Does Your Daughter Like Her Body

Raising a Daughter Who Loves Her Body: Teen Self Esteem and Body Issues

Women hate their bodies more than ever, according to a 2016 international study from Dove, which featured more than 10,500 females between the ages of 10 and 60. The unfortunate results of the research found that 89 percent of Australian women had cancelled a job interview or other important event due to feeling badly about how they looked. Many of the women blamed unrealistic beauty standards and the media for contributing to the problem.

This type of body-image problem begins at an early age. The importance of making sure children and teens have healthy role models for body image is well known, but many adults simply fall short on confidence. If you have a teen daughter, are you providing her with a positive influence? If not, what can you do today that will begin turning that around?

Fathers Influence Body Issues and Teen Self Esteem

It turns out that fathers play a huge role in a young girl’s body image. In 2013, research from the University of Minnesota found that a third of parents regularly discussed weight and dieting in front of their children. This was true even in households where everyone was a healthy weight. However, it was also found that households where fathers discussed these topics were more likely to have daughters with unhealthy eating habits.

Working on Body Issues Together at a Mother Daughter Retreat

If you’ve struggled with body image your whole life, hearing that you have to glow with confidence whenever you’re around your daughter might be a bit rough. Luckily, you don’t have to take things to extremes, and the changes you make now could help your daughter in the long run. Make a commitment to halting all negative talk about body image, and that includes talking badly about other women’s bodies as well.

For more help with teen self esteem and body image, consider doing a mother daughter retreat. My online retreats are focused on confidence, self-awareness and growth, and we can work together to help parents and teens feel more comfortable in their skin.

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