Great Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girl’s

It’s getting close to Christmas and your scrabbling for the perfect gift for your teenage daughter.  Every year you see the disappointment in your teens face when she opens the gift that you spent months looking for.

After a few years of gift disappointments for both my kids and myself, I decided that it was time to remove my ego and get them what they want.  At first I thought, I’d just give them cash, and ended up feeling as disappointed.  Cash seemed to take the fun completely out of the gift all together.

The first gift I gave them was explaining that it’s no fun to give a gift to an ingrate, and that no matter what you received you should be grateful. It’s not about the gift at all; it’s about the thought that went into the gift from a person that loves you very much.  Now, even though we know that this is a great gift to our teens, the gift of wisdom, maybe we are still looking for that special gift that really excites them.  So here they are, as simple as they can be.

Great Gifts for Teen girl’s for Christmas or any other time:

  • Gift Certificate to their favorite clothing store, not yours- Teens don’t want to be dressed by their parents, they are becoming more independent.  Give them the Gift Certificate and let them go shopping and pick out their own clothes.  I was at a store shopping and I heard a mother and daughter about 13-years-old arguing about what her mother would let her buy. Occasionally, I would pop my head out of my dressing room and check out what the teen was wearing to see if it was inappropriate and it was fine, maybe not the style I would wear, but there was a 37-year age gap between us.  Parents stop it; if it’s not inappropriate let them develop their own style.
  • Gift Certificate to a music store- Are you getting the picture yet?  Unless you know their music taste and know exactly what they are looking for, give it up to a gift certificate. It really feels different than cash.
  • An Art Class- Pick a class that you know will excite them. This is a great gift because it may open their eyes to a new talent that they might enjoy for many years.  Get them all of the materials to keep up the hobby.
  • Special Package for their cell phones- Maybe it’s an application to down load special rings that they can’t afford themselves.
  • Electronics- Even though I’m into monitoring how much kids are on the computer, or in front of video games and TV, it’s a gift they will love.  Just because you buy it doesn’t mean you can’t monitor the use.
  • A Bike- a mountain or street bike is a great gift because again it opens them up to a new hobby.
  • Movie Passes- Most kids love going to the movies and this is like having free passes to good entertainment (good stocking stuffer)
  • Bookstore Gift Card- It’s like a credit card to a bookstore, so they can go buy a book on their time, and not have to be with you.
  • Meditation or Yoga Class- Only if they have shown interest in either of these, or maybe it can be a second gift that you give for both of you to go together.  Use it as an added bonus gift, with something else they love.  I have been noticing a lot of teens getting into both Yoga and Meditation these days.
  • Something for their bedroom- A cool retro chair, beanbags, couch if it will fit, posters, new comforter, or go shopping together and look for cool decorations for the room.  Their bedrooms are their own special places and we need to honor that and let them decorate it the way they want.  Teens need one room in the house to express their individuality in and a space that is only theirs.
  • A Girl’s Spa Day, a pedicure, manicure, and facial, get one for you too and do it together.
  • A make-up lesson at MAC or other make-up lines at the Mall

So, hopefully I have given you some ideas about great gifts to give your daughters.  To end cap the first gift, not in the top Eleven, which was wisdom about gift giving. The best gift you can give your teen is unconditional love, and that is shown by simply allowing them to be themselves and still accepting them and loving them.

Happy shopping and enjoy your teen for being themselves in all of their uniqueness.

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