played an active role in taking care of the family home. Through carrying out a set of chores and handling daily responsibilities, they learned a lot of life skills. Many of today’s kids are overburdened with academic work and extracurricular activities instead of being taught the basic skills they’ll need to thrive.

Skills for Life: What Teens Need to Learn

1. Managing a Budget

Money management is one of the most important skills, and sadly, it’s one that many members of society are sorely lacking. Help your kids learn to budget by providing them with an allowance in exchange for doing their household chores and maintaining their grades. When you’re constantly giving them money for anything they desire, you are indeed teaching them that money grows on trees. With exceptions for special gifts and items that are required for school, let them save up for the things they wish to buy. This will teach them how to manage their own money.

2. Personal Hygiene and Self-care

It’s unfortunate, but many kids make it to adulthood without ever learning how to properly care for themselves. Make sure your teens understand the importance of brushing and flossing, using deodorant, showering daily, and maintaining clean clothing. Help them understand that good hygiene not only indicates strong self-esteem, but it also shows respect for the people around us.

3. Basic Cooking Skills

Money is tight for most people these days, and being able to cook simple meals from scratch can save a large amount of money each month. It’s also much healthier! Teaching cooking can be a lot of fun, so make it an activity you do together. If you’re not a cook yourself, you can also gain some skills from the situation.

Learning Life Skills at Mother Daughter Retreats

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