Handling Teen Issues with Homework

How do you handle your teens issues with homework? Handling Teen Issues with Homework

On the scale of all possible teen issues, the struggle to get your daughter to do her homework is a minor problem. At least she’s home and not out getting into trouble, right? Although it could certainly be worse, it is important that teens complete their homework, and parents often struggle figuring out how to motivate them to do so.

1. Set a Time

Human beings thrive on routines, and teenagers are no different. You can help encourage healthy homework habits by designating a certain time of day for completing the work. Setting aside an hour before dinner is a good plan. If there’s still work to be done when it comes time to eat, it can be completed after. Dinner is also a great time to discuss the homework subject matter or any teen issues that might be causing a distraction.

2. Be Present

Teen homework doesn’t have to be a battle. I might even become something you can enjoy together. If possible, be present when your teens are working on their homework. That way, you can be there to answer any questions they might have. One good option is to sit them at the kitchen table to work while you prepare dinner.

3. Take the Phones

This one won’t win you any popularity contests among your kids, but it might be necessary if they’re having trouble focusing. There will probably be arguments about how they need their phones to work, and if so, simply offer to hold the phones and provide whatever information they need. That way, they can have access to online research without the ability to check social media or text their friends.

4. Set Goals

When facing teen homework struggles, a goal list can help. Goal lists help provide motivation and organization, two things that most teens struggle with. You can also decide on an award, like pizza or a movie, when all the homework goals are completed each week.

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