Giving Your Teen Love

How to Give Your Teen Love While also Giving Them Space Giving Your Teen Love

Finding the balance between providing your teenagers with enough love and giving them a proper amount of space can be tough. You still want to hug your kids like you did when they were babies, but now, it seems like they can’t escape you fast enough. Teen issues with moodiness are common, but that doesn’t mean your child doesn’t still need your love.

Accept Changes

It’s not easy to see your baby dressing like a grown woman, talking about boys, and dreaming of her future. You want her to grow up healthy and happy, but you’re human, and change can be difficult to deal with. It’s okay to set reasonable limits, but realize that some experimentation is crucial for teen self-esteem. Kids have to figure out their likes and dislikes on their own.

Focus on You

Tempted as you might be, you can’t and shouldn’t constantly supervise your teens. One of the benefits of the kids getting older is having more time to yourself. Part of loving your teens is showing them the importance of self-love. When kids see their parents going after their own dreams, it will stick with them. If you put some of your goals aside to raise your kids, now might be the time to begin focusing on them again. You’ll get your mind off teen issues and provide a great example to your kids at the same time.

Create Dedicated Time

Now that both you and your teen are doing your own thing, you’ll have to set aside time to spend together. A mother-daughter retreat might provide the perfect environment for bonding. When you escape your everyday routines, put the phones down, and really focus on creating positive energy together, you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

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