Getting Your Teen To Listen

Using love and consequences to get your teen to listen. Getting Your Teen To Listen

If you suspect your teen isn’t listening when you speak, you’re probably right. In hindsight, you realize you weren’t strict enough, and now, your son or daughter doesn’t respect you at all. What should you do?

Stick to the Boundaries You Set

It’s never too late to begin setting boundaries. Enforcing them, however, is a lot harder than it sounds. If you’re nervous about the backlash you might face when enforcing boundaries, your parenting efforts aren’t going to get very far. Always remember that you’re the one in charge, here. You must stand up to your kids, or they will walk all over you.

Demonstrate Careful Decision Making

Your goal is to get your teens to understand that there are consequences for their actions. They can learn a lot from watching you make choices. When they approach you to ask for something big, always take time to sleep on it when possible. If you’re the type to bend under pressure, your kids will be aware of this, and they might try to wear you down by bugging you about it repeatedly. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Wise adults make solid decisions when they’re ready.

Show That Consequences Matter

Lazy parenting is creating a generation of teens who are growing up to become self-centered and entitled adults. If teens get away with doing whatever they want, why would they assume their adult lives would be any different? It’s important to teach them that every action has a consequence. Someone who doesn’t learn this lesson young might learn it when it’s far too late.

Programs like Love and Logic, which teach parents how to have more positive and healthy interactions with their kids, can help you develop better techniques for breaking through on teen issues. The basic concept is that love helps children feel supported as they grow and process the choices they make. Logic helps kids understand that there are consequences for every choice.

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