Getting Your Teen To Open Up To You

Engaging Communication: How to Handle Teens Shutting Down Getting Your Teen To Open Up To You

You know that you’ve reached the next stage of parenting when your kids go from obsessively trying to get your attention to wanting nothing to do with you. Parents have been dealing with teens shutting down communication throughout history, but decades ago, the world was nowhere near as complex as it is today. In this modern age, maintaining a line of communication with your kids is crucial for avoiding teen issues.

1. Keep the Evenings Casual

Nice as it can be, the formality of having dinner as a family might lead to teens shutting down. A more casual dinnertime routine that involves family members fixing their own food or coming and going as they please could create an atmosphere that makes a teen more likely to begin chatting about their world. If the traditional sit-down dinner is part of your family culture, there’s no reason to give it up, but try to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Put on comforting music and allow everyone to speak when they feel inspired rather than trying to force conversation.

2. Ask the Right Questions

When you do question your teens, it’s important to ask questions they’ll be interested in answering. No teen has ever felt excited about responding to “So, how was school today?” Rather than asking boring questions or trying to pry into their social lives, demonstrate curiosity about the passions their social lives are centered around.

3. Discuss Current Events

There’s always a lot going on in the world, and talking about current events is a good way to encourage conversation without making your teens feel pressured to talk about their private lives. Once conversation is going, it tends to flow, and the kids might end up sharing some personal stories that relate to the topic. If nothing else, discussing current events as a family is an important part of staying informed.

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